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[Civ2] Civ 2: MGE arch linux wine no audio (not no music, no audio *at all*)


Jun 21, 2024
Yesterday I got my civ2 MGE disk in the mail from ebay, and started playing it on arch linux through wine. It ran and installed perfectly with no issues besides the fact that there was absolutely 0 audio, even with the physical disk physically in the external CD drive. I just now before typing this tested it on my mother's old windows laptop (was windows XP but upgraded to windows 10, it had a physical disk drive so no need for an external one) to see if it was a problem with the disk or with wine and the audio worked perfectly on that laptop although the special drivers it has you install in the installer wouldn't work and it crashed upon entering a scenario, but that was an issue with windows 10 that wine perfectly fixed.

So yeah, any ideas on how to get the audio working with wine? I tried running freeciv's windows version with wine and it's audio worked so I know my wine install is capable of having audio play.
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