[CIV 5 Issues] - The complete list


Feb 9, 2010
This thread is aimed to gather all the complaints, issues, etc. the civilization community has got with Civ V in list.

I hope this may help the developers of this game to get some oversight over the many things this community is talking about.
This way they can just go through every point, check and fix it.

I collected the content from many different scattered threads throughout the forum, and has undergone quite some big reworking and polishing with the help of the community
Please contribute and post content that you feel is missing in this list.

I tried to keep this list as objective-focused as possible, although there may be some rather subjective parts left in. These are kept in because they are confirmed to be agreed on by the majority of the community.

I do this because I love civilization, and I want to help making it better.


Moderator Action: 31/10: Added some more updates. Hope you don't mind, poncratias. (old OP saved in post 565)

Spoiler :

Update 1.5:
small update
Update 1.4:
Added, edited and deleted many things, and sorted everything through for clearness.

Update 1.3:
This is a small update, I got rid of some stuff, cleared some stuff up, still a lot to do.
Still a lot of duplicates, still a lot of language issues.
Also I want to add the new things you posted here.
I'm short on time right now, i hope i find some time for it later.
Keep up the teamwork!

Update 1.2:
Thanks for the feedback.
Again, this list is by far not complete yet. Please contribute where you feel it is needed.
You can also tell me what you would write in a different way.
Update 1.1:
Sorted everything roughly into categories. Deleted some bad language.

Table of content:
Spoiler :
1. UI & Menu stuff
1.1 Menu & Game Options
1.2 Civilopedia & Game infos
1.3 Strategic view
1.4 Normal map view
1.5 City screen
1.6 Other overview screens
1.7 Messages & Notifications
1.8 Keyboard Settings & Shortcuts
1.9 Unit controls & Unit UI
1.10 General UI & Menu stuff
2. AI & Unit behaviour
3. Graphic & Artwork
4. Gameplay & Game mechanics
5. Multiplayer
6. Miscellaneous
7. left to discuss

1. UI & Menu stuff

1.1 Menu & Game Options

* The legal mumbo jumbo stuff at the beginning of every launch that I have to click “Continue” to before accessing the main menu. Signing it once should be enough.

* No automatic default savegame name when saving the game.

* Savegames are only sorted by name, not by date.

* Too few customizabilities.
You are not able to create a completely own civilization , with an own choosen name and traits.

* There should be an option to change the keyboard shortcuts.

* Add "No Unit Cycling" option

* Add a real time clock option.

* Add an option to disable unit animations

*Add an option to immeidately reenter diplomacy when a trade deal is up

*Add an option to turn on/off notices by type.

* Add an option for a right-click menu instead of making your units move that way

* Add an option to enable combat zooming.

* No button to view the civilopedia from the main menu.

* SAVE ADVANCED SETTINGS the way the user sets them.

1.2 Civilopedia & Game infos

*The Civilopedia is vague over features and bonuses that elements give.

*It has too much fluff content and not enough game information.How fast do railroads make my units? How much do Pacts of Secrecy/Cooperation help my standing with another leader?

* Civilopedia: brief descriptions and no links. Sometimes only text with no graphics or symbols.

*Seems whenever I do a search for legitimate terms in civilopedia (raze, razing, cooperation, secrecy, etc.) it doesn’t know what I’m talking about

*Ankgor Wat claims to reduce culture cost to buy tiles 'in every city' but actually effects just the building city.

*Rationalist Social Policy claims +2 science for each trading post, but only gives 1.

* Game info for the Factory is incomplete. All it states is its requirement of 1 Coal.

* the civilopedia just shows 1 specialist for many of the buildings when they in fact provide 2.

1.3 Strategic view

*Cities in the strategic view cease to show detailed info when zoomed out. Right now, I have to either zoom in a lot, then lose the overall picture, or zoom out enough to see what's going on, but lose track of what city's building what.
It shows the size of the city when it should show it's strength.

*strategic view: because the tile yeilds are much lower there is little to differentiate them, for instance only one type of hill (even desert hills are the same), floodpains and grassland the same, all forest tiles the same, food resources mostly very similar to farmed grassland, all luxury resources similar. There should be more variety. It feels like it makes little difference where I settle because all the land is the same

*In strategic view there are a few things that are unclear e.g impassable ice looks the same as coast tiles unless you mouse over it.

* Remember last active strategic overlay on saving game.

1.4 Normal map view

* Show which tiles are being worked in the normal map view would be nice.

*Until you actually fight in a Marsh, there is no way to find out that you get -33% combat strength there.

* The mouseover information above the map should display all information about a tile and units in it. The popup tooltip is slightly more useful, but there is little to no information given about the enemy units.

* You can only guess City HP based on HP bar and there is no way to see the exact numerical value anywhere.

* Reduce length of camera movement after end of map-scrolling inputs.
Zoom-To-Cursor is a very nice feature and a step in the right direction for the civ UI. However there is quite a considerable time the camera keeps moving when you release the mouse's scrollwheel. A similar thing happens with regular screen-edge scrolling too. It's ok for there to be a bit of movement after one stops the input but it's about 1.5 seconds in civ5. Compared with maybe 0.4 or so seconds in civ4 where it's basically a non-issue.

* The Zoomlevels could be longer in both directions

* No load bar that shows you what is going on.

* Draggable mini-map
Scroll the map by clicking and holding on locations in the mini-map.

* No information on what improvements can be built on a tile before you have a worker there.

1.5 City Screen

* There isn't a column for Great Person Points within the city overview screen to compare cities.

* Within the city overview screen the science column doesn't sort correctly.

* city overview screen: when clicking on columns to sort, it should be possible to sort out in ascending/descending order

* Hover-over info box (or whatever you call it) on buildings doesn't display any info on how many specialists it provides or what kind.

*Sometimes, when clicking on a city, you only get a limited build queue and have to go back to the city to look at it and add items to the queue

* Make the building queue available without having to check the box

* Allow drag & drop ordering of items in the queue

* Show full city screen when selecting "Choose Production"

* Make building queue longer

*Its slow to scroll down the list of units, buildings or wonders.

*Not being able to spend gold to finish the remainder of a production item.

* No city-screen resource details. Although you can see your excess resources in the diplomatic screen, yet some buildings require "local" resources, as opposed to "empire" resources. A simple screen in the city screen should show what type of resources the city can access locally and empirely.

*No tool tips tell you how many specialists a building gives you.

*The city screen is kind of cluttered, and building icons take up too much space. We like the look of it, but it should be smaller and more compact.

* Specialist control is cluttered with the giant stylized icons. It divides up your specialist slots into the buildings that grant them, but the buildings are placed in alphabetical order.
No group by specialist type, so if you're assigning a lot of specs of one type for any purpose, you'll have to scroll the list.

* The "citizen coin" is too cluttered. It's used both for specs and for assigning citizens to work tiles. The problem is that unless you zoom in a lot, these "citizen coins" are gigantic and obscure most of the view, so you can't even see much in your city screen. Also is the "buy tile" coin. As these icons are offset from the tile itself, so it can be difficult to take in in a quick glance. It would be better to highlight or circle the yields in the tile to show that it is being worked.

* Disable city screen map scrolling and allow user to exit screen by clicking map

* When choosing production in a city, exiting city screen should close the production-choice window as well.

*Not beeing able to destroy buildings (buildings can now be sold)

* Quirky production queue system. Shift-clicking and Ctrl-clicking should be implemented.

1.6 Other overview screens

*On the Military Overview (F3), click or doubleclicking a unit neither shows you where the unit is nor selects it.

*It's too complicated to find out what Food or culture a city state is giving you:
You have to open up diplomacy view - Select City State - On the popup, hover your mouse over the appreciation bar.

* No resource page in general. The resources are squeezed into the diplomatic screen. It would have made sense to have a separate screen outlining these details.
It's too difficult to know where your resources are coming from. Which are mine? Which imported?

*The military overview window displays incorrectly for units that have fractional movement points left

*Have the city states listed separately on a one-state-per-line list, with the list click-sortable by name, by category, by attitude, by who they're allied to, and by what their influence point status is.

* No Score List.
The diplomacy snapshot is rather obtrusive compared to the old, transparent score list, that also included your current agreements and allowed for quick diplomacy. I suppose the addition of city-states would make the list too long, but maybe a list with options what to be shown?

* Bring Back Graphs.
Graphs added an aspect of analysis and interest to Civ IV, and were purely optional--they were in a menu, so you didn't have to look at them; still, it was really interesting to see culture growth, espionage growth, etc.

*Diplomacy trade screen defaults to having all expandable trade areas unexpanded by default. So It takes two extra clicks to expand my, then my targets, luxury list if I want to trade luxuries.

* It's hard to tell which resources an other civ needs.

1.7 Messages & notifications

*No Messages about your Civ's status and growth, like reached population milestones, etc

* When open borders expires, I don't need to be told that both ends of the deal were cancelled. A single notice is enough.

*When you go to a new era, you will be told city states provide more to you now, without it telling you exactly how much more.

*If the AI comes to you for a deal, accepting the deal closes the AI panel and prevents any other deals being made (PieceOfMind suggests: this is probably because it's during the AI's turn - not yours)

* the back-transparent screen-overlay when scavenging a ruin or getting any note.
this pulls you out of the game for a little.

* No notification when your culture acquires a new tile.

*missing a pop up when entering a new era to remind us that new social policies are available.

* Enemy attack info is displayed too little time to read it all. You may have to go to the log too many times. White color isn't easy to read.

* No option to enable/disable notifications about puppet cities (f.e. population growth)

*The "Advanced Ballistics" quote text doesn't match the audio.

1.8 Keyboard Settings & Shortcuts

* The quick save hotkey (F11) is right next to the quick load hotkey (F12). You can load by accident and lose some turns. (Quickload appears to have been disabled altogether)

* There should be an option to change the keyboard shortcuts.

* Disable most keyboard shortcuts while civilopedia is open.
At the moment it's too easy to accidentally give an order to a unit.

* Canceling an active movement path placement by hitting ESC should be possible

*The R button is both the hotkey to build a road, and the hot key to toggle the display of resources on the map. Since there is a brief lag to unit movement (As there is NO quick move option) you can tell a unit to move, and then hit R, and instead of giving them the order to build a road, turn off the resource display.

1.9 Unit controls & Unit UI

*Unit Info Panel: HP bar is easy to miss, Promotions are small, aren't unique and require tooltips to see. No XP bar, Range not listed, too large and nonadjustable size.

* No info to see how much turns a unit needs to heal.

* No unit command menu when the movement points are used up.

* No way to find out about the AI's units' promotions.

* Provide detailed unit mouseovers

* Add shift clicking to set waypoints for units.

* Add being able to mouse over a worker and see how long he has left to build something (takes a few seconds)

*Add a "Wait" command for units (sleep, sentry already in civ)

*Add a command to awaken all units at once

*Add a command to upgrade all units.

*We want more worker automation options (improve nearest city, replace existing improvments, improve based on the governor of the city, etc)

* add a way to move units "en masse": select all unit you want to move together (shift-clicking?) and wherever your mouse point, you see the (transparents) units keeping the formation and adjusting to each tile (must take account of mountain and everything impassable: don't authorize the order or divert unit posing problem). Particulary necessary for overseas movement.

*When plotting a multimove turn starting on land and crossing water, the "number of turns" calculation does not take into account that the unit will move faster across the water. It still counts one move per tile on the water in the displayed number of turns to reach the destination.

* You should be able to tell combat Percentages with another unit before starting a war.

*No way to tell the range of a selected unit without actually pressing B (or S + B in the case of early siege units) or right-clicking the unit portrait to get the civilopedia.

*Units with many abilities and promotions hide them behind the unit portrait, making it impossible to see what they are.

1.10 General UI & menu stuff

* The Interface in general is too large and nonadjustbale.

*Sometimes you can't see all the combat modifiers due to UI overlapping

*When playing as India (or against them), the green territory boundaries are difficult to make out among the green mini map terrain. One of them should be a slightly darker shade to contrast more.

* Customize options are too hidden.
like renaming citys, advanced map setup f.e., for the most people they are really hard to find. A button instead of the small "edit" would be nice.

* Input boxes should have default focus. (fixed already?)
For example, when saving the game or renaming a city, the user shouldn't have to use the mouse to click the box before being able to enter something into it.

* Inability to change default XML files and save the game and reload it. You'll get a message saying: "Currently enabled mods are not compatible with this saved game"

* when building a wonder the city info gives 'Moscow is building a .....' it should be ''is building the...'.

2. AI & Unit behaviour

* On water maps, AI should be more willing to research naval techs and explore and settle other islands

*AI has problems at naval combat/getting across the water/founding cities on islands

*AI is has problems with combat, they will move ranged units right next to your melee/non ranged so you can an easy kill.

*AI settles early cities (or expands) too far away from their capital or even on the other side of the continent/landmass.

* Auto-exploring with any unit typically leads to them infringing on city states borders even when they don't have to.

*Worker Automation AI has problems (building roads to long long distance cities and obscure places,mass embarking, moving into enemy territory, trading post spam etc)

*workers don't flee the enemy and are easy to capture.

*Giving a unit a move order into a city automatically garrisons it.

*You cannot 'pass' a turn in a city. You either have to garrison or move.

*Units lose their queued orders when their path overlaps with other units. A very specific case of this is when you try to use the "route to" command with multiple workers. They stop every turn and request orders, which makes gameplay very tedious.

* Agressive Civs have no defense units when at war, as they send everyone to attack.

*Helicpoter gunships can use roads

*Units lose their queued orders when you click on them

*Barbarian Triremes never pillage, instead they just buzz around and are a nuisance

*Sometimes if you get gifted units from CS's, yet their units block your passage out of their territory. Over time if you lose alliance with them, you start accruing penalties for tresspassing

* you cannot click on a unit that has multi-turn orders and see where it is heading.

* Units will not take quickest path to a destination. Example: If I tell an archer to go to a location and taking the road will get them there in 2 turns, the unit forces its way across the hill (even if there are no units in the way).

*Feedback from the AI is insufficient. Sometimes the AI cancels a pact of cooperation fex when you ally to a city state but states that it's due to your warmongering.

*Very few options for interacting with the AI or affecting their opinion of you. Most AIs will trade luxury resources and do research agreements with just about anybody with little consequences (of the likes of 'traded with our enemies')

*Ai will buy any startegy resources as long as it has the gold, no matter if it needs it or not.

*Automated workers should be able to ignore manually constructed improvements

3. Graphics & Artwork

* Rivers are ugly, especially when they run into the ocean.
This is almost agreed by the whole community and definitly needs to be reworked.

*Ice sometimes just looks out of place and overlaps the terrain.

*No Tile Working Animation: Show what tiles are being worked from the main map.

4. Gameplay & Game mechanics

*Railroads don't need to be unbroken to give production bonus.

*If you connect a city to the capital with a railroad, the city gets a +50% production bonus, but the capital itself does not.

*There are nearly no tech requirements, you can easily skip certain techs like musketman/riflemen and go straight for infantry. Rifling should be a requirement for infantry. GDR should need robotics.

*Upgraded artillery -> rocket artillery still need to set up before bombarding

*Crossbowmen get upgraded to riflemen and their ranged promotions become useless

*Air strikes take forever since the unit physically flies from the destination, to the target and back, regardless of the distance and how much of it is on screen.

*Scale the happiness provided according to map size, so that the world can be sufficiently populated.

*The "Terra" map style will not provide different resources for different continents. This really takes the joy out of discovering the new world.

*Penalty for unhappy empire is too low.

* Map Replay: There is no map replay upon completing a game.

*The fact that roads do not allow certain units to pass each other adds a layer of micro-managing which takes away from game play.

*Moving multiple naval units at different speeds can be very frustrating.

* Multi-turn moves. In former Civ games, when a unit was order for multi-turn moves, it moved during your turn, generally after you had moved the currently active units and before you hit end turn. After all, they do move during your turn. Instead, Civ V asks you to end your turn before moving those units. Its nice to be able to tell where you might need to move units that still have MPs left AFTER the units you ordered last turn(s) have moved.

*Bonus resources feel pointless.
F.e. right now there's no reason to build a pasture on a cow, for example as it's almost always better to spam a farm.
A grassland-cow gives 3 food 1 production. A normal grassland with a farm eventually gives 4 food.

* be able to build up forests/jungle again. Its important for Iroquies and universities.(maybe a chance for forests to spread to surrounding tiles like in Civ IV?)

*Purchasing the same tile can cost differently for different cities that are close to each other.

* Egypt with their civ unique treat combined with marble and +33% wonder building policy constructs wanders faster then normal buildings(Pyramids 11 turns/Granary 15 you get the picture).

*No trade routes along a river

*Considering that each Great scientist provides a free tech, whenever you want it, there seems no real reason to build the scientist improvement to get a paltry 5 science. Especially since while it gives 5 science per turn, you lose the advantage of whatever other improvement you were going to build (2 food, 1 production, 2 gold, etc).

*A unit's multi-move path in terrain out of viewing range is sometimes plotted using information unavailable to the player like opposing civ unit locations or barbarian encampments.

*When u have the option of displaying yields when civilian units are selected, the great general displays it. Not very useful and very confusing when waging war.

*Slow production pace vs. fast tech pace: Buildings and units seem to build too long compared to benefit and compared to tech rates (I can often tech faster than the units I'm building).

*Several buildings seem too costly for their benefits. Granaries and Courthouses are frequently mentioned.

*a lot of the buildings are pretty much useless, some Wonders as well. As an example, you can put a lot of hammers in a building that makes you build military units a bit faster, but with so few military units in the game there's really no point.

* People are upset if you have population and build slowly. If you stop expanding, your people build slowly. If you starve your population to reduce it, your people build slowly. Kind of a built in lose/lose.

* if your people are unhappy, you can build a coliseum but building it takes very long.

* "raze" and "annex" both lead to "annex".

* 1UPT makes it hard to navigate at chokepoints.

* social policies should be more flexible, an empire should be able to change it's directions over the ages

*Great People are unbalanced. They usually have two options. One of which is extremely overpowered, and one which is extremely underpowered.

* Exploring troops who pop goody huts should not get the 'improved weapons' bonus if it takes them more than one tech level ahead.

* embarked units appear to exert a zone of control over land. The AI's pikemen on a boat can stop your land units from freely moving around on land

*many units don't need the resource they depend on like War Elephants don't need the ivory resource.

5. Multiplayer

*No dedicated servers

*no matchmaking

*constant lag issue

*framerate problems

*no online ladder and rankings

*no unit animation (no option)

*random crashes

*no way of reconnecting a game

*no way of joining a mid-game through invite.

* No Ability to easily play modded MP Games

* No Ability to easily save MP Games

*no abilty to add more then the defualt number of players in MP

*In multiplayer, when you have human and AI players human players seems to start next to one another every single time, forcing early confrontation, which is not always desired.

*when selecting a leader/civ in a multiplayer lobby, it does not show you their perks/unique units. This information is not on the tech tree / info sheet that came in the box either.

6. Miscellaneous

* No SP Scenario
SP consists only of "Play Now" and "Custom Game". It doesn't get any more plain than this.

7. left to discuss

*No option to enable Random Events

* No Wonder Movies an no Victory Movies:

* No End Game Cinematics

* Satellites do not reveal the map (added in 1.0.062 patch?)

* No map trading

*Deluxe edition saved games are not working since the latests update.

*runtime crash

*You cant from this stage look at your own diplomacy screens etc and work out any plus /minuses to the deal without doing a goodbye first

*Connect cities ability for workers

*To avoid unnecessary micro-managing, the research overflow should be kept while the tech will be finished next turn.

*For same reason, redundant :) should be accumulated during golden age instead of being wasted.

* AI needs to learn how to bomb and protect weaker units. It treats all units with the same stupidity.

* Either get more happiness buildings or don't let puppet cities count so much toward unhappiness. It has made me raze 85% of all the cities out there.

* In CIV V the capitol is way, way more important than in CIV IV, but it's being defended like in CIV IV. i.e. very suckily. Combine this with the razing and you're pushing people away from the Conq/Dom route, and that's a big no no.

*No Simultaneous Multithreading (now that almost all Intel Processor ship with HyperThreating and I believe AMD has something similar too why not use it? Especially since the recommend a quad core processor anyway)

*No variance in tile improvements (Why do you have a mine on flatlands? Why not use Bucket-wheel excavators?)

*No option to turn Tessellation off (That costs a lot of resources and from how I understand it only DX11 cards can really use it)

*Clouds/FoW just looks boring (at least ad some weather effects)

*Same as above just for ocean tiles


May 1, 2008
I think this should be made a sticky and updated regularly (new issues or new improvements with patch) by the poster and no-one else (you may delete my post :) )

It may indeed prove useful for the developers



Sep 16, 2010
It all seems a bit one sided to me. Many of the suggestions a lot of people don't want changing, or just don't agree with. A few are repeated as well.

for example

* intro movie plays every launch as it is actually the 'loading screen'. i.e it will dissappear (assuming you press escape) when the game has loaded.

*wanting in game tile animations for worked tiles, and then complaining that other areas are memory hogs and have poor frame-rate

*you can rename cities very easily, I prefer ti this way as opposed to a naming dialogue popping up each time.

*Units can be re-named as soon as the gain a level, again this seems reasonable.

*production takes forever (?) no it doesn't, i have cities whacking out wonders once every 10-12 turns.

*I don't want sliders back, it just simplifies the process... need more money adjust the slider.. more science adjust the slider, how is that more complex than actually having to build the correct improvments?

*I find city states far more useful as allies than conquering, very good to ally one that is on the opposite side of your opponent and then going to war, even more fun if that state is militaristic, and giving you units.

*Random events are a big no-no, as is religion in it's previous incarnation.

*in game clock? why should this be a priority? also can't you just look at your watch/phone/clock etc. or evn just use your computers clock?

So in summary i appreciate that it is a complete list, but it is by no means universally agreed on, and therefore should not be a sticky. It is one person's view on how the game should be, but not mine for one.


Jun 19, 2007
GREAT JOB ! Please make it sticky and keep going !

Although please

- divide them and sort by a nature / aspect of game - graphics / UI / Hardware / gameplay / AI / inbalances / artwork / .

- make a number punctuation as 1.1 / 1.a etc


Sep 21, 2010
* Despite all the simpletons' expostulating on the combat, it's horrible
Why thank you Mr. Burns.

I would suggest making this list just a little bit more objective. You don't need to copypaste the insults along with it.

TM Moot

Nov 11, 2005
Agree with alot of the general comments (map regen, save game name etc..) but imho its pointless to critique ciV just becasue it isn't cIV (i.e no civics, no cottages, no religion etc..)


Feb 15, 2009
In Civ V, you can mouse over another unit and see it's Strength, but you'll be unable to tell what it's HP is. Annoying.

For whatever reason I can see the HP of a unit when hovering. I don't know how I did it but sure is.


May 1, 2008
I Agree that to make this a sticky the OP should:
1) Sort issues by category
2) remove insults / bad language
3) submit controversial points to polls ? before posting them

Then sticky it !!!


Sep 22, 2010
Some posts to add:

* Map Replay: When the game is over, I always loved going into the map replay and seeing how my empire and others grew. Not any more :( That was a really helpful feature, as well as interesting because you could see what was going on in those 2000 years in that other continent.

* Wonder Movies, Victory Movies: Please bring them back. Sure, the domination movie in Civ IV wasn't great, but it was still something interesting to watch. Wonder movies were also really cool in Civ II and Civ IV, bring them back!

* Bring Back Graphs! Graphs added an aspect of analysis and interest to Civ IV, and were purely optional--they were in a menu, so you didn't have to look at them; still, it was really interesting to see culture growth, espionage growth, etc.


Feb 9, 2010
->Update: Thanks for the feedback.
I reordered the list, taken some stuff away that was duplicate or just pointless.
I try not to add points or leave them away by opinion, as this list should not be a bug list, but a list of opinions, to show what the people feel is needed to complete this great game.
Like one window into the brains of us all.

Again, this list is by far not complete yet. Please contribute where you feel it is needed.


Jun 26, 2003
Belfast, Ireland
Basic movement. I have one worker unit which is hogging a tile, which is the only passable tile to get to another city (big mountain to the left followed by water to the left of that) so no other workers can get by this worker until he's moved out of the way - either that or by the time they can embark they get munched by babarian ships. Replace this scenario with military units which are healing etc, have to move them to heal somewhere else so units can get by - so bloody annoying having to spend so much time just moving things for the sake of allowing things to move past them, it's fundamentally broke the game for me. I don't mind the idea of not stacking units as much but they should let 2 units of the same type share the same tile if it's not a city (even cap it at 2 at most!) - and they cant attack when sharing the same tile.

Production does take ages, I see a bit of land in the sea I want to build a city on, by the time I build the settler, the unit I want to protect it plus maybe a tireme to get rid of the barbarians (the tireme takes about 5 or 6 turns to finally kill 1 offending ship) you are talking maybe an hour's worth of gameplay. I have to dedicate a fricken hour to stick a settler on an island not far from my mainland.

In order to make the game playable, as in fast enough speed to keep my interest and not make me feel like tearing my hair out, I have to reduce city states to a minimum (I suspect the code treats them like individual empires which hogs time-turning time), I have to DISABLE barbarians, because having units plus ships as protection takes an eternity when trying to move anywhere out of your comfort zone, and I have to play in a smaller than huge map - which quickens time-turning time significantly for some reason.

I've got an intel quad core 2.5ghz processor with 4gb of ram and a very decent graphics card - so I'm not exactly on the lower end of the computer power spectrum either.

I was so looking forward to this game, I mean I've been googling Civ 5 for 2 years now trying to get some information. Unfortunately it feels as if a completely new development team with no access to the code of Civ 4 built this from scratch. Apart from that it is apparent it's a rush job, when they announced the game in April and were releasing it in September I did think that was a bit quick but I didn't care as I was eager to get my hands on it. I now really wish they would have took an extra year and did it properly.


Apr 30, 2010
Boston, MA
* No unit info screen to find out where your units are located.

At the top left where the science bar is shown you can switch it to a unit list. It tell is units are sleeping, or working, or healing. You can then scroll through and find a unit, click on the unit, and it will bring you to the unit.


Drill IV Defender
Retired Moderator
Jan 15, 2006


Oct 30, 2005
Didn't see this one --

It seems there is no option to hurry an in-progress build... Not sure if this was a bug/oversight or by design (and if it's by design, that's a pretty bad design... you're telling me I can buy an unstarted anything, but cannot hurry an in-progress anything?)

Assuming I haven't missed something, this is a real bad thing.

Given the enormous -- and I agree, wrong/needs reconfiguring/completely mucked up/maybe it's a hammer problem/whatever just fix it -- build times, the lack of a hurry option is a real problem.

Production times are such that you almost MUST start building things you want to build as soon as they become available - but - you cannot hurry placeholder builds. You can change production - and lost those hammers - but you're pretty much screwed when it comes to building the more advanced national wonders.... it's impossible to build universities in every city unless you're stuck on an island and never plan to advance beyond 5 cities, I guess.

It's completely upside down --- the things you WANT to build in your cities, you're best off not even starting -- just hoard gold and buy them. The build queue is basically just a placeholder for things you don't really care about building.

I've honestly started experimenting with just rushing currency, focusing on hoarding $$$$ and solely purchasing buildings instead of building them.... and to be quite honest, it's working better. At least now, I'm finally able to afford a granary, library AND a barracks in my capital before the industrial age.

It's that bad.


Jul 3, 2009
Lake Constance
I generally love Civ 5.

However, one thing really ruined a game of mine. Washington somehow got a Rifleman around 1200 BC (i suspect the ruins / weapon upgrades) and just started to annihilate absolutely everyone with this unkillable monster. :crazyeye:

23 Strength, goodbye cities or whatever.


Feb 9, 2010
Thx for the input, i try to add all your points as possible, but please keep them seperate, short and "brought to the point" so i can blend them into the list easily!

btw.: would be nice if you'd rate this thread if you like it! ;)


Apr 30, 2010
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* Basic movement. I have one worker unit which is hogging a tile, which is the only passable tile to get to another city (big mountain to the left followed by water to the left of that) so no other workers can get by this worker until he's moved out of the way - either that or by the time they can embark they get munched by babarian ships. Replace this scenario with military units which are healing etc, have to move them to heal somewhere else so units can get by - so bloody annoying having to spend so much time just moving things for the sake of allowing things to move past them, it's fundamentally broke the game for me. I don't mind the idea of not stacking units as much but they should let 2 units of the same type share the same tile if it's not a city (even cap it at 2 at most!) - and they cant attack when sharing the same tile.

You do know units can pass through other units as long as the tile on the other side is free, right? Also the whole point of a choke point is to limit movement, and yes it can get annoying, but what can I say, its a choke point! Also in you scenario a warrior/worker can share a tile, another unit can still pass through. It takes some managing, but it really isnt that big a deal, plus a worker takes a few turns to build a road/improvement then hes gone.

* At least in my case, "raze" and "annex" mean the same thing and both lead to "annex".

Im not sure what you mean, but I think you mean how when you raze a city it becomes yours for the time it takes to raze. Not a flaw at all! Your happiness may go down, but only for the time it takes to raze the city. Take this time to move the units into the cities borders and heal at a faster rate. Usually the city is gone by the time they are healed, and any units that dont need healing can be placed for the next battle.

* Oh...if your people are unhappy, as they always seem to be if there is more than one of them, you can build a coliseum in a mere 100 turns.

* Production takes forever
I think this is just you not knowing the game yet. My first game I had some happiness problems too. You can trade your resources with other players, limit your growth so you stay under your limit or at it. Make friends with City States for their resources. If it takes your 100 turns to build a coliseum you either expanded too much(also explains the happiness problems your having) or your building it in an underdeveloped or hammer lacking city. Maybe your playing marathon or epic, this just makes the previous reasons seem 10x worse.

* No cheering when you upgrade your unit.

Seriously? No cheering? You promoted a unit, big deal, get over it.

* People are upset if you have population and build slowly. If you stop expanding, your people build slowly. If you starve your population to reduce it, your people build slowly. Kind of a built in lose/lose.

What people? Us? or your pop? Either way cities can, and do, pop buildings out fairly quickly(for the game speed as a whole) If you develop them right, found your cities in good spots, etc. Not every city in this game will be a production city. Heres a tip, seriously, Found some cities near hills etc, with a few tiles for growth. Use these for building wonders, or units. Depending on what you plan on building there(units wonders etc) only build buildings that help that goal(baracks armory etc). Cities placed with little production, but high growth, turn these into GP farms, or gold centers. You wont be able to build things fast here, so only build what you need. So if theirs gold nearby build a market etc, grow the city(not too fast, you dont want to get unhappy now) and place some trading posts. When you have some maritime CS giving you food you can turn some farms into more trading posts. Dont build useless structures that you dont need, just focus on gold enhancing buildings. If you have free time with nothing to build, then build something that will enhance your science, or maybe happiness. Remember maintainance, so dont build useless stuff(like a baracks or something) if the city isnt used for that purpose. GP farms are similair, except build buildings with slots for GP. Try having each city focus on a certain kind of GP, or two. These are also good places for gold, especially when you have maritime CS giving you food.

The Strategic Map forces you to look at the units, improvements, and resources. In Civ4 you could pick and choose which effects you wanted to see; not just some

I dont know what your doing, but the strategic map lets you change all sorts of things. There over ten options. You can look at the map with nothing on it if you want. Your can turn off improvements, units and resources. This is just flat out wrong.

*No Hamlets
Hamlets was an important tile improvement in CIV IV as the primary commerce provider. But its greatest strength is that over time it evolves into a cottage, a village and ultimately a town, encouraging players to build them early to reap the benefits.
In CIV 5 hamlet is replaced by "trading post" which has a MUCH uglier model and does not evolve.

Talk to Lemmy, he'll set you straight.


Jul 18, 2008
This may be more of a taste thing but I really don't like ciV's music. I haven't played much but for my first 2 games I can just remember two tracks out of about five that sound as if they're just 10 seconds of music being looped over for a few minutes. At least the music during diplomacy is decent, if you search for "civilization V soundtrack" in youtube you'll only get diplomacy music pieces and not the regular music.
This has been mentioned as well but I just want to mention it again, that it's very annoying how there isn't any era-specific music. The music in CIV just fits so well to each era.

The sounds of the leaders when they talk with you is also quite bad, they only have like 3 lines for each sort of dialog, so whenever Suleiman offers me something I hear a line that I've already heard at least 10 times already. I'm only in my second game and whenever Gandhi wants something from me I get really annoyed. I mentioned Gandhi and Suleiman specifically because I hate their speeches the most, here's one of Gandhi's lines, it annoys me so much:

I don't know if it's because I can't understand most of them, or because if it's the same things over and over again, but the combination of both is probably the thing that annoys me the most about ciV.
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