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[Vanilla] City States Guide

Discussion in 'Civ6 - Strategy & Tips' started by Victoria, Feb 21, 2017.

  1. AlanH11

    AlanH11 Chieftain

    Feb 7, 2017
    I am new to Civ 6, and very grateful for this helpful guide.
  2. Qwan

    Qwan Warlord

    Mar 5, 2010
    A few comments on this excellent guide:
    1. It would be good to note changes from Vanilla to R&F, GS, and NFP. In particular,
    1a. [R&F] Monarchy also provides +50% to influence generation, so if you employ Charismatic Leader, you get (5+2)*1.5 = 10.5 influence/turn
    1b. I play [GS], and the Civilopedia doesn't list bonus influence for Monarchy legacy (I think because of 1a).
    2. When I liberate city-states, I don't get my envoys back -- I get either 3 or 6 envoys, which I think depends on Era.
    3. Trade city-states now provide bonuses to Harbors as well as Commercial Hubs.
    4. Suzerain visibility: I also see what their units can see, including their traders.
    5. Suzerain bonus notes
    5a. Nan Madol can be great for an empire with coastal cities, and the city-center counts as a district.
    5b. Buenos Aires only provides one amenity per type, in contrast to luxuries which provide 4 amenities per type. Thus equivalent to one luxury per 4 bonus resource types, making it comparable to Zanzibar's bonus. So you'll still want those Entertainment Complexes, just not quite as soon.
    5c. Mexico City (now) provides the regional extension that you list for Toronto
    5d. Valletta can be great if you have significant faith generation and no religion
    5e. Hattusa: my [GS] Civilopedia says it provides 2 strategics. Can be very valuable for scarce late strategics, particularly uranium.
    6. Levying units is also a way to fulfill quests or eurekas, like getting corps, or getting a musketman and then killing say a barbarian with it, especially if you don't have the strategics to build such a unit yourself.
    7. Then there's Hungary ....

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