CIV 2 MGE Units


Mar 20, 2018
I’m playing civ2mge on win7 x32 and i have started modding some units in the gif file replacing them with some of a scenario but after that the game will start with graphic problems. I have used paint to edit. Maybe I must use another software?
Yeah the various iterations of MS Paint that comes with Windows will override Civ2 MGE's palette with it's own causing frustration for new Civ2 modders for nearly 28 years now lol. Most people seem to use GIMP as suggested or good old Paint Shop Pro 7 as they enforce whatever colour palette is in the image file.
Oddly enough, PaintXP works but only when saving as 256 colour bitmap.
Hah I guess that explains why there's quite a lot old MGE scenarios from that era using big chunky bmp files instead of gifs. And also in some cases when I'd test them out they'd not look quite right in-game as presumably because the standard 256 colour bitmap palette used every available slot and had different colour selections compared to MGE's palette. As MGE doesn't have a great range of pinks & purples and there's over 50 colour slots blanked out and seemingly not being used (although I think I saw years ago when Metro & I were doing our experiments for the HoMM2 mod that the engine cleverly overrides the all blank slots with different extra colour selections when playing herald & wonder movies).
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