[TOT] Civ 2.5: Civ3 in Test of Time

Thorvald of Lym

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Nov 21, 2005
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Civ 2.5 is a mod idea I've harboured for a while to back-port Civilization III into Test of Time. This is an early demo to test the preliminary design; it is built on the base game with quality-of-life features from TOTPP.

Current features include:
  • All base game units from Civilization III: Conquests (except the Scout) modelled on Civ2 architecture;
  • All advances from Civilization III: Conquests;
  • Reconfigured improvement costs and Wonder obsolescence;
  • Expanded city lists for all civs, drawn from later games (and Freeciv for Mexica);
  • Minor tweaks to Communism and Fascism (Fundamentalism) unit support.
Planned/speculative features to come:
  • Overhaul of city/terrain graphics;
  • Reconfiguration of civs to make use of TOTPP's all-eras city flavours;
  • Lua functions for ranged bombardment;
  • Discrete Unique Units for all 21 civs.

It is not currently playable. Testing the tech progression I ran into a bug: after researching Education (University), the game crashes trying to load the research menu. I've never encountered this error before: so far as I can see, the code is correct, and I can't figure out what would cause it. I've attached the working files for anyone who wants to take a look.


  • 2point5-test.7z
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Awesome! I love mods that convert Civ games to be like other Civ games as weird as that is to some haha. I've been gathering as many as I can find in the 'Crossover' section (at the bottom) of my super search thread post and plan to cover them in future videos! I've pondered a few times about importing Civ3 assets into ToT especially with ToTPP allowing bigger sprites and more slots. You didn't list animation but just incase you're pondering that idea too it's not so impossible now days thankfully.. eg. @Civinator will find this project interesting too as he's done a number of experiments converting Civ3 unit animations into ToT so he knows the tools for extracting Civ3 assets not to mention he did all that with the old version of Mercators Sprite tool, which was harder to use, whereas when I experimented more recently his new CivSprite2Beta tool in that same thread I found it was much better and really good (ie it's sprite frame grouping and fully configurable txt cfg files) and has made the idea of me doing a animated ToT version of my & Metros HoMM2 mod (which is finally nearing release for MGE) an actual possibility in the future.
I've done a little bit of hacking Civ3 anims so I actually know how to port them; if Civinator doesn't beat me to it, I might give it a shot myself. :spear:
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