Citizen group : The children of Peace

Fier Canadien

May 21, 2002
Québec, Québec, Canada
The children of peace (Yes, I do try to ressurect it)

Our goal: We are a citizen group that devotes itself against war and aggressive foreign policies. We, however, do think that a defensive war is legitimate, only if the war was declared by the other nation. We are not a uniform group of people, as we respect the free speech right given to the people of this land.

These are our most important beliefs:
  • 1.No aggressive war is legitimate, may it be for tiles, cities or ressources.
  • 2.We support heavy trading to access ressources and techs we do not own.
  • 3.We support any war declared by the AI, but it must end as soon as possible(as soon as the AI wants to talk with us).

Right now, you may think that it might be early to create a citizen group, but no! It is the time when the citizen have to most power! If you want a "dove" game, or a science one, this is the place where you can be supported because this is in what this group believe! Express yourself, you have the right to!

Member list:
Fier Canadien
Rik Meleet
I could join, as I usually play peacefully in my own games too. :)
Umm, I am the Founder of NOW. I am curious if it is possible for a Warmounger to be part of this since I also advocate short wars.
The fundament of our foriegn affairs should clearly express the fact that our nation is far more enlightened than any of the other "Civilizations" out there.
Do you suggest we leave the masses to their tyrannical masters while we ourselves enjoy the bliss of the true democracy?
No scrap of land has any better use than to further the goals of our nation, no city will do better when not guided by us.
That is the basic assumption, and to it we add the factors that might force a truce, peace time, and, one day perhaps, the end of our crusade.
@Fier Canadien - I would like to join this group
How will we expand our nation without wars of conquest?
However, to use the example of DGIII, we had 5 provinces by the end of the game only 2 were achieved without war and one of those was blocked off by the other. My point is that without wars of conquest we will be outpaced by our opponents. We may not want to take over the world but we need to have a larger empire than our neighbours in order to be successful. War is an esssential part of our game strategy would you not agree?
I have yet to join, but I will now. I, as you know, support being a modded French (only mod: removing the pink). While I agree that war is sometimes necessary, we need to go without it as much as possible. (But, you have to admit. When you've got a target lying around like Egypt was in the middle of DG3, its stupid not to invade)
I beleve early in the game. I beleve we should just focus on getting some Settler and Worker Factories online
But the initial explore and build phase is only a very small part of the whole.
Call me crazy :crazyeye: and you'd be correct.
I know I said Civ type Militaristic in another thread, but I didn't know there were so many oldtimers who would like a 'peaceful' game.

So here I am signing up with the Childern of Peace.

Just look at as being a split personality. A Dr. Jeckal and Mr. Hyde kinda thing.

You kNOW, like CivGeneral :lol:
Originally posted by TerminalMan90
You kNOW, like CivGeneral :lol:

Watch it TM90. Dont make me send Mara after you. I was already condidering sending her after you after you did a Spelling Police action :p.
Sorry, I think I haven't got the energy to play 3 DG's at the same time... Please take me off the list. :(
You can participate in this one as a lurker posting occasionally if you want, and citizen groups don't usually take any energy; believe me, most citizen groups leave the first page within a month or two. Also, CDG's MTDG probably won't last much longer (there is a possibility, though, that it might putter along very slowly for months, as it is now).
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