[GS] Civ 6 Meteorology/Disaster/Weather Prediction Idea


Oct 19, 2020
I posted this originally on r/Civ, and got alot of positive feedback, with other ideas.

Given that civ 6 has a wide range of meteorological events, from hurricanes, to blizzards, to tornadoes, and floods, with their varying strengths, couldn't it be possible to add some elements to the satellites technology, that adds the ability so potentially predict the path and or the strength of these weather related disasters from occurring?

I'm thinking,

  • Once the satellite tech is researched, you gain 2 or 3 additional overlays like a radar view, cloud view, and wind velocity view and the addition of a new buildable building to the Government Center, called Like the Storm Prediction Agency, Weather Warning Center, or the Disaster Prediction Bureau.

  • Once its fully built, it gives something like the advisor system you have when you're first starting the game, to the newly added overlays. They'll make all disaster predictions for you and give information about predicted weather related disasters

  • You can view the advisor system on the radar, clouds, and wind velocity overlays, where they add marked prediction areas, and storm tracks of potential weather systems. Such as where cat 4 or 5 hurricanes are going to form, when and where they're expected to impact, like the National Hurricane Center does within the next 3-5 turns.

  • As well as watched areas on land where tornado systems, tornado outbreaks, floods, blizzards, and or sandstorms are predicted to occur on land within the next 3-5 turns.

  • If you view the overlays while a disaster is in progress, you can view the disasters radar signature, clouds, and its wind velocity, As well as an added storm track showing its actual movement over its 3 turns of activity. There's also shaded warning cones over areas like the National Weather Service uses to indicate tornado warnings, severe thunderstorm warnings, flash flood warnings, hurricane warnings, blizzard warnings and dust storm warnings.

  • Using the predictions, the advisor system also gives pop up notifications to indicate a predicted disaster, and gives options to lower the overall impact, such as temporary population evacuation from cities, reinforcement of buildings in the areas/cities to be impacted, and the option to automatically call for a world congress vote for disaster relief if its impact are extremely high.

  • With these options to lower the overall impact, comes at a cost of some gold, reduction of city growth per turn and of production per turn in that particular city, and the loss of 1-2 amenities if a depending if large amount of citizens are moved. However once everyone returns to the city after the storm passes, it goes back to where it was prior.

  • You also have the potential to not have sufficient gold to initiate these disaster preparation options if the costs are too high, and you also have the ability to save gold and flat out ignore the suggestions, at a gamble that the impact of the area is not as high as predicted. However, this is a double bladed sword and could result in an underestimation of the storms strength, leading to much much worse population, and building impacts.

  • Other redditors suggested supplemental ideas like: "I love this idea and feel like adding a building in the second diplomatic district (can't remember the name) would be the perfect spot for a building that could house these functions and maybe a tile improvement could improve predictions like a sea buoy or a research station in a desert or snowy area these tile improvements are immune to all but high disaster events and would be unlocked between synthetic materials satellites and maybe plastics. Of course these improvements would all need the hurricane center to be built to function but if researched ahead of time they also provide science boosts" and " Never thought about it, but yeah, despite there being major weather events, no forecasting is available. Great idea and well thought out.
    An idea came to my mind, there could also be earthquakes that occur at continent border areas, and a seismographic monitoring infrastructure to warn about earthquakes and volcanic eruptions"
This should make climate change a much more significant factor in the late game, with the intensity of storms increasing with the climate phases and technological progress being made late game, should be a very appropriate addition to the way the climate works in the game.
Apr 3, 2020
This is brilliant. A way to help mitigate effects is what the disaster system needs.
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