[Vanilla] City State Screen shuts down


Mar 7, 2002
I've had this bug twice (I assume it's a bug...?). An Emergency is called because a City State has been captured. I free the CS, but afterwards, two weird things:
1. The freed CS does not appear on the CS screen
2. I can't send envoys to any CS for the rest of the game

It basically ruins the game for me and I have to start a new one.

And I don't find anyone else having this issue on this forum.

I'm running R&F on a Mac.

this happened to me frequently on R&F, haven't seen that bug in a while in GS.

Still once in a blue moon I get the bug where I can send envoys to CS but can't actually click the confirm button. Usually going back to the main screen then loading the game fixes these issues for me.
Thanks Narmox! I've found that going back an autosave or two seems to fix it every time. It seemed like a burden for a while, but now I've gotten used to it, and I even modify decisions a little for better outcomes.
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