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Aug 31, 2005
Barcelona (Catalonia)
Maybe it's a 'simcity' player's dream and I understand that the completion of it may be very difficult... BUT I have to explain this 'cause is on my mind every time I see a civIV screenshot in wich a city is shown...

On last screenshots we can see how the cities will be in civIV. I've seen they have some adaptation with rivers (avoiding buildings upon the water), the buildings are alligned (noth-south, east-west), and also city improvements usually are i the center.

I wanna put on the table this:

- There could be cities more adjusted to rivers, coasts and hills, where buildings culd be also alligned with river-coast-hill lines or courves (and inner river islands with houses, walls with river holes)?

- There could be when cities change of appearance at industrial and modern times, the river-coastal line changes his face (and water zones are limited with walls or boulevards)?

- There could be bridges inside river cities (when technology allows to)?

- There could be redesigned city-walls more adjusted to terrain ans proportional with their city (I think they aren't at all now)?

- There could be city expansion out-of-borders (expanding to neighborn tiles in coast/river and/or road/rail direction, as happened historically [it could increase terrain productivity as ingame effect])?

- There cold be -this is a major dream...- a special feature for Capital City Design (as Palace and Trone Rooms -civII- have been builded by the player, the appearance of his Capital could also be there)?

Don't wanna end without stating that in CivIV the city views are the bests ones of all Civ series, that's real.
Jul 21, 2003
Adelaide, South Australia
If it helps you out, the last issue of 'Game Designer Magazine' had an article about Civ4 that said the game will be using a thing called 'L-Systems' or Lindenmyer Systems to generate the layout of cities-a system which I would assume shall take such factors as underlying terrain, surrounding terrain, city size and Improvements/Wonders built when generating the city layout.

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