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Civ 2.42 Patch

Discussion in 'Civ2 - Technical Support' started by DasMan, Nov 11, 2003.

  1. DasMan

    DasMan Chieftain

    Jul 30, 2003
    What features/bugs does the version 2.42 patch amend/solve? I can't seem to find a list in the downloads section (and the search facility isn't working). I am currently running an older version and would like to know what the changes are going to be before I upgrade.
  2. Duke of Marlbrough

    Duke of Marlbrough The Quiet Moderator Retired Moderator

    Jun 23, 2001
    Southern CA, USA
    As copied from an earlier post from Smash:

    Here is the history:

    Version 2.42 changes

    * Fixed the Heralds animation problem with 32-bit video for

    Version 2.41 changes

    * If an auto-settler encounters a situation that the AI
    can't make a decision about (strange routes, etc.), then
    the auto-settler will return to manual control mode.
    This should stop most instances of auto-settler problems.

    Version 2.4 changes

    * Changed version number to match labels on CD-ROM.

    * Fixed another situation with auto-settlers hanging the

    * Fixed crash on using help on SS MODULE.

    * Fixed problem with checking intelligence of an emissary
    and high-resolution windows display. (Previously, this
    would cause what looked like a lockup but was actually
    just the window getting "lost" under the first window.)

    * Fixed problem in which clicking on the help button while
    the UN Wonder is highlighted would bring up University
    help instead.

    * The Civilization II chart says that the "Cruise Missile"
    attack is 20, which is incorrect. The correct attack value
    is 18.

    * Fixed crash while accessing Civilopedia help from the city
    status advisor's display.

    * Fixed failure to find @MERCENARY label in GAME.FRE (French
    version of GAME.TXT).

    File changes
    We are currently working on a scenario disk for Civilization
    II which will be called Civilization II "Conflicts in
    Civilization" Scenarios. The disc will include a new executable
    with enhanced support for player-generated scenarios. If you
    are currently working on a scenario, the following file changes
    will be supported:


    Please do not make changes to other files. This can and will
    lead to conflicts with future game versions.

    Version 1.11 changes

    French and German
    If the game is now playing in English only, make the following
    correction to reset the game in your language.

    1. In Windows 95, double-click on the file CIV.INI in the
    directory C:\WINDOWS\CIV.

    2. Change the last line from "Language Preference 1" to
    "Language Preference 0."

    3. Save the file.

    4. Then restart Civilization II and you should see the "Select
    Language" menu.

    Customizing autobuild
    You may customize the domestic advisor's city improvement
    picks for the autobuild if you wish. Create a file in your
    Civilization II directory called CITYPREF.TXT. The first line
    should be:


    Each succeeding line contains the name of a city improvement in
    the order you want to build them. You don't have to list every
    city improvement, but each improvement must be spelled -exactly-
    as it is in RULES.TXT. (For foreign language versions, use the
    exact spelling from RULES.FRE or RULES.GER as appropriate.)
    Your domestic advisor will then choose improvements from this
    list provided that technology is available and the city is
    otherwise eligible to build them. If nothing on list is available,
    the advisor resorts to his normal algorithm.

    The military advisor will make his picks as usual. However, you
    can order him never to build "defensive" type units by inserting
    the line @NODEFEND at the beginning or end of the CITYPREF.TXT
    file (don't put it between the @AUTOBUILD line and the list of

    An example file is below:


    The file is reread every time you click the "AUTO" button on the
    "What shall we build?" menu. If you wish, you can alter your
    priorities over the course of a game without reloading.

    * The Supply/Demand equation for commodities has been revised

    * The AI for auto-settlers has been adjusted with less emphasis
    on railroads.

    * Caravan "go to" orders aren't cleared by zones of control.

    * A bug in Windows 95 which caused problems loading WinG if
    Windows 95 is installed on some other drive than C: has been
    worked around.

    Version 1.10 changes

    * Further fixes have been made to smart settlers (looping
    settlers caught in loop should ask for confirmation once the
    loop is noticed).

    * You should always be able to contact rival kings (with whom
    you have treaties) at least once per turn, even if patience is
    exhausted. This is to give you a chance to demand he withdraw
    from your territory. Once he's "thrown you out" for the turn,
    though, you have to wait until the next turn.

    * Fixed problem with military advisor ("255 in production," etc.).

    * Air units cannot be fortified outside of cities.

    * Cities not spotted will not appear on Goto and Supply/Demand lists
    (An exception is that foreign capitals will appear on Supply/Demand
    lists only).

    * Fixed problem scrolling between cities once more than 128 cities
    exist in the game.

    * Engineers no longer have "ignore ZOC" ability. This is to help
    prevent computer-controlled engineers from slipping into your
    territory and building cities within your borders.

    * The "mysterious teleporting paratrooper" problem has been resolved.

    * Fixed problem in foreign language versions where some heralds
    didn't show up.

    Version 1.09 changes

    * Smart settlers as of version 1.08 can loop infinitely if they are
    blocked by zones of control. That's fixed in this update.

    * Attitude advisor: cities with sufficient happiness to put them into
    "We Love the King" day are shown in white.

    Version 1.08 changes

    * Version 1.08 adds a much requested feature: Smart (or at least
    Automated) Settlers. Issue the "K" or "Automate Settlers" order to
    your settlers or engineers, and they will behave (for better or for
    worse) exactly as if the AI were controlling them, although they
    will not build cities. You can cancel the automate order the same
    way you cancel any order. Just click on the unit and/or selecting
    it on the unit popup.

    * For those who don't like the white grid around your city radius in
    Grid mode, we provide ICONSB.GIF, which is a version of ICONS.GIF
    without the white grid sprite. If you'd prefer to run without the
    white grid, just copy ICONSB.GIF over ICONS.GIF.

    * If you prefer "Zoom to City" to be your default action on city
    reports, you can now select this option by unchecking the "Zoom is
    NOT default" option at the bottom of the City Report Options screen.

    * The foreign minister report (F3) now contains color-coding
    information about each king.

    * When caravan is used to add-to-wonder, a report on how many shields
    are still required is given.

    * The maximum effective science rate for Fundamentalism (hardcoded to
    50% in previous patch) can now be user-configured in the RULES.TXT
    file (bottom of Cosmic Principles) for those who wish to work around

    * Fixed some problems involving the autobuild.

    * A few earlier fixes that didn't make it into the foreign language
    versions have been included in this patch.

    Vversion 1.07 changes

    * Aegis cruisers will defend their stacks against missile and air
    attacks as they should. Before, the Aegis ability was often
    overlooked when determining which was the "best" defender for a

    * As requested by many players, when the Grid (Ctrl-G) mode is
    active, the city radius of each of your cities will be shown in

    * Population will no longer "loop around to zero."

    * Under Fundamentalism, any science rate above 50% will have no
    additional effect on research. Below 50%, research still
    continues at half effectiveness.

    * At some difficulty levels (for example, Prince), users were
    occasionally experiencing weird time-shifts (such as from A.D. 1
    back to 1920 B.C.). This problem should no longer occur.

    * Made some slight changes in ship logic to try to prevent wave
    after wave of suicide attacks against a city with a coastal

    * Counterespionage has been fixed (previously it was less
    effective than intended).

    * The AI will use slightly more discretion in approaching cities
    with attacking units.

    * Corrected problems associated with replacing the CD-ROM during
    the game.

    * The opportunity to poison water supply is not offered for cities
    of size 1.

    * Increased the defense strength of fighters, stealth fighters and
    stealth bombers slightly.

    * Changed the attack strength of cruise missile to 18.

    * Corrected problem where new units were created with "NONE" as
    home after a large number of cities had been built.

    * Fixed problem with plundering negative amounts of gold.

    * Corrected problem where Windows 95 machines with 32-bit Indeo
    (Video for Windows) drivers installed showed heralds "frozen
    in place."

    Version 1.06 changes

    * This version fixes the AI broken in version 1.04.

    Version 1.05 changes

    * The "Winning" animation is no longer displayed when another
    civilization wins the space race.

    * Double-clicking on unexplored territory no longer brings up
    the Civilopedia.

    * User-created units will no longer play the wrong sound in
    addition to the CUSTOMx.WAV sound.

    * When giving a unit to another civilization causes a technology
    leap, the technology given is no longer stuck on "Alphabet."

    * Cruisers now (properly) become obsolete with Rocketry.

    Version 1.04 changes

    * Corrected GPF that occurred for users who didn't have sound
    cards installed in their computers.

    * Corrected problem where users received a black box or black
    screen when going to the Civilopedia (or when a new advance was

    * Month-by-month turns now work correctly for scenarios set in B.C.
    (This is important for the Alexander the Great scenario.)

    * Wonders of the World movies are now shown only when you build
    wonders (not when opponents build them). The Wonder movie cheat
    has been improved, however, so you can view any Wonder movie
    you want: hold down the Shift key while selecting "Wonders of
    the World" from the Civilopedia menu.

    * The "Accelerated Startup" algorithm has been enhanced to correct
    some problems (such as two cities in the same square on some
    preset maps) and improve some features.

    * Effects of Food Supplies trade routes are now displayed properly
    on the city information screen. (Formerly they worked properly
    but were not being displayed.)

    * Corrected some problems with user-defined techs (where it was not
    recognizing that user-defined techs had been discovered).

    * Language preference is now saved in the CIV.INI file. After you
    run the game once with this update, you will no longer be asked
    every time you play which language you want.

    * Corrected the "endless drumbeat" problem.

    * The Colossus now affects sea squares as well as land squares.

    * The "Auto" feature can no longer be used to circumvent the 50%
    penalty for production changes.

    * You will no longer be prompted to consult your high council if
    you have the feature switched off on the graphic options menu.

    * Advisors will no longer suggest you build a palace when you
    already have one.

    * The tutorial will automatically be switched off when beginning a

    * RULES.TXT now mentions that custom WAV files have to be 8-bit,
    mono and sampled at 22050hz.

    * Corrected some problems with "negative scores."

    * Miscellaneous minor fixes.

    Seems they didn't forget about glitches in future version either ;)

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