Civ 6 on Switch - 1st impressions


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Sep 7, 2010
Hi fellow civvers. Longtime player here, since Civ 1. For me, Civ 6 is my favorite version and also played Civ IV a lot. Always on PC. Recently I had the itch to play some Nintendo titles which I hadn't touched since my kids were young.

And so I bought a Switch earlier this year. And since I did, I just couldn't resist last week's sale for the Civ 6 Anthology ($27.99 US). As an aside, Zelda Breath of the Wild is / was really fun!

I am impressed. I can already see that I can happily play Civ VI while away from my PC. It seems to be the real deal with all expansions and gameplay modes as the PC. I am sure turn times may not be as fast in late game, but I am ok with that. Happy times!
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