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City Relocation???


Everything Random
Feb 13, 2002
How is it done?

I want to relocate one of my cities and know u can abandon city and relocate the settler but I cant see find where it is in the manual!
Sounds to me like you're taking about one of two possible things ... abandoning a city, and relocating your Capital.

To abandon a city, either ...
  • Have the city at size 1 and not growing while building a Worker. On the turn that the Worker would otherwise be complete, you'll get a dialog box. Choose to 'abandon' the city, and it'll disappear, leaving a Worker behind.
  • Have the city at size 2 and not growing while building a Settler. Same as above, at the beginning of the turn that the Settler would otherwise be built, you'll get the same dialog box. Abandon the city, and it'll leave a Settle behind.

The second of the above two can be used to relocate your capital to a better position, often for anti corruption purposes.
When you choose to abandon your capital, the game will automatically move your capital to another city. This saves the 1000 (?) shields required to rebuild the Palace elsewhere.
Which is nice. :)

I'm not actually trying to relocate my capital though. My plan is that I am about to assimilate some small russian towns that got established in isolated areas around my nation. The russians have stuck them in some stupid tundra only spots and so instead of rebuffing them when they flip, i want to take them on board and then abandon them and relocate them to a more productive tile.
Yep, that's what I always do when a sh!t (board censor? *sigh* :( ) city flips to me.

If you disband for the Worker instead of the Settler, the Worker will come from the ex-city's population roster ... i.e. it will be a foreign Worker, and therefore maintenance free. ;)
Actually if the city only has foreign citizens and you create a settler from it it will be foreign and cost free as well. It should be listed in the "captured workers" section.
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