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Civ 2 save game viewer


May 7, 2024
Hi everyone!

I've been doing some nerding, primarily because I want to learn more about web dev, but also because 1) I LOVE Civ 2, 2) I hate the in game city screen and 3) Decoding the game file has been fun.

Anyway, I want to introduce my site. This is not an advert as there is no marketing on my site, so I'm not making money from it. It's just for fun.


I'd be very grateful for any feedback, what works? what doesn't? what features would you like to see? layout tweaks? anything goes. Feedback on this thread and I'll try to keep up.

Note: as yet, only tested with my version of Civ 2 (MGE) so I wouldn't be surprised if I need to tweak it for other editions. Just let me know if you hit any problems.

Be nice, I'm not an expert at web dev by any stretch!

Happy Civ-ing. :)
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