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Sep 8, 2006
Original Video by the one and only...
Go to youtube and you will notice that at least 1 video shown in the "Videos being watched right now" is probably about Chris Crocker...
Wow, over 7 Million Views in less than a week (I think, she got 5 Mil in 2 days and yesterday it was 6 mil)
For you people who dont know who Chris Crocker is, she/he (I use she/he because she/he claims to be a girl, but it is known for her/him to be gay guy, obvious when it shows him/her dancing w/o a shirt on) is someone who loves (or OBESSED) by Britney Spears
Any Comments?
Lightfang, is that you?
@Bill: Very funny. :p

Wow, that's scary. My band teacher talked about this in jazz band. He also mentioned how OJ Simpson was arrested (armed robbery) and how while he was listening to the news station and they were accepting calls, a guy phoned in and did much the same thing.


This permeated every corner. They even had a reference to it on WWE wrestling tonight.
he actually garnered one of the first ever seals of not funny from me.
We "learned" this in Euro. Boring stuff
This was on the news in Holland a couple of days ago.

Views: 7,303,785

Why? Why is everybody so obsessed with Chris Crocker?

I remember when they psoted about this guy on thestranger's blog a few months ago and not liking him one bit.

now that he's achieved some mainstream success, he will soon burn out because he only knows one role.
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