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Discussion in 'Civ - Ideas & Suggestions' started by Sir Albert Einstein, Nov 1, 2018.

  1. Sir Albert Einstein

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    Feb 15, 2018
    There are a few things that I think would help make playing easier and more fun.

    1. Highlight available ruins and shipricks when selecting your archaeologist (just like the way great people and their associated structures works)

    2. Make figuring out where you can build National Parks easier...I still find it to be a bit hard to determine which plots are owned by which cities and what criteria is necessary to found a park.

    3. Provide some sort of screen that simplifies the decision about where to put a governor to optimize their impact--i.e. for Reyna some screen that shows which of your cities have the most art/artifacts or which has the most trade routes running through it.

    4. In the mid to late game, I still think some basic terraforming capabilities as simple as canals to connect lakes to oceans or oceans to oceans and mountain passes that enable roads to pass through mountain ranges would be a great gameplay improvement.

    5. I agree with other observations made here that many resources should be able to be depleted over time--forcing civilizations to search for new sources that may only become visible later after new technologies develop (i.e. far offshore oil reserves only become available after advanced structural engineering technology is researched

    6. I also like the idea of another facet of the economic game that could be added... introduce the concept of a guild/company/corporation that is founded in your civilization that is semi-autonomous, but you get the benefits of a trade-centered business, a technology-center business, a culture-centered business etc. that would provide additional benefits and possible consequences, depending on the organization's success. It could also provide unique access to luxuries, money, amenities, etc. Who "founds" Apple vs the East India Company and their possibly limited-duration contribution to the game (until they are possibly put out of business or seduced to move to another civilization.

    7. I really think more could be done to enhance the religion system--i.e. offering apostles a promotion tree for experience winning battles with other disciple units, being able to win more prophets throughout the game that offer new and additional benefits (like a tier above apostle), and possible religious unrest due to changes in the dominant religion, etc. or actions of nearby religions founded by other civilizations.

    Everybody's got ideas...but many of these are probably simpler to implement than others.

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  2. Sostratus

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    The first is low hanging fruit. Especially once you have 15-20 cities, figuring out "where was ruin near that desert again?" and scrolling all around is a chore.
    National Parks are interesting because they are only allow to be made in vertical diamonds instead of horizontal ones. I mean, it would take the time to do an extra scan, but surely having the game search for horizontal diamonds would be okay given how many natural wonders spawn that way? And it would really enhance national park value as a mechanic.

    While slightly more complex computationally, I would really appreciate if a few policy cards could just tell you the base value they are bringing in. Example: does Town Charters (+100% adjacency) or Free market (+building output) give me more gold? Which should I slot? A little (+23 <gold icon>) under cards like that would be super handy. Same for the cards that decrease unit maintenance, give you gold for each envoy, military research (science from select tier 3 buildings), raj, and a couple dark age cards. I understand it might take some of the role playing out of the game if you're just focused on numbers all the time, from a dev perspective.

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