City States Leaders mod support contribution thread


Mar 9, 2011
Orange County, California, U.S.A.
Now that City States Leaders II is due to be released, the daunting task of adding icons for modded city states presents itself.

The CS Mods art pack v1 beta 6 for CSL2 is now available.
But there's a lot of work still left to do, and I need your help!

Because it was so difficult collecting the art for the latest incarnation of CSL given that we were trying to be more Firaxis-like (see the previous contribution thread), I think I will relax the standards for mod support. For the moment, I'm using the simple portraits from the earlier CSL mod for many modded city states. However, ideally an icon should integrate a sunburst pattern in the background, where the background tint matches the city state's trait from the following key:
Red for militaristic :c5war:
Yellow for mercantile :c5gold:
Cyan for maritime :c5food:
Magenta for cultural :c5culture:
White for religious :c5faith:

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One-off replacements from various New Civ mods (see post #10 [whatever my last post is] below)...

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Fictional City States (Comedy Movies)
[Just released! v1 beta]

knightmare13 created an icon of Sacha Baron Cohen as Admiral General Haffaz Aladeen of Wadiya from the movie "The Dictator" (2012). I didn't want to add any new city states with CSL, but I am happy to provide support for mods that do.

Because it was such a trivial mod, I decided I would make it for knightmare13. I thought it needed a few more leaders of fictional places from comedy movies. So I came up with these [see links for pics]:

Spoiler Comedy Movies :
place leader source
Wadiya Sacha Baron Cohen as Admiral General Haffaz Aladeen "The Dictator" (2012)
Zamunda Eddie Murphy as Prince Akeem Joffer "Coming to America" (1988)
Florin City Chris Sarandon as Prince Humperdinck "The Princess Bride" (1987)
San Marcos Woody Allen as President Fielding Mellish "Bananas" (1971)
Parador Richard Dreyfuss (as Jack Noah) as President Alphonse Simms "Moon Over Parador" (1988)
Genovia Julie Andrews as Queen Dowager Clarisse Renaldi or Anne Hathaway as Princess Mia Thermopolis "The Princess Diaries" (2001)
Camelot ('Tis a silly place) Graham Chapman as King Arthur "Monty Python and the Holy Grail" (1975)
The Lost Planet of Magrathea Bill Nighy as Slartibartfast "The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy" (2005)

Proposed Additions:
place leader source
The Duchy of Grand Fenwick Peter Sellers as Prime Minister Tully Bascome "The Mouse That Roared" (1959)
Freedonia Groucho Marx as Rufus T. Firefly "Duck Soup" (1933)
Planet Spaceball Mel Brooks as President Skroob "Spaceballs" (1987)
Tomainia Charlie Chaplin as Dictator Adenoid Hynkel "The Great Dictator" (1940)
Waponi Woo Abe Vigoda as Chief Tobi "Joe Versus the Volcano" (1987)

Fictional City States (Fantasy)
[proposed mod]

Then fantasy places started appearing in my head, and I started coming up with a list of more potential city states...

So I propose a new mod of fictional city states.

I'm happy to take more ideas to add to the list, but my aim is primarily to recruit artists to submit their City State Leaders icons using this and their own ideas as inspiration.

Spoiler Fantasy Books/Movies :
place local place name(s) leader source
Wonderland Queen of Hearts "Alice's Adventures in Wonderland" (1865)
Oz The Emerald City The Wizard "The Wonderful Wizard of Oz" (1900)
Lilliput Lilliput Golbasto Momarem Evlame Gurdilo Shefin Mully Ully Gue "Gulliver's Travels" (1726)
Middle-Earth Hobbiton, Rivendell Bilbo Baggins, Elrond The Hobbit series
Westeros King's Landing A Song of Ice and Fire ("Game of Thrones")
Hogwarts Hogwarts, Ministry of Magic Albus Dumbledore, Cornelius Fudge The Harry Potter series
Narnia Cair Paravel High King Peter The Chronicles of Narnia ("The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe")
Fantasia The Ivory Tower The Empress "The Neverending Story"
Prydain Caer Dallben Dallben The Chronicles of Prydain ("Black Cauldron")
Amber Oberon The Amber series ("Nine Princes in Amber")
Four Corners of Civilization Vintas, Tarbean (Commonwealth) King Roderic The Kingkiller Chronicles ("Name of the Wind")
Krynn Solace, Haven, Pax Tharkas, Qualinost (Ansalon) The Dragonlance series, Dungeons and Dragons
Alagaesia Uru'baen, Ellesmera, Tronjheim King Galbatorix, Queen Arya, King Hrothgar The Inheritance Cycle ("Eragon")
Fablehaven The Fablehaven series
Spoiler Comic Books/Anime :
place local place name(s) leader source
Metropolis Superman
Gotham City Batman
Neo-Tokyo "Akira"
Sin City Sin City
Asgard Thor
Mega-City One Judge Dredd
Spoiler Video Games :
place local place name(s) leader source
Nirn Cyrodiil, Tamriel Tiber Septim The Elder Scrolls series ("Oblivion," "Skyrim") (1994-present)
The Mushroom Kingdom Princess Peach Mario series (1983-present)
Hyrule Princess Zelda Zelda series (1986-present)
The Great Underground Empire (Quendor) Frobozz Dimwit Flathead Zork series (1977-1997)
[EDIT: Also see Video Game CS by Ultrarobprime, Nintendo City States by CleverAdvisor, and Whiterun City State by Spikeylemons]

Spoiler Legendary :
place leader source
Atlantis King Atlas mythical (Plato)
Camelot King Arthur Arthurian legend
Ys Gradlon Breton legend
Kitezh Georgy II, Grand Prince of Vladimir Russian legend
Shambhala King Suchandra Buddhist tradition
Eden Adam The Old Testament
[El Dorado is disqualified since it's included in the game as a natural wonder.]

[EDIT: Also see Legendary city states by Darkanine the bard, New City States! Part 1 and Part 2 by Lelouch Vi Britannia, Atlantis CS and Asgard CS by hdarmy]

[EDIT: Also see post #25 for ideas for Fictional City States from Songs.]

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Updates are needed for JC's More City States - 2015 edition


City States Expansion
by Hiram/benrbush [G+K/BNW]

Spoiler City States Expansion :
List of new city states (Updated as of 22/01/14)
Africa: Accra, Benghazi, Bloemfontein, Djibouti, Dongola, Kampala, Kano, Khartoum, Kisongo, Lome, Luanda, Lusaka, Monrovia, Njimi, Nouakchott, Port Louis, Praia, Serowe, Yaounde
Asia: Bandar Seri Begawan, Birobidzhan, Dhaka, Dili, Doha, Gonur, Gveilinz, Ishikari, Jiroft, Malé, Namagza-Tepe, Nisa, Palana, Palmyra, Pondicherry, Sana'a, Sanggyeong, Sharuhen, Sukhumi, Thimbu, Tyr, Ulan Ude, Yakutsk
Europe: Andorra La Vella, Danzig, Karasjoki, Kazan, Nantes, Naples, Oppidum Batavorum, Panticapaeum, Reykjavik
North America: Akutan, Baawiting, Behchoko, Belmopan, Bermuda, Boriken, Immokalee, Kusa, Mérida, Nez Perce, Paiute, Red River, San Jose, San Salvador, Skidegate, St Johns, Tula, Window Rock
Oceania: Bamaga, Honiara, Koror, Nain, Noumea, Port Moresby, Suva, Vila
South America: Asuncion, Georgetown, Kuhikugu, Panamarca, Paramaribo, Stanley, Trinidad, Ushuaia, Watoriki
City State Trait Modern Country Proposed City State Leader(s) Notes
ACCRA Mercantile Ghana
Andorra La Vella
ASUNCION Mercantile Paraguay
BAAWITING (Algonquin) Cultured Ontario, Canada
BAKU Maritime Azerbaijan Heydar Aliyev More CS G+K
BEHCHOKO (Dene) Mercantile Northwest Territories, Canada Thanadelthur
BORIKEN (Arawak) Maritime Puerto Rico
BRISBANE Mercantile Queensland, Australia
CHOTA (Cherokee) Cultured Tennessee, U.S.A. [Barbarian]
DAKAR Maritime Senegal Leopold Sedar Senghor [Songhai] YnAEMP both
DHAKA Cultured Bangladesh Sheikh Mujibur Rahman More CS G+K
DUBAI Mercantile U.A.E. Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum More CS G+K GARAMA (Garamante) Mercantile Libya
GEORGETOWN Cultured Suriname (South America)
GONUR (Oxus) Militaristic Turkmenistan
HARAPPA (Indus Valley) Mercantile Pakistan Bhadra [Barbarian] YnAEMP both HAVANA Mercantile Cuba Fidel Castro More CS G+K
HONIARA Militaristic Solomon Islands
IMMOKALEE (Seminole) Militaristic Florida, U.S.A.
IQUALUIT (Inuit) Maritime Nunavut, Canada
ISHIKARI (Ainu) Militaristic Japan [Barbarian]
JIROFT Religious Iran
KAMPALA Religious Uganda
KANO (Hausa) Religious Nigeria
KARASJOKI (Saami) Cultured Norway
KIEV Cultured Ukraine Symon Petliura [BNW CS] YnAEMP G+K, More CS both
KINGSTON Maritime Jamaica
KISONGO (Maasai) Cultured Tanzania
KOROR Mercantile Palau
KUL OBA (Scythian) Militaristic Ukraine [Barbarian]
KUMASI (Ashanti) Cultured Ghana
LA PAZ Militaristic Bolivia Alonso de Mendoza More CS G+K
LOME Militaristic Togo (Africa)
LUANDA Mercantile Angola
LUSAKA Cultured Zambia
MELBOURNE Cultured Victoria, Australia John Batman [BNW CS]
MEROE (Nubian) Militaristic Sudan Taharqa [Barbarian] MOGADISHU Mercantile Somalia Aden Abdullah Osman Daar [BNW CS] YnAEMP both
MONROVIA Religious Liberia
MONTEVIDEO Mercantile Uruguay
NEZ PERCE Militaristic Idaho, U.S.A.
NISA (Parthia) Militaristic Turkmenistan [Barbarian]
NJIMI (Kanem) Religious Chad
NOUAKCHOTT Mercantile Mauritania
OPPIDUM BATAVORUM (Batavia) Militaristic Netherlands
PAIUTE Religious California, U.S.A.
PANAMA Maritime Panama [BNW CS]
PANAMARCA (Moche) Religious Peru
PARAMARIBO Maritime Suriname [Guyana] PERTH Maritime Western Australia Sir Charles Gairdner More CS both
PITJANTJATJARA (Aborigine) Cultured Central Australia
PORT LOUIS Maritime Mauritius
PORT MORESBY Maritime Papua New Guinea
PORT VILA Religious Vanuatu
RED RIVER (Metis) Militaristic Manitoba, Canada Louis Reil
REYKJAVIK Cultured Iceland Sveinn Bjornsson [Denmark] More CS G+K, YnAEMP both RIGA Cultured Latvia Karlis Ulmanis [BNW CS] YnAEMP G+K
San Jose
SAN SALVADOR Religious El Salvador
SANA'A Religious Yemen [Arabia]
SEROWE (Khoisan) Cultured Botswana [Barbarian]
SKIDEGATE (Haida) Maritime British Columbia, Canada
St. Johns
SUVA Militaristic Fiji Ratu Seru Epenisa Cakobau
SY ARA (Tupi) Militaristic Brazil Cunhambebe TAIPEI Mercantile Taiwan Chiang Kai-shek [China] More CS both
TBLISI Religious Tblisi [Mongol (Tiflis)
THIMBU Religious Bhutan Jigme Khesar Namgyel Wangchuck More CS both
ULAN UDE (Buryat/Mongol) Cultured Russia Gesar
URUMQI (Uyghur) Militaristic China
WATORIKI (Yanomamo) Religious Brazil
WELLINGTON Mercantile New Zealand (1)Henry Sewell, (2)Helen Clark, (3)Richard Seddon [BNW CS] More CS both
WINDOW ROCK (Navajo) Militaristic Arizona, U.S.A. [Barbarian]
YAOUNDE Mercantile Cameroon

Video Game City States by Ultrarobprime [G+K/BNW] [in progress]
Spoiler Video Game City States :
Goldenrod City (Mercantile)- Pokemon Gold/Siver/Crystal/HeartGold/SoulSilver
*Happy Happy Village (Religious)- Earthbound/Mother 2
*Hyrule (Religious)- Legend of Zelda
*Mushroom Kingdom (Cultured)- Super Mario
Mute City (Cultured)- F-Zero
*Orgrimmar (Militaristic)- Warcraft( The Horde's Capital)
*Stormwind (Militaristic)- Warcraft(The Alliance's Capital)
Panau (Maritime)- Just Cause 2
Rapture (Maritime) - Bioshock
San Andreas (Mercantile)- GTA: San Andreas

Cradle City-States Pack by Tomatekh [G+K/BNW]
Spoiler Cradle City-States Pack [BNW] :
Belo Brdo (Vinca) - Mercantile
Nok - Cultural
Mu'a (Tonga)* - Martime
Chengtoushan (Yangtze) - Militaristic
Poverty Point - Religious

*Mu'a is replaced by Kuk (Papua) if using the Polynesia Civs pack.

eBlair's City States by Erica

Fallout Equestria - City States and Fallout - City States by Masterhummel

City States of Ice and Fire by Anne

Harry Potter City-States by reexer

Steddings by Bunny-Licker

HyperDimension Neptunia Makers City-States by endoron

Papers, Please City States, and Darts' Pokemon Mystery Dungeon Stuff: Post Town and Treasure Town by DartsTheMonkey

Candide's Aincrad, Candide's Katyushastan, [URL=]Candide's Virginia by Candide

Taipei City-State by EagleBlitz

Bellshill citystate by LambdaZytron

Leusbroek: Marmite city state by MisterMartijn

Native American Minor Civilizations by Faustaud [G+K/BNW]

New City State Types by Moriboe [G+K/BNW]
Spoiler New City State Types :
Financials: Bruges, Toronto, Luxembourg, Tapei, Dubai, Jersey, Qatar, Wellington, Melbourne, Hong Kong, Singapore, Zurich, Milan, Monaco

Tribals: (The) Ainu, Aborigines, Sioux, Navajo, Sami, Tuareg, Khoisan, Tupi, Mapuche

Others: Amritsar, Bagan, Bukhara, Cairo, Bogota, Great Zimbabwe, Lagos, Havana, Panama, Qufu, Kiev, Vilnius, Riga

Donald Trump City by MuchoPotato

Example - Creating City State Petoria by salec

Ancient Mediterranean City States by Leni [vanilla only]
Spoiler Ancient Mediterranean City States :
City State Trait Modern Country Proposed City State Leader(s) Notes
ANSHAN Militaristic
* AQUINCUM Cultured
* ARHEIMAR Militaristic
* ARTABRIA Militaristic
* ATIL Maritime
* BEIDHA Cultured
* CHELLAH Maritime
EBLA Cultured
* EREBUNI Militaristic
GARAMA Militaristic
* JERICHO Militaristic
KNOSSOS Cultured
* MAGETOBRIA Militaristic
* MASSALIA Maritime
* MEGIDDO Militaristic
* MILETUS Cultured
* PHASIS Maritime
* SAGUNTUM Maritime
* SARKEL Militaristic
SCODRA Maritime
* SETIDAVA Cultured
* TAPURIA Maritime
* TARTESSOS Cultured
* TELMESSOS Maritime
TROY Militaristic
UR Cultured

Not Another City States Mod by Iceco [vanilla only]
Spoiler Not Another City States Mod :
* City State Vanilla Trait NACS Trait Modern Country Iceco's Leader Proposed City State Leader(s) Notes
AYERS ROCK (Aborigine) Cultured Productive Northern Territory, Australia
ABU DHABI Maritime Progressive U.A.E.
* ADDIS ABABA Militaristic Militaristic Ethiopia Haile Selassie [G+K Civ]
* AMSTERDAM Cultured Commercial Netherlands William of Orange [G+K Civ]
ANDORRA Militaristic Prosperous Andorra (between Spain and France)
ANFA (Casablanca) Militaristic Productive Morocco Mohammed Sajid More CS both
BAHRAIN Maritime Commercial Bahrain (near Saudi Arabia)
BILBAO (Basque) Cultured Progressive Spain
* BERN Cultured Diplomatic Switzerland Guillaume-Henri Dufour
BRUNEI Militaristic Cultured Brunei (within Malaysia)
CARTHAGE Militaristic Maritime Tunisia [G+K Civ]
* CONSTANTINOPLE (Byzantine) Cultured Cultured Turkey Constantine the Great [G+K Civ]
DUBAI Cultured Prosperous U.A.E. Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum More CS G+K
ERITREA Militaristic Productive Eritrea (formerly Ethiopia)
FIJI Maritime Progressive Fiji Ratu Seru Epenisa Cakobau
GAZA Cultured Intellectual Palestinian territories
GUERNSEY Maritime Prosperous Guernsey (Channel Islands)
* HAVANA Maritime Maritime Cuba Fidel Castro
HAWAII Cultured Maritime Hawaii, U.S.A. [DLC Civ]
IQUALUIT (Inuit) Cultured Cultured Nunavut, Canada
ISLE OF MAN Maritime Commercial Mann (between Scotland and England)
ITURI FOREST (Pygmy) Cultured Maritime Congo
JERICHO Militaristic Progressive Palestinian territories
JERUSALEM Cultured Diplomatic Israel [G+K CS]
KURDISTAN Militaristic Productive Iraq
LA ISABELA Martime Maritime Dominican Republic
LIECHTENSTEIN Cultured Prosperous Liechtenstein
* LISBON Maritime Maritime Portugal Manuel I [G+K CS]
LUEBECK Maritime Cultured Schleswig-Holstein, Germany
LUXEMBOURG Cultured Commercial Luxembourg
MACAU Maritime Productive China
* MADRID Militaristic Commercial Spain Isabella I [DLC/G+K Civ]
MALTA Maritime Diplomatic Malta [G+K CS (Valletta)]
MASADA Militaristic Militaristic Israel
PUNTLAND Maritime Commercial Somalia
RAPA NUI (Easter Island) Cultured Intellectual Easter Island
SRI LANKA Militaristic Militaristic Sri Lanka [G+K CS (Colombo)]
STRASBOURG Militaristic Diplomatic Alsace, France
SWAZILAND Militaristic Militaristic Swaziland
* TAIPEI Maritime Productive Taiwan Lee Teng-Hui Chiang Kai-shek [China]
* TIKAL (Maya) Maritime Prosperous Guatemala Pacal II [G+K Civ]
TROY Militaristic Militaristic Turkey
UR (Sumeria) Militaristic Intellectual Iraq
VATICAN CITY Cultured Intellectual Vatican City (within Rome, Italy) [G+K CS]
NACS Traits for Built-in CS: Almaty=Productive, Belgrade=Cultured, Brussels=Diplomatic, Bucharest=Intellectual, Budapest=Intellectual, Cape Town=Progressive, Dublin=Progressive, Edinburgh=Militaristic, Florence=Cultured, Geneva=Diplomatic, Genoa=Commercial, Hanoi=Militiaristic, Helsinki=Prosperous, Kuala Lumpur=Maritime, Lhasa=Diplomatic, Monaco=Prosperous, Quebec City=Intellectual, Ragusa=Diplomatic, Rio de Janeiro=Productive, Seoul=Intellectual, Sidon=Maritime, Singapore=Progressive, Stockholm=Prosperous, Sydney=Prosperous, Tyre=Militaristic, Venice=Cultured, Vienna=Progressive, Warsaw=Cultured

YnAEMP City States Madeira by Gedemon [vanilla only]
Spoiler YnAEMP City States Madeira :
* City State Vanilla Trait Modern Country Proposed City State Leader(s) Notes
ANSHAN (Manchuria) Militaristic Liaoning Province, China
BACTRIA (Oxus) Militaristic Afghanistan [Barbarian]
CAHOKIA (Mississippian) Militaristic Illinois, U.S.A. [G+K CS]
CHACO (Pueblo) Cultured New Mexico, U.S.A.
ECBATANA (Medes) Cultured Hamadan Province, Iran [Persia]
HATUSSA (Hittites) Militaristic Turkey [Barbarian]
MARIB (Sabaean) Militaristic Yemen
MEROE (Nubian) Militaristic Sudan [Barbarian]
NANJING (Wu/Ming) Maritime Jiangsu Province, China
PETRA (Nabataean) Cultured Jordan
PYONGYANG Militaristic North Korea
TAGAUNG (Pyu/Burma) Cultured Myanmar
TARTESSOS Maritime Spain
TEOTIHUACAN Cultured Mexico [Barbarian]
THANJAVUR (Chola) Maritime Tamil Nadu, India [India]
TROY Cultured Anatolia, Turkey
XIAN (Han/Tang) Militaristic Shaanxi Province, China [China]
ZIMBABWE Militaristic Zimbabwe

* * * * *

See the end of post #5 for proposed scenario support.
here is Anne Hathaway as Princess I forget the name Princess Mia
from Princess Diaries
Spoiler :

and a better Sacha Baron Cohen as President Prime Minister General Admiral Haffaz Aladeen
Spoiler :
...knightmare13 created an icon of Sacha Baron Cohen as Admiral General Haffaz Aladeen of Wadiya from the movie "The Dictator" (2012). I didn't want to add any new city states with CSL, but I am happy to provide support for mods that do.

Because it was such a trivial mod, I decided I would make it for knightmare13. I thought it needed a few more leaders of fictional places from comedy movies. So I came up with these...
are you still interested in this mod? :)

This post is mostly intended as a bump to see if I can entice/remind any artists to help with CSL mod support for currently existing CS mods and new CS mods [e.g., Fantasy City States detailed in the first post], but I'm also going to describe the new framework going forward, for those that are interested.

I'll be posting some new betas in the other threads shortly.

FYI, using bc1's EUI mod as a base, I've been able to combine the different versions of City States Leaders/for G+K/for BNW, and am rebranding the new release City States Leaders II. This should make things easier for me as well as users of the mod.

* * *

The mod support will now be provided by an addon artpack (the modern flags version will similarly be a replacement artpack).

Right now 11 mods are supported (though there's some overlap, and 9 of them only need 1 or 2 city states).

"More City States" by jc and "YnAEMP City States" by Gedemon are the larger packs currently supported (though most of the leaders haven't been updated, and are simple portraits). I'd like to also add "City States Expansion" by Hiram, but that'll take quite some effort. Hopefully others can help.

The others are some one-offs that I have found for new civ mods that replace city states from the base game because it overlaps with their new civ. If you know of others, let me know. [See post #3 of the main thread]

Note that the "Saints Row -- Steelport City-State" mod by Vice Virtuoso included optional CSL art for the old BNW Flags version. Things have since changed on the backend, but I've made sure that it now works with both the mod support addon and the modern flags addon, whether or not the CSL support is activated.

The first pack of Fictional City States discussed above ("Fictional City States - Comedy Movies") will be [has been] released separately [v1 beta 5], and includes support for CSL2, if it is activated. Any city state modders are welcome to use that mod as a template to include their own art rather than waiting for me to release an updated mod support artpack.

EDIT: ...and, since I ran out of space in the first post, here's...
* * * * *


Spoiler Firaxis Scenarios :
1066: Year of Viking Destiny [Denmark DLC]

City State Trait Proposed City State Leader(s)
CONNACHT Militaristic (1)Áed in Gai Bernaig, (2)Ruaidrí Ua Conchobair
GALLOWAY Militaristic Fergus
GWYNEDD Militaristic Gruffydd ap Cynan
MEATH Militaristic Conchobar ua Mael Sechlainn
MUNSTER Militaristic (1)Murchad mac Donnchada, (2)Brian Boru mac Cennetig
NORTHUMBRIA Militaristic (1)Edmund I, (2)Siward, (3)Morcar
POWYS Militaristic Bleddyn ap Cynfyn
SCOTLAND Militaristic Malcolm III

Conquest of the New World [Spain/Inca DLC]

City State Trait Proposed City State Leader(s)
ANASAZI Cultured
ARAWAK Maritime
CARIB Maritime
CHEROKEE Militaristic
HOPI Cultured
HURON Maritime
INUIT Cultured
LAKOTA Militaristic
MAPUCHE Militaristic
MAYA Cultured
MUISCA Cultured
MUSCOGEE Militaristic
SEMINOLE Militaristic

Conquest of the New World Deluxe [Complete/BNW]

City State Trait Proposed City State Leader(s)
ANASAZI Cultured
ARAWAK Maritime
CALUSA Mercantile
CARIB Maritime
CHEROKEE Militaristic
HOPI Cultured
HURON Maritime
INUIT Cultured
KAMBEBA Mercantile
LAKOTA Militaristic
MAPUCHE Militaristic
MAYA Cultured
MIXTEC Mercantile
MUISCA Cultured
MUSCOGEE Militaristic
SEMINOLE Militaristic
TAIRONA Religious
WENDAT Maritime

Into the Renaissance [G+K]

City State Trait Proposed City State Leader(s)
AUGSBURG Mercantile
COLOGNE Religious
GDANSK Mercantile
MECCA Religious
NAPLES Maritime
POLOTSK Militaristic
RIGA Maritime
TUNIS Militaristic

Paradise Found [Polynesia DLC]

City State Trait Proposed City State Leader(s)
FIJI Militaristic Ratu Seru Epenisa Cakobau
MAJURO Cultured
NAURU Maritime
NENDO Cultured
POHNPEI Maritime
VANUATU Militaristic

Scramble for Africa [BNW]

City State Trait Proposed City State Leader(s)
BORNU Mercantile
BUNKEYA Militaristic Joseph Kabila (YnAEMP/CSE Kinshasa)
LUBA Militaristic
SEGOU Mercantile
SOKOTO Militaristic Nnamdi Azikiwe (CSE Lagos)

Wonders of the Ancient World [Wonders DLC]

City State Trait Proposed City State Leader(s)
BYBLOS Cultured
ELAM Cultured
ENKOMI Maritime
KNOSSOS Maritime
KYRENE Maritime
NAKHCHIVAN Militaristic
SEUTHOPOLIS Militaristic
SHARUHEN Militaristic
STOBI Militaristic
TROY Militaristic
UGARIT Cultured
WASHUKANNI Militaristic

* * * * *


  • "Pokemon City-States" by Kiang
  • "Regional Africa" by DelasGoodfellow [disappeared from Steam]
  • "Anno Domini" by Rob (R8XFT) [Note: the G+K version included a version of CSL]
  • "Middle Earth City States" by [SSU]yenyang
  • "Centauri City States" by HandyVac [G+K/BNW]
    Spoiler Centauri City States :
  • "Elder Scrolls Civilization V Pack" by kingchris20
  • "Faerun Scenario" by FramedArchitecture
  • "Red Planet" by FramedArchitecture
    Spoiler Red Planet :
    RAGUSA --> 'Australian Mine No. 1'
    ALMATY --> 'Asia United Outpost'
    GENEVA --> 'Europaische Gemeinschaft'
    BUDAPEST --> 'U.N. Mars Delegation'
    GENOA --> 'Outworld Mining Corporation'
    MONACO --> 'Brasil em Marte'
    FLORENCE --> 'Stasiun Indonesia'
    BUCHAREST --> 'Nuwe Suid-Afrika'
    BELGRADE --> 'Slowianski Sojusz'
  • "Regional New World" by DelasGoodfellow [disappeared from Steam]
  • "Civilizations of Warcraft - Overhaul Project" or "Civilizations of Warcraft - Warcraft Citystates" by Bamington et al.
    Spoiler Civilizations of Warcraft :
    BRUSSELS --> 'Amber Ledge'
    KUALA LUMPUR --> 'Caverns of Time'
    BUCHAREST --> 'Crypt of Remembrance'
    MILAN --> 'Timbermaw Hold'
    FLORENCE --> 'Thorium Point'
    MONACO --> 'Fuselight'
    PRAGUE --> 'Uldaman'
    VIENNA --> 'Dire Maul'
    YEREVAN --> 'Sanctum of the Sun'
    QUEBEC CITY --> 'Kul Tiras'
    CAPE TOWN --> 'Bloodsail Compound'
    SYDNEY --> 'Ravenholdt'
    RAGUSA --> 'Mao-ki Harbour'
    LISBON --> 'Kamagua'
    MANILA --> 'Nighthaven'
    MOMBASA --> 'Dawns Blossom'
    SINGAPORE --> 'Gadgetzan'
    ANTWERP --> 'Ratchet'
    CAHOKIA --> 'Booty Bay'
    COLOMBO --> 'Everlook' --> 'Bogpaddle'
    GENOA --> 'Syndicate Hold'
    HONG KONG --> 'Aeris Landing'
    TYRE --> 'Cosmowrench'
    ZANZIBAR --> 'Everlook'
    ZURICH --> 'K3'
    ALMATY --> 'Cenarion Hold'
    BELGRADE --> 'Crusaders Pinnacle'
    BUDAPEST --> 'Skorn'
    VALLETTA --> 'Kaskala'
    SIDON --> 'Vermillion Redoubt'
    HANOI --> 'The Deadmines'
    GENEVA --> 'Bouldercrags Refuge'
    VATICAN CITY --> 'Cenarion Refuge'
    JERUSALEM --> 'Darkmoon Faire'
    KATHMANDU --> 'Ramkahen'
    LA VENTA --> 'Marshals Stand'
    LHASA --> 'Peak of Serenity'
    WITTENBERG --> 'Oshugun'
  • "A Mod of Ice and Fire" by VirtuaBoza
The following of my mods replaces City-States (other than the ones mentioned):

Lithuania - replaces Vilnius with Dorpat.

I thought there were more, but I think that's it for the moment. Let me know what you need - mod id, tag for the City-State, etc. - and I can get it for you.

I can contribute the icon I have for Seddon, for NZ. It's obviously not as good as work from JanBortua, Leugi or Sukritact, but it might do the job in the mean time.

Spoiler :

That's funny, I had just edited the post to mention Dorpat, and my difficulty finding an appropriate pic.

TPangolin contributed Henry Sewell for Wellington...
Spoiler :

I think I'm going to add yours as default and make his the alternate, only because your Seddon includes the torso, which better matches most of the other leaders.

EDIT: JFD, can you confirm the tags and the traits for your added CS's? I won't need mod id's.
Yup, they're just updated versions of the vanilla.


MINOR_CIV_VILNIUS - Dorpat - Mercantile
MINOR_CIV_YEREVAN - Tbilisi - Cultural
MINOR_CIV_ZURICH - Lubeck - Mercantile
MINOR_CIV_GENEVA - Thimphu - Religious
MINOR_CIV_BUDAPEST - Tripoli (I had forgotten about this one) - Militaristic
Yup, they're just updated versions of the vanilla.

...though that makes my job quite a bit harder...

EDIT: And I'm going to need those Mod ID's after all...
EDIT #2: Never mind, got 'em.
EDIT #3: I've got a working solution!
FWIW, I was retouching the new icon for the Saints Row Steelport city state, and I thought it seemed lonely, being the only one from videogame land, so I started to throw together some for Video Game City States:
Spoiler :

Princess Peach of the Mushroom Kingdom
("Mario" series)

Warchief Garrosh Hellscream of Orgrimmar
("World of Warcraft")

King Varian Wrynn of Stormwind
("World of Warcraft")

Princess Zelda of Hyrule
("Legend of Zelda" series)

Mr. Carpainter of Happy Happy Village
("Earthbound"/"Mother 2")​
Aaand here we go for Taipei:

Wow, trying to find all the replacement CS's for New Civs has taken me down quite a rabbit hole... there's a lot more than I thought.

In the meantime, I've been pumping out icons; I've got the process down, and I'm slowly getting better at it; I'm not always adhering to the standards, but I think it's better to get something in place for the moment.

For those interested, here's the latest batch:
Spoiler :

Abu Dhabi




Kuwait City




San Juan


They're beautiful; thanks!

While you're here... are you still going to provide your own version of CSL with Anno Domini for BNW (assuming you're still working on it)?
They're beautiful; thanks!

While you're here... are you still going to provide your own version of CSL with Anno Domini for BNW (assuming you're still working on it)?

I've already done the city states for Anno Domini (though am occasionally adding to the list). I've used a lot of the leaderheads/city states heads donated by others, so there's no new art there, though there's a civilopedia entry for each of the new city-states.

Incidentally, I "stole" a few of Ekmek's Civ 4 leader images (as well as a few Firaxian ones) for some of the city state leaders - they actually work quite well in my opinion!
Oh by the way, Montevideo no longer replaces Sydney, but Honiara.
I've already done the city states for Anno Domini (though am occasionally adding to the list).

No, I was wondering what I should do to ensure compatibility; whether you're going to roll your own version of CSL as you've done in the G+K version or not.

I have two methods of mod support, one is the separate CS Mods art pack I'm putting together for all the mods that I've gathered art for. The other method is something I imagined scenario modders might use, if they wanted to include their own art and automatically integrate with CSL2 (this is how the "Fictional CS - Comedy Movies" mod works). Then CSL2 could be a separate recommended add-on.

Or I can just not worry about it and you can throw a bunch of References in your mod to ensure CSL2's CS popups don't win out if both mods are active.

Oh by the way, Montevideo no longer replaces Sydney, but Honiara.
OK, thanks for the heads-up! Your users won't get 2 Montevideos now if they also have Leugi's Argentina [...or LastSword's Nepal].
Hi guys

Your mod is awesome but I have noticed one pretty hilarious bug with leader name and title

Spoiler :

President Prime Minister Admiral General Haffaz Aladeen of ancient (landlocked) Switzerland :lol:
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