Civ 3 gold utilities


Jan 5, 2004
Are there any utilities, cheats, or trainers that work with Civ 3 gold?
Gramphos Civ3MT version 1.04 works with it fairly well, at least the save game editor and the unit creation wizard. I sometimes get some graphics bugs if i try changing too much with the editor (like my or another civ's tech tree, or changing what improvements a city has) but if I just edit things like money or game end date I've never seen any problems.

Not sure if the newest version 1.05 works for gold or not, once i found that 1.04 worked I never upgraded to the newer version... it may even fix those graphic bugs I mentioned.
Welcome to CFC!:)

Now, there is some minor thing that I have to do about this thread, but please don't be discourage by your first post.;)

Moderator Action: Thread moved! Please don't start a thread in the Utility Program forum unless you have created a utility to post - Thanks!
All things said, I found out quickly that while the verision for Civ 3 gold says 1.27f. Everything I try that says it should work for that verision does not work.

Also I appologize for starting the thread in the wrong place. From what I was able to tell the original spot made the most sense about those kinds of things, so I naturally put it there. Might I suggest a sticky post to prevent any further such occurances?
Since Civ3 Gold is a combination of Civ3 and PTW, and the displayed version says 1.27f, I would think that utilities designed for PTW (v1.27f) would be the ones you want. But I don't really know ....

and Fow What It's Worth, Thunderfall has tried many ways of letting people knownot to post questions in the Finished Files forums. For instance, in the main C&C forum, near the top of the page, in red is "Please don't open a new thread if you don't have file to post! This rule also applies to ALL other files forums. Use the main Creation forum for questions & requests." Many of the forums *do* have a sticky thread that says much the same thing. (It appears the Utility Programs forum does not, however. :) )
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