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Civ 3 files for Conquests and Senarios

Discussion in 'Civ - Ideas & Suggestions' started by Philip Vincent, Feb 2, 2018.

  1. Philip Vincent

    Philip Vincent Chieftain

    Feb 2, 2018

    I haven't been here for a while but still visit and download the site quite a bit. I'm not sure exactly where this should be posted - but since the move to the new site and places like Atomic Gamer have shut down lots of Civ 3 Games have lost... here is a screen shot of my Scenario and Conquests folders (plus a short list that that would not fit in the one of the screen shots..., I also have the corresponding BIQ file,

    - I have 'modded' and 'improved' some of the BIQ files (with new file names)
    - .all of those pesky little missing file issues have also been sorted out (due to extensive game play and me not having a life!! :)
    - 99% of these work I have some issues (like the Warhammer map BIQ's) that I need to get sorted
    - I have run these games on both a PC and a Mac and fixed those issues as they have come up
    - there are some great Mods in here that I would also like to work on, and some Civlopedia's that need updating
    - I don't have any Modders permission to upload these or indeed any adjustments I have made as that have all been for my own Private use, so I don't know if I am treading on anyones toes - I don't mean to

    I have now found that the PC processing power is finally where it needs to be and Civ 3 is still the game of choice in my book!!!! I got Civ 6 a couple of weeks ago, way better than Civ 5, but nothing beats Civ 3 now that you process turns like WW2 Global in under 2 minutes!!!!

    *** Please see a 2 screen shots of what I have, I am happy to share (I just need to sort out how) - if anyone is interested ***

    - More Scenario Folders (could not fit them in the screen shot)
    WW2-Global Reloaded
    WW2-Global Gold
    Warpstorm Watercolor Terrain (I dont actually know what this is.. and I have never looked at it)

    I can post more information about BIQ's I have modified that I think improve the particular games created... thanks to everyone who put these together, they have given me many hours of fun!!

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