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Mar 6, 2014
Civ needs to be played more against/with humans rather then AI. Everybody complains against AI on battles, diplomacy, etc wanting a more sophisticated code, maybe firaxis to invent skynet but its simply very hard to do it. A focus on online mode and playing with other people on a regular basis is the way forward. Imagine trading, alliances, diplomacy, wars on a 16 player map and all humans, its a totally different feeling. How to do it?

My idea is for a server where people around the world who owns the game can connect easylie and looking for a host. There would be hundreds of hosts to join with different game setups for up to 16 players or more( though system requierements could be done by the server on players who want to join huge games).

In the list, every host will offer a schedule of hours per day around a central hour. For example from 21 to 23 london hour per day, maybe calendar option. You will choose whatever schedule fits you best, and the game will stop and resume next day. If you are late then the AI will take your place untill you enter the game. On a predetermined time, of missing to much then you would be kicked out for good. There would be posibilities for players to join middle games and replace the AI who replaced the quitter and be rewarded for doing such. Ranks, achievements, wins, penalties would be very developed as well. The hoster will know you by reading your profile and thus accept you in his game. Leaving games will be noted in your history box.

All moves will happen simultaneously on a time-counter starting with 1 minute and growing in later eras or reaching certain techs. Every player could have or obtain extra time during the game and activate it when you feel you need more time, especially in wars. The entire clock would be customizable by the host when he creates the game.

This idea would offer the platform for friends or just strangers to play the game on a regular basis between themselves and its easy to implement.

The chat box could be an option of always on or take a more realistic aproach. At realistic, in the begining of the game nobody can talk to nobody, you can talk with someone only after you made contact, establish embassy and only then be able to just sent a message. You will sent diplomats to deliver messages and make deals( not talk live in a chat box). Only untill later in computers era you will be able to talk in a chat box.



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May 14, 2016
Babylon 5
I play single player only, and it's my general impression that this is how most players approach Civ, with the multiplayer community being relatively small (unlike most RTS games). The day Civ prioritizes multiplayer over single-player will be the day it loses me. (Multiplayer should obviously be properly implemented for those who enjoy it, but the devs should focus on balancing the game for single player.)
Jul 3, 2021
I also exclusively play single player and would probably jump ship if full resources shifted over to multiplayer. Even so, I'm surprised to see multiplayer Civ VI has continued in some form through present. I also have enjoyed watching multiplayer to inform strategy, as even here, strategizing seems to have been in decline for some time. Certainly wouldn't mind proper support for multiplayer.


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Aug 8, 2003
I occasionnally play multiplayer, but the experience is quite rude and have a long learning curve. You learn a lot by playing multiplayer, eventhough that's unsure if it helps in single player. Well it helps : when fighting against Scythia, I said myself "this civ is pretty powerfull" and happen to take it in multiplayer too (when not banned), and incidentally it's with Scythia that I won my only Deity game.

It's hard to balance though, and frustration can be quite big. (opposed to developping the game for single player too)

But there's certainly more room for multiplayer improvements. On top of my head ? The ability to make a friend list easily inside the game, not the platform. (I don't even know how to make friends in EGS)
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