Civ 4 City Health


Apr 23, 2016

Adds the Health mechanic from Civilization IV. Ironically, the Grocer, Supermarket, and Coal Plant icons already exist in the game, so I suspect at one point Health was a planned inclusion.

I took care to port the exact mechanics; everything listed on this wiki page[] works exactly as described.

I may eventually include the new food resources (bison, citrus, cocoa) from civ 5 into the group of resources that grant health, or add additional sources of health specific to civ 5, like beliefs or natural wonders, but for now the puritan in me just wants it to be a 1:1 port from civ 4.

This is a DLL mod, it won't work with other DLL mods or anything that modifies the same UI. (Except Additional Diplomacy + C4DF, which has compatibility, JUST MAKE SURE TO DELETE THE DLL INCLUDED IN THIS MOD.)
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