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[Civ2] Civ 2 (Gold Edition) Aggressive AI


Jan 11, 2016

I've played Civ 2 Gold Edition for a while now and noticed that every opponent I meet is aggressive. When I move my caravan to opponent's territory to trade, they always demand gold or technology. When I refuse, 90% of the time they declare war.
I remember that in Civ 2 Vanilla they weren't so aggressive.
Is it a Gold Edition's peculiarity or some kind of bug? I've heard of a patch for fixing it, but maybe I'm wrong.
In pinned post I saw also one solution where downgrading Civ 2 Gold Edition to Civ 2 Vanilla. Does it help?
Thank you in advance.
Yes, this is one of the changes that are very notable in C2 Gold edition from the original. The developers felt it would make the game more challenging but as you have noted it causes the game to grind into early wars often resulting in wiping out the others civs or preventing them from significant development. Some of the best games and counter civs I've encountered were in classic and I noticed a significant difference in the late game civs being weaker and less developed because of the way gold edition edits their AI.
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