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Civ 4 Help on Start

Discussion in 'Civ4 - Strategy & Tips' started by ViDeInFr4, Dec 13, 2005.

  1. ViDeInFr4

    ViDeInFr4 Chieftain

    Dec 12, 2005
    Hello Everyone,

    I am not all that new to the Civ Series, it's just I been having a tad bit of trouble with Civ 4 due to the the major differences and need some input on my strategy. Here is my strategy with my favorite civ.

    Civ: China

    Leader: Qin Shi Huang (Financial, Industrious)

    Tech Start: (1st)Mystism --> (2nd)Hinduism --> (4th)Priesthood --> (5th)Writing

    (3rd)Bronze Working --> (6th)Iron Working --> (7th)Monarchy

    1st: Settle City in a ideal location (Usually were I start depending on the resources, if I have a warrior or scout I move it to a hill or somewhere I think more resources might be and move my settler according to resources. I try to settle my first city on my first turn if I can.)

    2nd: Produce Worker (If there is corn, rice, or wheat) If not I produce Warriors till my city grows to population of 2 then produce a Worker.

    3rd: I usually have my Bronze Working tech researched by now and I start to chop chop for a Settler.

    4th: Settle second city in a ideal location (Preferably by water) and start the Stonehenge Wonder in my 1st city.

    5th: Finish Stonehenge and start to produce The Oracle in 1st City

    6th: Finish The Oracle and start producing a Settler and get the free tech Alphabet.

    7th: Produce military units, Settle 3rd city, and trade for techs.

    8th: By this time I usually have Hinduism spreading and have a Great Prophet to build a shrine with. Then I get the Hereditary Rule civic and then I see what path I shall take, the military, the culture, or maybe some other.

    Then usually I just adapt to whatever situation comes at me. Please put your input in and tell me what you think I should consider change about my strategy. Thank you.
  2. MrCynical

    MrCynical Deity

    Oct 30, 2005
    The Dreaming Spires
    This is a very similar strategy to the one I play (you're playing as the industrious/financial leader not Mao aren't you judging from your start techs?) I generally research animal husbandry after bronze working if there are any animals around. It doesn't work quite as well on the higher difficulty levels since you're unlikely to be the first to Hinduism if any of your opponents start with mysticism (and odds are they will). If I don't get Hinduism I'll generally go for masonry and then monotheism and so try to get Judaism. The organized religion civic can come in handy if you decide to take a more peaceful route, and the masonry will also allow quarries if you happen to have marble or stone. With marble I can usually finish the Oracle in about 8 turns flat by the time I get round to it.

    If I still haven't got a religion by the time I finish the Oracle I'll take Theology or Code of laws to get a religion that way. By then Stonehenge will generally have given a great prophet so you can build the shrine.

    This doesn't work quite as well in multiplayer, because after two wonders you tend to have a very weak military. The AI rarely takes advantage of that in the first 50-100 turns, but human players are less forgiving.
  3. sandman_civ

    sandman_civ Warlord

    Dec 10, 2005
    Very similar to a chinese Qin Shi game I played myself. Except I chose oracle free tech Code of Laws as I was playing emperor and warmongering at that point. I was also pretty lucky with stone and marble so managed to squeeze AI out of a few more wonders. Boy was renaissance difficult though, emperor has some massive unit stacks, but I turned it for a tank/flight domination by modern era. With industrious I was able to pump wonders in the capital, have a unit powerhouse next to capital, and a commerce/town city next to capital. Commerce is sooooo important in higher levels as you can promote older units, and possibly rush buildings. Then I chose fascism as I went for domination.
  4. jedimogg

    jedimogg Chieftain

    Oct 24, 2005
    i don't think you can have a set strategy from the start. it partly depends or your starting location and resources. you need to be a bit more flexiable.

    but in general, i start building a warrior, as soon as pop hits 2 build a worker as long as there is something to do, meaning i have mining or farming or both researched.

    then go back to warriors until pop 3 and build a settler. then in the first city start stonehenge. after you have at least one unit for protection.

    in the 2nd city also build a worker once it hits pop 2.

    when first developing around the cities i try to have a few tiles will lots of food and a few with lots of production. that way you can grow the city fast until you reach your health or happiness limits and switch the pop. over to the production tiles.

    i'm also not a fan of chopping for a settler. i think its unnecessary and can hurt you in the long run
  5. ViDeInFr4

    ViDeInFr4 Chieftain

    Dec 12, 2005
    Yes I do play as Qin Shi Huang. Industrious and Financial is an awesome combination. I am currently trying new strategies with tech routes like one that takes a more war like path.

    (1st) Bronze Working(Chopping is a big part of this strat) -->

    (2nd) Iron Working

    (3rd) The Wheel

    (4th) Mystism --> (5th)Hinduism --> (6th)Priesthood --> (7th)Writing -->

    (8th)Code of Laws

    This is more for a military route. I usually always use the Oracle to get the alphabet because I can trade one of these costly techs for almost all the smaller needed techs. This helps quite a bit, but I am now considering what some of you say about not having a starting set up and being a bit more adaptable considering the beginning. (By the way this is my military type tech routes) This is usually my basis though it doesn't mean I always go with these techs at the beginning. It does somewhat matter what resources I have. At the moment I am just trying to work on becoming a better player. I am trying to take that hope from the Prince Difficulty Level to Monarch. So continue to put your input on what you think should change and thanks for the posts.

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