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Civ 7 - Options Panel for what the camera looks at during AI turn processing


Nov 1, 2019
I am not sure what all could be good customization options for what is shown during AI turn processing, but for the sake of video recording and even for the sake of players that want to customize and witness particular kinds of activities, it could be a useful option panel.

For some examples, if you want to show all the AI units moves that are not hidden by the fog of war, the game will queue them all up and animate them one at a time for better story telling while video recording. Alternatively, you might only want to show more important moves like AI combat and AI pillaging, but not less important moves like AI units that are just repositioning. Perhaps, you could choose seeing AI boats during any kind of activity but AI land units only during combat.

Perhaps there could be 3 animation speeds in Civ 7. The new additional speed would be at a mid point in-between the 2 speeds in Civ 6.
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