City screen tooltip inconsistencies, editing city screen building tooltips


Mar 18, 2023
Civilization V is frustratingly inconsistent with whether or not changes to building's yields will show up in the city screen if you hover over them with your mouse.

If a religious belief adds a yield to a building, say a shrine, when you mouse over a shrine built in a city following that religion the extra yields from the belief are displayed there. Even if they are from a mod and not in the base game.

If a social policy adds a yield to a building it will never show up under the tooltip. For example the Sovereignty policy in the Rationalism tree gives +1 Gold to Science Buildings, but when you mouse over a science building in your city after adopting the policy there is no indication that the building is producing anything. If you go over to the left side of the city screen and check out where your gold is coming from, it will tell you that there is extra gold coming from buildings, but it will not tell you if any given building is producing yields from social policies. With the notable exception of Happiness which always shows up in a building's tooltip regardless of where it is coming from. Culture yield is even stranger, as on the left of the city screen it doesn't say +some culture from buildings, it says +some culture from social policies.

Is there a simple way via Lua or XML to dynamically update a tooltip for a building in a city screen?

I have a mod follower belief that gives negative happiness from Markets and from Factories (to force upon your opponents of course!) The belief does work as intended and reduces that city's local happiness by one, but in the city screen the tooltip is ugly and displays +-1 *happiness icon.* I would like to change this to just say +1 *unhappines icon.*

I also would very much like to fix the game's inconsistency and display the yields coming from social policies. Perhaps someone has already made a mod that changes this? I'm not sure how hard it would actually be, though seems like a simple change on paper
Short of overriding CityView.lua and compiling the tooltip yourself from the 1001 possible ways that can add yields to buildings, no.
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