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  1. black213

    black213 Emperor

    Mar 12, 2010
    I liked the fact that in IV there were multiple leaders for most civs. This brought more replayability to the game.
    Unlike in IV, new leaders should in my opinion have a similar base playstyle. As an example, second leader for Mongolia should still be for warmongerers, but at the same time different. But this doesn't have to be the case for all civs. Germany could receive a leader with production bonuses/etc. Also, the leaders share same UUs and UBs but have different UAs.
    Julius Caesar of Rome: 10% less gold maintenance from buildings. +2 Gold in all cities.

    As you can see , Julius still promotes rapid expansion much like Augustus does.

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  2. CYZ

    CYZ Toileteer

    Sep 29, 2010
    Can only agree. Especially since the UA is such big part of any civ, and also adds much flavour and opens up new strategies.

    And I think there are plenty of options for good UA:
    Russia: +50% unhappiness from population, -50% happiness from cities
    Babylon: base culture, science and gold in capital increases by 10% for every non-capital city you found.
  3. ShahJahanII

    ShahJahanII Homesick Alien

    Jul 19, 2011
    Austin, Texas
    The 2nd one is ridiculously OP.
    Although I like the general idea of improving the capital by expanding, so playing wide helps you go tall as well.

    EDIT: Here are my suggestions for order in which these DLCs should be released:
    2)The Netherlands

    Anything after that?
    Remember to stay realistic, they really won't be making a Canada civ.
  4. Art Grin

    Art Grin Emperor

    Nov 13, 2008
    I believe the Celts would make an appearance at some point, as they were in every other Civ game. Maybe they'll add some slavic civ as well like Poland, Bulgaria or Yugoslavia. But apart from that I can't think of anything else, but they could of course add Civs like the Holy Roman Empire as the did in BtS. :lol:
  5. TImithius

    TImithius Chieftain

    Dec 16, 2009
    The Holy Roman Empire in BTS was an excuse not to add the Italians and Austrians in the Game. If you noticed some of the cities on their list were Florence, Vienna, Milan, and Prague - You couldn't even describe Holy Romans as a "civilization"
  6. ShahJahanII

    ShahJahanII Homesick Alien

    Jul 19, 2011
    Austin, Texas
    Added the Celts.
    And I would prefer the Austrians over the Holy Roman Empire.
    Which was neither Holy, nor Roman, nor an Empire, in my opinion they shouldn't be in when this Germany has a Pikeman replacement.
  7. Art Grin

    Art Grin Emperor

    Nov 13, 2008
    My point with the HRE was meant to show that Firaxis is capable of adding some weird civs nobody expected. I myself wouldn't want to have the HRE in game, I'd prefer Austria, Hungary or any other civ. Maybe they decide to add some dark ages civs like Visigoth, Vandals, Avars or Huns.
  8. Pyr1t3

    Pyr1t3 Chieftain

    Oct 31, 2011
    I've been thinking about a Swiss civ, but it could use a little work. Suggestions for balance are always welcome.

    Leader: (It's a little hard to find information on the Swiss founding fathers... but I've seen Guillaume-Henri Dufour used before.)

    Unus pro Omnibus: +10% food and -10% unhappiness in each town connected to the capital by a trade route (might be overpowered?); Golden Ages lengthened by 50% (a Persian clone).

    The modern nation of Switzerland had its origins in an alliance of the regional Alpine communities against the Habsburgs, in order to protect their independence, eventually forming the Old Swiss Confederacy. To this day, Swiss cantons enjoy a large degree of regional autonomy, each with its own constitution and government.

    Expansion into the mountains resulted in the opening of mountain passes, and inter-cantonal and international trade became a large part of the Swiss economy. Supported by a strong military presence and a policy of neutrality, Switzerland has enjoyed relative peace and prosperity even when most of the world was plunged into war.

    UU: Reisläufer / Swiss Mercenaries (Replaces Pikemen): No terrain movement penalty, Bonus damage against wounded units (50%).

    Swiss pikemen were among the best infantry of Medieval Europe, valued for their aggression, discipline and manoeuvrability. Swiss mercenaries were staples in many armies of the day and dominated the battlefield from the thirteenth to the fifteenth centuries, only losing their prominence with the advent of gunpowder.

    UB: Swiss Bank (Replaces Bank): +25% gold, and
    +2 gold, +2 happiness (yet another Persian clone)
    + 1 gold for every specialist in the city.

    Aided by Switzerland's policy of neutrality and a stable currency, Swiss banks have long been renowned for their secrecy and security. They handle up to a third of all international offshore banking, and the financial sector contributes to more than 10% of the Swiss GDP.
  9. chrissifniotis

    chrissifniotis GoogleCiv 2.0.0 coming...

    Mar 21, 2009
    Sydney, Australia
    Well! It's been a while seen any DLC has appeared for Civ5, so I began thinking about new civs. I hope Civ5 brings back the usual suspects; Celtica, the Dutch, Maya, Portugal, etc. - but in the meantime I've been trying my hand at dream civs for Civ5, hopefully they are better than my attempt at CiWorld Unique things.

    These civilzations and Unique Elements are based off Civilization III Conquest, Civilization IV and all it's expansions, and the Ancient Wonders DLC of Civilization V and are not off any Civilization V modules. Also the Unique Building serve as the second producable Unique Element for each civilization, these are subject to change or replaced with a different Unique Element altogether.
    Other civilizations suggested from the community will also be posted on the top post;

    Red text are elements that are still in consideration or still refining.

    Byzantium - Justinian I
    Imperium Romanum Oriens - Trade Routes produce +1 Culture.
    Unique Unit - Cataphract (Replacing the Knight)
    Unique Unit 2 - Pronoiar (Replacing the Knight)
    Unique Unit 3 - Akritoi (Replacing the Archer)
    Unique Building - Hippodrome (Replacing the Colosseum)

    Carthage - Hannibal
    Hispanic Riches - Mined Silver produce +2 Gold. Allied Militaristic City-States produce gifted units 50% quicker.
    Unique Unit - Numidian Cavalry (Replacing the Horseman)
    Unique Unit 2 - Balearic Slinger (Replacing the Archer)
    Unique Unit 3 - Libyan War Chariot (Replacing the Chariot Archer)
    Unique Building - Cothon (Replaces the Harbour)

    the Celts - Brennus
    Celtic Sport - Melee units gain a +25% STR bonus against other Melee units. Military units gain +10% STR bonus with an adjacent unit.
    Unique Unit - Gallic Warrior (Replacing the Swordsman)
    Unique Unit 2 - Woad Raider (Replacing the ...)
    Unique Unit 3 - Galatian Infantry (Replacing the Swordsmen)
    Unique Unit 4 - Gaesatae (Replacing the Spearman)
    Unique Building - Dun (Replacing the Walls)

    the Dutch - Willem van Oranje
    Truly Capitalist Country - Stock Exchanges produce +2 Gold and reduce Gold Maintenance by 25%.
    Unique Unit - East Indiaman (Replacing the Caravel)
    Unique Unit 2 - Fluyt (Replacing the ...)
    Unique Unit 3 - Ruyter (Replacing the Cavalry)

    Ethiopia - Zara Yaqob
    Axum Christianity - Temples and Monasteries produce +2 Culture.
    Unique Unit - Oromo (Replacing the Musketman)
    Unique Building - Stele (Replacing the Monument)

    the Hittites - Muwallis
    First to Iron - Mined Iron produce +1 Gold. Horse and Iron resources produce double quantity.
    Unique Unit - Heavy Chariot (Replaces the Chariot Archer)
    Unique Building - Lion’s Gate (Replacing the Walls)

    the Khmer - Suryavarman II
    Jewel of Asia - Monuments, Temples and Monasteries produce +1 Happiness. Wonders produce +2 Culture.
    Unique Unit - Ballista Elephant (Replaces the Chariot Archer)
    Unique Building - Baray (Replaces the Aqueduct)

    Mali - Mansa Musa
    Muslim Scholarship - Temples and Monasteries produce +2 Science.
    Unique Unit - Skirmisher (Replaces the Archer)
    Unique Unit 2 - Ton-Tigi (Replaces the Horseman)
    Unique Unit 3 - Kélé-Koun (Replacing the Spearman)

    the Maya - Pacal II
    Greeks of the Mesoamerica - Allied City-States produce 1/3 Science as normal.
    Unique Unit - Holkan (Replacing the Spearman)
    Unique Unit 2 - Plumed Archer (Replacing the Crossbowman)
    Unique Building - Ball Court (Replacing the Colosseum)

    Portugal - Joao II
    Age of Discovery - Scouts and Naval units gain +1 Line of Sight. Naval units gain +1 MOV.
    Unique Unit - Carrack (Replacing the Caravel)
    Unique Unit 2 - Cassador (Replacing the Musketman)
    Unique Unit 3 - Ribauldequin (Replacing the Cannon)

    the Sioux - Sitting Bull
    Friends of the Great Lakes - Pastured Horses produce +1 Gold. Horses produce double quantity.
    Unique Unit - Dog Soldier (Replacing the Swordsman)
    Unique Building - Totem (Replacing the Monument)

    Sumer - Gilgamesh
    Land of Two Rivers - Ignore terrain cost across Rivers.
    Unique Unit - Vulture (Replaceing the Swordsman)
    Unique Building - Ziggurat (Replacing the Courthouse)

    the Zulu - Shaka
    Military Revolution - Infantry units gain +25% STR defending against Ranged attacks and +25% STR against Melee units.
    Unique Unit - Impi (Replacing the Spearman)
    Unique Building - Ikhanda (Replacing the Barracks)

    All input and suggestions for other civilization are welcome. There are some trait I really like to see in action.
  10. Aspon

    Aspon Warlord

    Jul 22, 2011
    I want the alien birds that abducted me and talked to me since childhood in the game as a civ. I figure since they can fly an early flying unit as replacement for crossbowmen would work. also they have big noses and in there early period they nose butted enemys so nose butting bird could replace the swordmen or the warrior.

    its hard to come up with to many unique units or buildings as they skipped a few eras in there early history before they really reached the classical era there world was invaded from an extra terrestrial force they managed to acquire the enemy technology and win and thus jumped from the ancient era into the future era. obviously theyd have to progress like everyone else in civ 5 but they wouldn't have any unique rennisence units or industrial units.

    still it would be silly to have the flying unit replace the archer so makes more sense to replace the crossbowmen.

    I think 12 damage flying unit attack range of 6.
  11. Morningcalm

    Morningcalm Keeper of Records

    May 7, 2007
    Some of the trade route bonuses would be tough to implement because it's so easy to cut off trade routes...also some of the names would need to be changed, like "Greeks of the New World" which is not very....Mayan in sound at all.

    Maybe also think of some unit and building etc stats and such? Good ideas overall, if a bit too derivative of BtS bonuses.
  12. ForzaFiori

    ForzaFiori Chieftain

    Jun 17, 2011
    P-Town, SC
    Isn't there already a mint building in Civ 5? The Mali may need a new unique building. Probably an upgraded version of the mint.
  13. Camikaze

    Camikaze Administrator Administrator

    Dec 27, 2008
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  14. chrissifniotis

    chrissifniotis GoogleCiv 2.0.0 coming...

    Mar 21, 2009
    Sydney, Australia
    Thanks for you input.
    The trade routes are an idea that even I think is a bit shaky, but for the moment I'm sticking to them, even thought the Carthagian TR trait is more dispensable. The term 'Greeks of the New World' isn't very authentic in sound, but it does accurately depict the culture in history. Nevertheless I'll try to find a better one, the only other one I know is slightly more authentic in sound; the 'Greeks of Mesoamerica'. I have been doing some stats for the units and buildings, but since nothing is set I'd prefer to keep them until more details are firmed up. And yes, so far everything appart from the Unique Traits are derived from Civ4 and the Ancient Wonders DLC. It gives me a platform to work on for the time being, so I can change them if and when I find them.
  15. chrissifniotis

    chrissifniotis GoogleCiv 2.0.0 coming...

    Mar 21, 2009
    Sydney, Australia

    I've added new options for Unique Units, not a lot but a good start. The Celts, Dutch, Mayans and Portugal now have a selection of Uniques Units for the time being. Also, having a look at the earlier posts here, at some point I will add reasoning to all my ideas for unique elements.

    Still filtering through more histories and certain aspects of the civs.
  16. CivOasis

    CivOasis Ahuizotl

    Jun 22, 2011
    "Greeks of the New World"?
    IMO, that sounds more like Teotihuacan.

    Mind you, I think Teotihuacan would make an excellent civ.
    In fact....


    Jatz'om K'uh (Long-ruling, pwerful king)
    S'iyaj K'ak' (General of above king, puppeted many Mayan states)

    Mesoamerican Warlord (Extra production (or similar benefit) from puppeted cities
    Avenue of the Dead (Extra production from cultural buildings) (My personal favorite)
    Puppet Empire (Reduced diplomatic penalties from conquering CSs)

    Temple Complex (UI) (Culture and/or production from Jungle tiles) (Too close to Poly?)
    Avenue of the Dead (UI) (Acts as road, but with culture and/or production benefits)

    Atlatl (Ranged spearman replacement)

  17. chrissifniotis

    chrissifniotis GoogleCiv 2.0.0 coming...

    Mar 21, 2009
    Sydney, Australia
    Like I said I'll fix the name, but it seems entirely accurate to afix the title and trait elements to the Maya. I'll supply a full explaintion in the post, but esentially the Mayan civilization lived in a lifestyle similar to the Ancient Greece; in a microcosm of city-states seperate to each other, yet linked by a common tounge and religion - and every so often kingdoms rise to power over the land and command more than its own frontiers. The Mayans gain the scientific quality from their remarkable advances in the calendar, astronomy and being one of the first Mesoamerican civilizations to utilize the art of writting and language.
  18. CivOasis

    CivOasis Ahuizotl

    Jun 22, 2011
    Most of Mesoamerica fits that description, though. Even the Aztecs, honestly.
  19. Guandao

    Guandao Rajah of Minyue and Langkasuka

    Mar 30, 2011
    New York City
    two important factors must be considered with DLCs, the Civ must have a language and a capital. Let me go over the Civs discussed so far.
    Puebloan-capital Ohkay Owingeh, language: Tewa
    Apache: Capital: this is a tough one language: Mescalero-Chiricahua
    Assyria: capital: Assur language: Akkadian
    Austria: capital: Vienna language: German
    Byzantine: capital: Constantinople language: Latin or Greek
    Carthage: capital: Carthage language: Phoenician (what did they use in Civ4?)
    Celts: capital: Venta Icenorum language: I much prefer Welsh over Gaelic
    Cherokee: capital: Chota language: Cherokee
    Ethiopia: capital: Addis Ababa language: Amharic
    Finland: capital: Helsinki language: I love to hear Finnish
    Hittites: capital: Hattusa language: Hittite (might be hard to implement)
    Hun: capital: no idea language: nothing is known, this is why Huns are a bad civ idea
    Inuit: capital: Iqaluit language: Inuktitut
    Israel: capital: Jerusalem language: Hebrew
    Khazar: capital: Atil language: barely recorded replace with another Turkic language
    Kongo: capital: Mbanza-Kongo language: Bakongo
    Kushan: capital: Begram language: Sanskrit
    Majapahit: capital; Majapahit (Trowulan) language: Javanese
    Maya: capital: Palenque language: Chol Maya though they prolly use Yucatec
    Morocco: capital: Rabat language: Arabic
    Netherlands: capital; Amsterdam language: Dutch
    Olmec: capital: San Lorenzo language: a Mixe-Zoque language
    Phoenicia: capital: Tyre language: Phoenician
    Poland: capital: Warsaw language: Polish
    Portugal: capital: Lisbon language: Portuguese
    Romania: capital: Targoviste language: Romanian
    Sioux: capital: ??? language: Lakota
    Sumer: capital: Uruk language: Sumerian
    Sweden: capital: Stockholm language: Swedish
    Tibet: capital: Lhasa language: Tibetan
    Timurid: capital: Samarkand language: Persian
    Vietnam: capital: Hanoi language: Vietnamese
    Zulu: capital: Ulundi language: Zulu

    plus they need musical themes? I'm working on that
  20. The Kingmaker

    The Kingmaker Alexander

    Jan 18, 2004
    They also need leaders, which means that the poor Olmecs are out, unfortunately.

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