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City state army #s / tech level


Feb 16, 2008
Anyone know what determines both the number of units and the tech level of units for city states? Also, when city states upgrade their units?

I allied a city state between me and Japan, and the poor guy had one pikeman and one plain archer in his city (japan had samurai, muskets, x-bows, and pikemen). Japan took him a few turns later.

Other times, I'll see city states with a 4-6 (land) units that are clearly the leading tech at the moment.

It really doesn't seem to be linked to whether they are militaristic or not.
I had heard once that the CS'es receive any techs which have been researched by at least two civs. As for what determines how many units they build or how often they upgrade them, perhaps it depends on city-state disposition rather than being militaristic or not. (i.e., hostile vs. neutral). It's not something I've ever paid close attention to before, but I'll keep an eye on it in my future games and see if I notice any patterns.
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