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Civ 6: Canada Civilization (Rise and Fall & Vanilla) 2.5

Adds Canada in the game under the rule of Lester B. Pearson.

  1. CutesyGoddess

    CutesyGoddess Chieftain

    Apr 14, 2018
    I don't really know who you are and what are you talking about. I am kindly asking you to stop writing spam message on my profile and replying to my topic. Next time, I will just report you instead of replying. Leave.
  2. RKheliplex

    RKheliplex Chieftain

    Jan 8, 2017
    I've spoken to an admin at the site. CutesyGoddess is claiming that a friend asked her to make this mod, and she is also claiming she had no idea that I made a mod with the exact same leader, UU, building, similar leader traits, etc. a year+ prior.

    So giving her the benefit of the doubt, I'm willing to stretch a bit and believe that this was an honest mistake.

    But I should point out that I'm no less frustrated (even by her response above - "leave"). Modders should practice due diligence. If you're going to make a mod for a faction, why not check to see if it's been made already? Both of our mods are uploaded to this site. Both are uncannily similar.

    So CutesyGoddess, I don't mean you any ill will. But the onus is on you to explain how this happened. And the onus is now on me to modernize my mod to fit with everything else that's happened since my release.
  3. Rob (R8XFT)

    Rob (R8XFT) Ancient Briton Super Moderator

    Aug 11, 2002
    Leeds (UK)
    Moderator Action: Having looked into this, whilst the choice for the civilization leader, unique unit and unique building are the same, these were chosen by someone who requested the mod from CutesyGoddess. There doesn't seem to be any code that's been copied and there is original art for the leaderhead.

    There's always going to be crossover with mods and once one person has done a specific combination it doesn't mean that no-one else can ever do it again.

    CutesyGoddess might have saved herself some time had she looked to see if anyone had done Canada before - but the requester may have wanted Canada with these uniques to be done in her style.

    That said, I am sympathetic towards Rhelipex and can understand it being frustrating. I'm sure that a quick check to see what had been done before and a "hope you don't mind, but..." message sent would have been appreciated.

    In conclusion, I'm drawing an end to this conversation and don't wish to see any public posts about it here - nor comments about this post, which would be PDMA, of course.

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