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Feb 11, 2014
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I'm making a story based on the Civilization universe, any feedback would be helpful. I will be editing my first post and putting in new chapters as I make them. Give criticism where needed but don't be malicious. Thank you. :) By the way, If you come in late, might a well read the whole thing and comment. I'm sure it'll interest you, but even if you don't enjoy it you can either just stop or provide feedback to make it better, thank you. :)

Chapter 1: The Dawn of War​
Spoiler :
The man scanned the horizon, searching for Roman cavalry. Sure enough he saw several gun wielding horsemen trotting around the fort, searching for attackers.

“Roman cuirassiers at 12 o’clock, tell Washington to mobilize the pikemen.”

“Yes sir.” The American scout then ran back to Washington at the base camp set up deep in the Pyrenees Mountains. The long boat ride all the way from America to Europe had worn down the whole army and everyone was getting the rest they needed. America declared war on the Roman Empire only 2 weeks earlier as a response to the Augustus attacking America’s ally, Isabella of Spain. The scout was rushing through the terrain until he finally found the out-of-place camp and went towards the largest tent. As he walked he passed brand new cavalry soldiers shining their guns, but mostly pikemen shining their armor and minutemen shining their guns. Finally after the several mile journey the scout entered the tent and saw Washington talking to his generals.

“Johnson, what news do you bring me?” Washington stated towards the scout while not taking his eye off the strategic map him and his generals were studying. “Well? Don’t make me wait.”

“Yes sir, Tyson and I were scanning the plains to the North and saw a large fort. There were about a dozen or so cuirassiers patrolling the outside.” The scout said, while at attention.

“Thank you, you are dismissed.” The scout then left to move back to his position with Tyson. “Edison, where are we on the designing of the new cannons? The beelining towards cavalry was definitely a good idea, but where are we on good steel?”

“Well Mr. President, I’m very close to a breakthrough but it might be a few more weeks. I would recommend using the trebuchet if you to besiege the Roman fortification.”

“Thank you, well it appears to be getting very late, I’m going to go rest, thank you my generals, and my advisors. Goodnight. “

“Goodnight sir, I will alert your guards that you are going to rest now.” The general said to Washington.

Chapter 2: The Morning Call​
Spoiler :
The next morning there was a certain air about the camp. One that was worrying. Washington strolled out of his tent with his guards close around him. He was walking towards the war room when a sound induced the fear of god in all of the men. An explosion erupted inside the tent Washington had just left. Shrapnel rained from the explosion landing in the flesh of dozens of soldiers. If not for the protective guards surrounding him Washington would have been fatally wounded as he was quite close to the explosion. After a few seconds the men who weren’t screaming in agony drew their weapons. Quickly they went in their defensive position, scrambling around like ants but lacking the same organization. Chaos was the only way to describe the situation as injured men were carried away and dead ones cried for. Pikemen were scrambling around to fortify the position by digging in the pikes so as to take out any possible invading troops if they were to rush in. The minute-men trained their guns in all directions so no part of the perimeter was not being watched after. Those who were not defending the encampment were tending to the injured soldiers. They numbered in the dozens, fortunately there were not many around the tent at the time of the explosion. Washington had his wounds tended to first and was released to talk to his shocked troops. The dead were already being identified and lined up. Washington walked over and leaned over one of them; he studied him closely, closed his eyes, and paid thanks to the soldier who protected Washington from a large wooden splinter impaling him. He immediately stood upright and yelled out.

“I want Lieutenant Gordon on this right now! I want to find out what the hell happened here!”

A man with a cigar, slightly silver hair, and spectacle moved towards Washington. With a British accent he proceeded to address the president.
“I’ll be right on it sir, I will just need some isolation and writing utensils.”
“Here are your writing utensils. I won’t bother you until you are finished. Now get to work. I want to know what happened here.”

The man then walked towards the charred rubble which was Washington’s tent a few minutes ago. He proceeded to walk around, eyeing and feeling different pieces of debris. He scribbled furiously while not actually looking at the pad. He continued to stare at the area as smoke rose from his mouth in puffs. After about half an hour he stood up. Around him the men were still working, staying in a defensive position, working on injured soldiers, or preparing fallen soldiers for burial. He walked towards Washington. The president was currently talking to his advisors in the mess hall which was temporarily converted into their war room.

“It appears to have been a concealed bomb. I believe what happened was a spy snuck into the camp. The men who were guarding one side must have been sleeping or in the middle of changing duty. The man must have hid in the tree behind your tent as it is entirely hollow from rot. Then as the sun rose he set a slow burning fuse, place the bomb near the tent, and got away harm-free.”

“How do you know it wasn’t an insider?” One of the advisors piped up.
“Well, simply because the footprints in the mud behind the tent lead to the tent, then towards the mountains. The explosive device appears to have been made of materials of an Italian origin. Meaning the assassin was most likely Roman or made a deal with Rome. That also means they know we’re here.”

“Ok, thank you Lieutenant, you are dismissed.” Washington then stood up, positioned the sling so that it was not rubbing on his wounded, bloody arm. “Men, we are moving out today, the day has just begun and we are going to prepare to attack the fort a few miles north of here. Then, if it isn’t rubble, we will make that our new base camp for at least a few days. We need to attack today so we aren’t caught with our pants down again. Men, let the war begin.”

Chapter 3: A Mother's Worry​
Spoiler :
Back in Cleveland, Elizabeth sat on her wicker chair, knitting a sweater for her daughter, Melanie, who was just getting back from playing with her friends. Elizabeth had been working on this sweater for ages. She never had time because all she did was work t the factory. Since all the men were fighting in wars there was a lack of jobs, so the women stepped in. It seemed as though America were at war constantly. Only a few months earlier The United States was fighting back the onslaught of the Aztecs. There was still war propaganda up that had not been taken down. All were badmouthing the Aztecs and their leader, Montezuma. These posters included slogans like “Montezuma is a Monster” or “Would you want your children to be in the hands of the Aztecs? Join the United States Military Now!” Ever since Washington stole the knowledge of how to sail from Montezuma they have been at odds and there was no sign of letting up. Although the war is technically not constant, the tensions are. Elizabeth leaned back and looked towards her crackling fireplace. The warmth seeped inside her and kept her calm. Then she looked a little higher to see the mantle. She had 3 loved ones in the army, just in her immediate family, her 3 sons and husband. She was not as worried about two of her sons or husband, because they all worked with logistics and stayed out of fighting. Obviously he still worried, but she was terrified for her youngest son, Tyson. He was always picked on for being the youngest; he was bullied, tormented, and made fun of his entire life. When he reached 18 he decided to enlist in the military. Although his entire male family was too, he took a radical alteration. Tyson decided to be a scout, decidedly the worst job in the army out of them all. The thought of her now 19 year old son, sitting in the wilderness, little protection in the way of armor or arms, at the mercy of everything round him, chilled her so deeply the fireplace could not warm her there. She heard stories of numerous scouts being captured by enemies, tortured to the point of near-death yet kept alive, then brutally killed. Not to mention the extreme training these scouts went through to be fit enough and to deal with any torture. Scouts tend to know the most so they are targeted. They have to be able to withstand terrible atrocities. She repressed the thoughts to the back of her head. Just then her daughter walked into the room.

“Mommy mommy guess what!”

“What is it sweetie?”

“They just finished the big white building downtown! The Tamahal or something! They say it’ll bring around a new golden age!”

“You mean the Taj Mahal honey? That’s very interesting! Now why don’t you go upstairs and play with your dolls, mommy is nearly done with your sweater.” At this Melanie smiled and ran upstairs. Elizabeth then looked back at her knitting and continued. She felt tears beginning to well up in her eyes, but she held them back, she had to live with the pain one more day.

Chapter 4: Clash of the Empires​
Spoiler :
Washington led his men over the rolling hills of the local terrain. He and his thousands of soldiers marched in unison, always having a scout or two ahead to make sure the coast was clear and someone wouldn't blow the president’s head off. At first the men had been singing non-stop and they weren't even drunk, they were caroling and even sang the star-spangled banner several times over. After several hours though, of trudging through the streams, replacing the packed trebuchet on the carts when a piece falls, and clearing away dead bodies of other fallen soldiers from Spain, the happiness and spirit of the men had effectively been shattered into mere dust in the breeze. What took the scout maybe 10 minutes to run took the American army 8 hours because of delays, rivers, and taking breaks for it was quite hot this particular day. The men each carried a canteen which was refilled each time they met a river. They always kept the animals away so they would not excrete into the river and poison the men. There was at least a few moments of silence where all the soldiers were filling their gullets with sweet river water from the mountains.

“Men! Look alive! We got Romans up ahead, stay at arms, in case we get surprised. We will set up the trebuchets here because I’ve been told by our excellent scouts that the fort is not far on the other side of this small hill here. I want the siege engineers to examine the terrain and fort so they know what to do to take down the encampment. I want the 32nd Riflemen Battalion to move into the forest up North, I want the 43rd and 21st Pikemen and Riflemen Battalions to stay behind and protect the equipment. I want all other men to hide in the forest to the North East of here and attack on my word. That goes to everyone, the trebuchet will weaken the walls, we invade, and we win, are you ready soldiers!” Washington got quieted but in unison “hoorah!” from his army. The next hour was spent getting the equipment ready, the soldiers then proceeded to either get in a defensive position or get ready to spring. There was an eerie silence in the air, and an uneasy feeling overtook the soldiers. It was at least 4 o clock according to the sun, as they had left at about 6 in the morning. The silence was broken by the gruff scream of Washington.

“LAUNCH!” Then the loud spring of the half a dozen trebuchets at once caused such a sound that for miles around birds flew away and squawked at the devastating noise. The trebuchets reloaded and again Washington shouted “LAUNCH!”, seconds later the large boulders released and were sent hurdling towards the fort. The soldiers stared at Washington; he mounted his white mare majestically and drew his sword, and started his charge, shouting as he flew towards the citadel, cavalry in pursuit. The soldiers took this as the sign and followed their leader and charged the fort. Out poured Roman troops, cuirassiers, musket men, riflemen, and a mere dozen or so knights. There came an epic clash of troops, the terrain was too strange for the guns to have been of major use, so they drew their knives and began the fight. The screams of agony and battle overtook the air as swords met armor and flesh alike. It was obvious the Romans were dazed, many were still completely out of it and were stumbling around. It appears as if they were on “off-time” as a few look like they had just finished drinking or had some fun with the local mistresses. The American troops hacked into the Romans, outnumbered and out gunned the Roman were clearly no match, although they did put up a good fight. Washington had by then dismounted his horse and was using his saber to collapse men. He saw one particular man running up at him with a flail. They proceeded to engage each other. The flail was swung around the maceman’s head and finally he lunged at Washington, he parried and sliced his arm. The man then turned around and stomp his opponent’s foot and crashed the metal ball into his side. The man maliciously stood over Washington and was about to finish him when a nearby American skewered the Roman through the stomach, he pulled the sword out then plunged it back in. By the third time the maceman had lost consciousness and several pints of blood. The no-name helped his country’s leader up and they proceeded to fight. The battle did not last much longer, less than half an hour later the last Roman soldier was found, and killed. Cries of victory permeated the air as the soldiers shot their guns off into the clouds and clanged their weapons on anything they could find.

“Tough little buggers they are, even the last one didn't give up. I want all the fallen soldiers tended to immediately. Let’s make this our home.” Washington said as he looked rather dramatically into the distance.

Chapter 5: Beginning of the End
Spoiler :
Many years had passed since the taking of the Pyrenees Mountains by Washington. Rome had been taken but was shortly ensued as Huayna Capac sought to expand as they no longer had the resources to expand their fascist state. Rulers now left the battlefield and now sat comfortably in an office, commanding troops from a room. No longer worried with the well being of the soldiers they threw thousands of men at the enemy no caution headed. Many fields littered with the bodies of thousands of children, just having left high-school, hoping for a long life with their sweethearts, only to be cut down. Morbid stories come from the battlefield of terrifying new weapons taking off fractions of men in one shot. Now only some empires rule the world. America became nothing less that militaristic and although still democratic in government, militant in every other sense. Conquering all of North America and burning what remained of Italy after taking Europe. No mercy for women or children, a militaristic genocide of Italians. In Africa there ruled no one; barbaric communities thrived except the few imperialistic colonies. In Asia there were two competing entities, the industrialist Mao Zedong and the crazed warmonger Gandhi. New breakthroughs exploded the world into the industrial revolution into the technological revolution. Gandhi being the world’s leader in rockets completed the Apollo Mission and sent the first man on the moon. The terrible war for Europe completely destroyed the continent and farmers still overturned bodies as they tried to restore their American-occupied land to its former power. Many lived in depression, a constant haze of darkness and the overhanging bleak overview of life. To a stark comparison, in the first-world countries families all over lived in prosperity as the average international unemployment was a mere 3%. The constant threat of war and building of war machines kept industry pumping stronger than ever. All around the world tools for war were built in record times, rolling off the assembly line to be seen in battle. As one nation’s weapon increased in power it was soon matched by their rival.

“Chief of the Army reporting Mr. President. I brought a new topic to your attention; losses in the Panamanian front have reached losses in the tens of thousands. I urge a recall of all troops out of the area or more mechanized weapons to be sent in. I realize it is more expensive at the moment but it will save more in the long run because of the cost to train new troops.”

“Tyson, come on, sit down. Now, I need to talk to my logistics officers. This is an interesting proposition. Have you gathered actual statistics that prove it costs more? Also, how long will it take to implement new tanks into the area?”

“About two weeks Mr. President, then we will have several more tank squadrons in place ready to advance. It will require the creation of paths through the undergrowth and much cutting of trees but I believe it will greatly increase our chance of victory.”

“Thank you Tyson, you are dismissed.” Washington then leaned back in his leather chair, then turning around he gazed through his window of the oval office. It had just turned 10 o clock and the military trucks began to circulate through the streets like the blood in an animal. With the new amendment in place all citizens are under a 10 pm curfew, if not abided by they are subject to military law. Washington then decided to retire to his bedroom to get a good night’s rest. He bid his surroundings one last glance then proceeded to his quarters.

Chapter 6: A Puppeteer’s Nightmare
Spoiler :
Europe was no longer the powerhouse it was. Centuries later, many of the cities have long since been abandoned. The buildings dilapidated and rotting, they were the housing for mostly moss and rats. Only the great cities of London and Lisbon remain under direct American control. Rome was a bandit haven, filled with hundreds of thousands of scoundrels. America uses these lands as their raw materials factory. The lands of Germany and Britain produce large amounts of the coal used in factories in America. Oil is pumped and shipped in from American colonies in the Middle East. The exploitation colonies lived in poverty, those who were privileged enough to live in the “nice” cities still had to live in squalor. Large amounts of the cities were just underlings living in dank, dark housing used to run the cities for the rich and powerful. Since none of these areas were even territories, just puppet states, they had no say in the US government. The other omnipotent empires ran their sections of the world in similar ways assuming they weren't completely autocratic.

“Sir, we are receiving reports that in the Germanic lands, there is civil unrest around the city of Berlin. What is your move?”

“No point in raising a fuss, send in the jet fighters and drop some bombs. Send them running to their homes. Say they attacked and killed US government officials. Got all that?”

“Yes sir, thank you sir.” Tyson then stood up and left the oval office. Washington then proceeded to shuffle through his papers. Just then the splitting sound of sirens cut through the sounds of tourists and traffic. Washington turned in his chair and peered outside. He saw a passenger airplane barreling right for him. Jut SAM batteries popped out of the ground and launched a volley of 6 missiles. Above the slums of Washington DC the missiles ripped into the hull of the plane and it exploded in a flash of aluminum and wiring. He watched on, and then turned around to his desk, completely unfazed. Just then his communicator with the Pentagon beeped twice. A message began to appear on the screen.

“From previous, recent attacks and messages sent in, we believe the militant group to attempt the attack was the German United Front. Other officers concluded it was the French Liberation Force. Pentagon 11:34 EST.”

Just then more sirens began to blare, but these were different. They were more urgent and demanding.
Tyson smashed through the door, “Sir! We are receiving word that Germany, France, England, and Scandinavia are all declaring war! Also they somehow got control of the missile silos we place around the area. We need to get you out of he-“Just then the blinding flash of an intercepted nuclear missile exploded over the city. Of the five launched four were destroyed by missile-to-missile systems. The other smashed into the ground a few miles away. If the missile has exploded in the city, many thousands of innocent civilians would have been incinerated by the extreme heat of a nuclear explosion. By then the Secret Service had taken Washington to the bunker. From there Washington ordered peace talks with Capac and then to have all troops focused on the European area. Nothing scares a puppeteer more than when the puppet pulls back.

Chapter 7: A Disorderly World Order​
Spoiler :
There they sat, the four most powerful men in the world; Huayna Capac, George Washington, Mahatma Gandhi, and Mao Zedong in complete silence. They each sat in a cross pattern, on a large round table. Around them, enormous screens and numerous television crews, and many desks crowded around the four. They were long since abandoned after conquest and enormous empires swept and covered the globe like a large blanket. The TV crew trembled as they neared Gandhi. Suddenly the man smashes his fist on the table.

“Are we going to start talking or what?! I have dissidents to exterminate!”

“Hold your horses Gandhi; we have serious matters to discuss. The United States of America was just hit by a terrorist attack, one not seen on this scale since the first capture of Britain. Now, as this is a matter of national security, we quickly deduced that it was in fact YOU who gave the anarchist cells nuclear capability.” Washington firmly stated.

“Are you blaming me for something your nation should have been able to handle ages ago?? If so then I have about seven thousand intercontinental ballistic missiles that say you’re wrong.”

“Your petty, dictatorial nation does not scare me. We all know very well you are in no position to make militant threats. Besides, I never said you did do it I just said that is what the evidence says.”

“I think we should all just calm down, and Gandhi, I have a peace proposal for you. I give you Southeast Asia and you give me Russia. If you accept then I will alert all forces to leave Indian Territory immediately.”
“You know only one person can offer something in a peace deal, so no. I cannot accept an offer as terrible as that anyhow. Now back to business.” For the next hour or so the men sat in their comfy chairs deciding the fate of billions of people.
Many words were thrown around. Warmonger, vassals, nuclear war, nuclear fallout, and global warming were the main ones being hurled. Then they came to a conclusion.

“So it’s settled, we all send in an allied force. These revolutionaries are clear opponents to the civility of the rest of the world. We destroy the terrorist group and turn it back over to how it was before. We will use our technology, India’s size, China’s specialists, and Inca’s navy. Thank you gentlemen for a nice and orderly conversation.” All the leaders were immediately surrounded by their guards and protected out of the building to their individual vehicles. They each went to their separate bases, plotting their rivals’ destruction. 

Chapter 8: Die Young and Make A Pretty Corpse​
Spoiler :

The invasion of Europe had been considered a success. The "Unified Forces" had pushed into the rebellious lands and successfully eliminated any opposition. The fighting was brutal and was only a success in the sense that the terrorists had been completely eliminated. Indian government officials had been in charge of the execution and they chose an effective yet brutal tactic to take out the fighters. Day and night the people of all the cities of the continent were forced to walk by the creaking gallows where their friends and family were hanging from. They were purposely put on the busiest thoroughfares, to remind everyone who was in charge. Who was in charge, that wasn't all that clear though. The unified nations were not the best of people morally and wanted only what was best for them. Many began parceling up "rightfully" American lands. Wars soon followed between the world powers. Within a month millions had already been killed in the regions near Germany and the Balkans. Massive armies were thrown at each other like toddlers throwing toys. The world had never seen such atrocious fighting. The world was a brutal place these days. The previously impoverished land of Europe now was essentially a giant crater in areas. Just the stench of rotting bodies itself drove many cities into becoming ghost towns. The terror of a world war had become real, and no one knew how sane the leaders really were. The truth came out not much long after. The bustling city of Cleveland was currently busier than ever as it was now rush hour. The pristine glass skyscapers perfectly opposed the slums living in their shadow. The workforce of the metropolitan area had been rushing to attend their jobs so they could make money to feed their children, many left home, but none would come back. At exactly 8:31 AM a large nuclear missile landed in the direct center of the city. Within less than a second, millions of lives were lost, not even enough time to scream. No one saw because of the smog and the general apathy for anything outside their personal bubble. Now, the laughing children, the busy city, and the honking cars, incinerated by man's worst invention, greed. Without hesitation the President of the United States launched retaliatory strikes against India, believing fully well it was their doing, but it wasn't. This lead to a nuclear war encompassing every nation with the capability to destroy the world with the flick of a wrist. The war was over within an hour of its beginning. War determines not who is right, but who is left, and who wins if no one is left? No one. A world born in war and fire, doomed to die a similar fate. The few who survived in their shelters stepped out to see leveled grounds and only death, little did they know they too would die of nuclear war's after effects. The Earth was still young, and had been purged of its worst blemish, human society. It now laid as rock home to only the most basic lifeforms. This is the end of civilization.


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I reported your post and requested for a move to Civ 4 Stories and Tales, as it would be much more fitting there. Yes, we have a whole forum for stories like this! :p
I can honestly say I did not know that. :p Thanks I suppose. :)

Moderator Action: Agree and moved to Stories and Tales forum. Hope you enjoy creating your story. :thumbsup:
I think half of a good Civ IV story involves gameplay pictures, but that's just me.

That is actually a very good idea but will be slightly difficult.
How so? It isn't that difficult of a process.

It is if you want your story to go a certain way and can't get your game to go there.;)

I know what Sanguivorant means, but a Civ story that does not reflect a save is to me perfectly legitimate. I wish you well with your story CaterpillarKing.:goodjob:
It is if you want your story to go a certain way and can't get your game to go there.;)

I know what Sanguivorant means, but a Civ story that does not reflect a save is to me perfectly legitimate. I wish you well with your story CaterpillarKing.:goodjob:

I guess it's easy for me since my stories adapt to the game, not the other way around. I don't need to rely on the game providing me with the situations I need.

P.S. Good luck with your story, CaterpillarKing! :D
I figured out a way to do it with screenshots. I just need a title slide :) I really love all the support. Also. I will be sure to see if I can add nukes. I'm trying to figure it out but since this is a time of musket men it is kinda hard. Also I will try to upload a new chapter every day assuming I have the time. :)

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This is quite interesting!
Thank you to all my supporters. :) Btw I took Sanguivorant's idea and from now on I will attempt to make pictures to go with the story.
Well you came to the wrong neighbrhood buddy. I live in a Steelers/Eagles house. :p
Both of you have the same avatar... I will get confused very quickly. Also, I'm a diehard Seahawks fan, but the Steelers are my 2nd favorite team.
Both of you have the same avatar... I will get confused very quickly. Also, I'm a diehard Seahawks fan, but the Steelers are my 2nd favorite team.

That's what i was thinking. :lol::lol::lol::lol::D And good for you for the Super Bowl mate! I was rooting for Denver myself, but it was neat to see the Seahawks win. :) Oh and I hope you weren't like Richard Sherman. :lol::lol:
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