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    I decide to make a map and run an all AI game and see what happens. I don't know why, but I just had to
    stick with it to see who would win and how. Here is a bit of the events for anyone curious. It is not over yet BTW.
    It is a std pan map, except I had to make player1 not really playable. So 7 civs with a missing start location.

    Moderators feel free to move or do whatever you think is required.

    Edit 2:
    Post #31 Starts a second run on Sid. Wanted to see, if it caused the AI to get into wars sooner.
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    Feb 9, 2004
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    I did not select the level of play. It was whatever was last used. Anyway, I am seeing many unescorted
    settlers. Lucky for them, I have no barbs on this scenario.
    No work on leveling the map for resources or lux. Not sure, if that would be a good idea or not. It would be
    a ton of work.

    Forgot to select aggression.
    Maybe take a preplaced scenario and tweak it in order to get to combat quickly. That could be work as well.
    May want to change volcanoes to just mountains as they handicap the civ that has them, using worker turns
    to clean up or repair things.

    F3 shows all units for each civ.
    I brought up CAII and found the game is on DG.
    This is a 100x100 std 8 civs (well 7 actually playing).

    England 9 towns. ToA 174 turns and Pyramids 34 turns under construction.
    Inca 12 towns. ToA 59t Pyramid 26t 1 temple.
    Carthage 11 towns. Pyramids 39t. 5 settlers, 2 worker and 3 Nums building.
    Portugal 10 towns. They are filling the gap left by player1, slowly. 2 settlers 2 workers 2 wonders.
    China 8 towns. 4 settlers 2 workers Pyramids 7 turns.
    America 8 towns. 1 town in Egyptian lands. 3 wonders.
    Egypt 9 towns. 3 wonders.

    Nearly all land filled, only marginal locations left. Should see wars soon. Carthage in great shape as the Nums are hard to kill with warriors and archers. Hard to kill with swords and those are not on the map yet.
    1050BC Inca sends out a galley. Settler combo's running all over the place.
    950BC ToA built in Thebes. Cascade gets Oracle in London. Hanging Gardens in Cuzco.
    I hit F7 and see that Colossus was built in Machu Picchu in 1425BC.
    Pyramids in Beijing 1250BC.
    I did not check the map for islands as in the mini map it looked like one landmass. Turns out there is a
    2 tile island and England and Inca have dropped a settler on it. Sad movies for one of them.
    850BC Statue of Zeus in Lisbon.
    800BC Great Lighthouse in Machu Picchu.
    Saw a warrior attack a Num in Rusicade, it failed. An archer is coming next turn and a warrior
    behind it. All regulars. I saw at least one sword enroute. This is a border town.
    Inca has 14 towns as they got the island. The English settler seems to have been disbanded as
    only the warrior is on the island of that combo.
    775BC Inca lost 4 fights, England and Carthage killing units.
    MoM completes in Emerita (Henry).
    730BC Inca lost their battles vs both Carthage and England. Carthage is almost the same size as Inca,
    but England has only 8 towns. So it is 14, 13 and 8. I felt Carthage had the best land to start the game.

    America was in the worse position as it was on the tip and had quite a few mountains. They did manage to steal
    land from Egypt, but it is not contiguous to the start. This addition is swamp and hills.
    Egypt has a large tract is pretty good, with some mountains and some swamp.
    Henry is doing well as he got a big chunk of the vacated player1 land and now has 15 towns.
    China 12 towns, good land, once they chop the jungle.
    England 8 towns and in a corner facing the Inca's. Some tundra,the only tundra on the map.

    So far they win on defense and not so great on offense. One warrior killed 3 Incan units, but it
    took 3 English units to kill one spear in town.
    Only the Incan's have shown swords and all of them died attacking.
    690BC England lost two settler pairs. Good ole AI, sending settlers into an area that you are at
    war with, nice.

    670BC Incan taking more losses, than wins. Carthage has swords now. The AI still not using barracks.
    Still sending units out in ones, not even grouping with a unit next to them at times.
    590BC England has no iron, so they are starting to do poorly.
    Egypt has iron, but I cannot find any swords. Possibly they have not researched Iron Working.
    USA has swords.
    Henry has iron, but no swords. Could be the three are research laggards and USA is not trading it.

    At DG it should not be hard to get to Iron Working. The three on the east end are not fighting, so far.
    The three in the west are fighting, while china in the middle is not fighting either. China does
    have iron, but no swords.
    It could also be that, they cannot upgraded as they do not have barracks in any of the civs.

    570BC Great Wall in Leptis Minor.
    Vitcos captured by Carthage.
    Nottingham captured by Inca.
    530BC England is using horsemen now. Better than warriors. Still England is taking a beating.
    490BC Carthage has MDI. Still no upgrades anywhere, no rax and probably little money.
    Inca had more units than anyone, but Carthage has better units. Nums are better than spears, MDI are
    better than swords.

    430BC England are in trouble. They are last in score and Inca is first. England is losing most fights and lacks
    iron. The most important early resource. Swords are the backbone of the early game.
    410BC Carthage is building a rax, shocking. They also are building Sun Tzu. F7 does not show ongoing
    wonder builds, only finished ones. A glance did not show anyone else on Sun Tzu. USA and Henry are now making
    barracks. Not Inca or England. That extra HP is big in this age.

    390BC London spears lost 3 of 4 battles.
    370BC London lost all three fights, spear, horse and archer and the city is captured. Someone please turn out the lights. Inca has a lot of troops. England has 6 towns now. Inca 16. Going to be too strong for Carthage, with
    all the towns from Elizabeth.

    310BC Henry is on the Great Lib and Sun Tzu, but Hannibal has the edge.
    I see some Chinese units moving. Looks like they are off to see Henry, but could go to visit US. Henry is
    building pikes, so not the best place to attack.

    Inca starts a rax in Nasca.
    290BC Mao has 5 units in Henry's land, don't know if they are at war now or not.
    Inca has 23 units closing on York and more coming. Yeah, that aught to get the job done.
    Not seen Hannibal fighting, so probably at peace with Inca. Better be building up and teching hard.

    270BC Mao went for Henry. Pike handled it. Henry also has the Statue of Zeus, so AC's. Hell on ancient units.
    MDI, Pikes, AC and 14 towns. Not the target I would pick. USA has 4 towns that are cutoff from the core.
    A better target, but probably not easy for giving what Mao is sending out currently.
    250BC China turned away from the pike, but AC are running them down.
    York fell, doom for the Queen.

    230BC Henry had 4 mdi run over units and killed 3 others, so 7 lost for Mao, not good. 14 towns vs 12
    and better units. Yeah, lets attack that nation.
    190BC units traded Mao and Henry. China now has Pikes and MDI. Not much in England, may be at peace.
    170BC They are at peace as no troops moved, only workers. Inca has workers on the borders.

    China should have waited for Riders.
    130BC Xinjian is the target of Henry, but it is a bad choice. On a hill with a river in front of it.
    Henry has lost a lot of units, only the AC are getting kills. 13 units are still at or near the town,
    so it will fall.

    I see Hannibal is building the Leo's, so they are working the bottom techs and will have Gunpowder soon.
    110BC Henry gets Xinjian, only puts two near dead units in it. Best put some in next turn.
    90BC Did not add to the town, sent the unit elsewhere.

    30BC Henry is losing more often than not, but is winning the war. He razed a town, did not see the name.
    It is not wise to raze, unless you cannot hold or have a settler nearby as someone will fill that hole. It could have been an autoraze.

    Sun TZU is 2 turns. Will have to see, if anyone can swap and get the GL. I think only Cuzco could.
    I don't know, if they have knowledge to be able to swap to Leo. If they do not swap to one of them, they
    will get none of them. Hannibal is 12 turns to GL and none one is on Leo. Could be a shut out.
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    10AD Theveste finishes Sun Tzu.
    30AD Canton is captured. Cuzco did switch to GL in 1 turn. Now when that finishes, will Hannibal
    swap Utica to Leo and Leptis to some other build? The swapping is too strong, one of the few
    things I like in civ4 is you cannot swap. I knew they could switch, when no other town was
    making that wonder. I did not know they were clever enough to swap town A off the wonder and then town
    B to that wonder. They do not go through the human UI, so they can probably do many things.

    50AD GL finished in Cuzco. It starts on Knights Templar, so they have knights.
    Yes Utica swapped to Leo.
    not so sure I would put shields into GL or Leo, if I had a larger civ next to me that is not currently at war and has been to war with me.

    AI on DG already into Middle Ages, won't really need GL that badly. Leo is not awful, but upgrades are very cheap and nearly free for the AI. Those shields are better spend on troops, you are going to need them soon.
    END editorial

    70AD I see Inca and Cleo sending settler combos out. Likely going for the area opened up by Henry. Carthage is sending settlers.
    90AD Mao is getting smashed. He lost as lot of units and Tsingtao was captured. Now he has three towns cutoff from the empire. Down to 8 towns and Henry is up to 17 or 18 hard to count.
    No settlers building for Henry. You must keep a couple while at war.
    Love the AI, building a cathedral in a size 3 that is not growing.

    Utica size 8 and barely growing, not getting it to grow or working on any improvements.
    Could lose the head start on Leo.
    Carthage is size 5, sitting on green tiles mostly and a mountain. Building KT, that it will not get.
    Could have had the town to size 12 and be cruising to get KT.
    Hannibal is not building a single knight. He has iron and horses.

    Carthage had a temple, cathedral, colosseum, but no market. Someone fire the manager plz.
    All Num builds should be switch to Knights or at least most of them. Knights have the same defense.
    4x the attack and can retreat for only 2x. Will upgrade to cavs, the games killer.

    110AD Henry found a settler somewhere and is heading to grab the spot, should be first.
    Nanking was captured, so only two are cutoff now.
    130AD I saw a knight going up for Henry.
    AC kill only defender in Tatung and then there was one cutoff town.

    Henry better pick the right spot to plant or he invites another town to be placed nearby. I suspect
    he will go for the old location, wrong place. Could drop on a jungle, insta clear and make planting
    a town near harder. AI can squeeze, but it invites war.

    Yeah 5 towns on knights, would swap a few of the MDI to knights and few to pikes. MDI not so great from now on.
    Knights and cavs means you need better defenders and attackers.

    Just spotted a granary build going in a size 9 Carthage city, a bit late.
    Cuzco will not be able to steal Leo.

    No idea why Inca does not finish the Queen. They have 5 towns. three are size 1, the other two are in the
    tundra at size 5. No iron and not making troops.

    Hannibal is in a dangerous spot. Inca and Henry on either side and they are much larger. He is going to need
    luck and help. If both come at him, it is curtains.

    170AD Henry plants Guarda in the same place as the old town used. The incoming settlers may plant by the horses.
    Tientsin captured, the last one that was cutoff. Looks like 22 towns now.

    America 72 units warrior, archers, spear, sword, horseman
    Egypt 51 has LB, pikes and mdi
    England 16 archer and spears
    Portugal 90 with 4 AC
    Inca 95 same types as Cleo
    Carthage 90 same, with 60 Num. Lack offense.
    China 16 1 LB, 1 sword

    230AD Chengdu captured by an AC.
    Knights Templar in Heliopolis, aced Cuzco. Cuzco swaps to Sistine.
    Henry has a knight on the field.
    280AD Beijing captured. Two towns left.

    Lol, Henry use a 1 hp knight to attack and it dies. Had many units that could have been used.
    290AD Utica builds Leo.
    300AD Macao is captured, Mao is OCC.
    310AD last town is autorazed and no more chairman Mao.

    320AD Muskets in Egypt, Portugal.
    Inca have salt, but not building troops currently.
    I think I should have made salt available to all. Not horses or iron though.
    Henry should put a unit on the 5 tiles at the tip, till he can get a settler down there. Could invite
    a landing combo.
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    I finally took a snapshot. It is past the point that I have post for my write up, but in case anyone wants to see the map. Not much has change, except for the light blue.

    Been so long, since I post a pix I forgot how. Going to have to look into that.

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    330AD Cuzco finishes Sistine.
    Henry does not have a settler, but three are two turns away. That is probably too
    late as Hannibal has a boat enroute. It has a settler combo. So foolish to not be
    ready to plant a town that will autoraze.

    370AD Wow, Hannibal must have a trade for salt as he has none native. He also is not
    building any muskets, but has upgraded 61 nums to muskets in one turn. This while
    apparently revolting as all builds are flat lined.
    410AD Hannibal grabs the open spot for Rusaddir, nice job Henry. How long to peace ends somewhere?
    Needed to set aggression to max for the game.

    420AD Well Inca attacked Hannibal, so were on. Got to love the AI, the sword won, but does not vacate
    the Inca tile and maybe move to their adjacent hill in his own land that has units to help. Just sit, till
    he is finally killed or worse attack the musket in town.

    11 swords 6 LB 66 muskets 3 knights 8 cannon 11 Num 22 MDI (127)
    1 warrior 3 archer 14 spear 24 sword 1 LB 47 musket 4 knight 6 cats 7 MDI (107)

    440AD Hannibal wasting units attacking muskets in town on a hill. Lost 7 to kill one.
    Swords and MDI regulars. Only one town is making a unit and it is a musket, rather than
    a knight.

    Hannibal has over 20 mountains and a dozen hills and did not get salt. Hum, I cannot
    find salt in Inca land. There are five sources. 1 for Cleo, 2 each for Henry and USA.
    Seem odd they could both get a trade, oh well.

    Hannibal attacks the muskets with muskets and Nums.
    That went as well as you would expect. Inca attacked with knights.
    470AD Inca on offense is no better than Hannibal, except they are attacking on flat ground unfortified units,
    but still doing poorly.
    Inca have a bank going.
    Henry is building Magellan and some banks.
    Cleo has a bank going.
    Carthage and USA do not have a bank going, so probably behind a bit.
    Hannibal has half of the towns on Knights. That is less than the 8 towns
    Inca has on knights. Wonder, if anyone can pull Henry into the fray?

    Atico 4 more die attacking muskets in town on a hill. A few die attacking a musket on a mountain.
    Taking on fights with bad odds and having fewer towns is rough.
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    Feb 9, 2004
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    480AD Hannibal meets Scipio as 4 units on a hill are killed by Inca, losing none.
    500AD USA sending units into Henry's land. Are they going to war or passing on to fight Hannibal?
    510AD Still no answer as the USA moves deeper, with no action. Henry has revolted, so not a
    great bit of timing on his part.

    Inca clear their land and Hannibal does not clear his own land.
    Inca 78 units Hanni 65. Yeah, what you could expect. If US is headed his way, Hanni
    will need peace with Inca. Lots of losses and no gains, could make it peace acceptable.
    BTW Henry has 128 units. Plus Carrack that are better in sea battles, than galley/caravel.

    520AD More bad tactics as Hanni leaves a number of units exposed with 1 HP. The worse part is the knights.
    They retreat to a tile with no defender, thought muskets are on the tile adjacent.

    In big news Hanni is now sporting cavs. Wasting them to be sure. They also are not covered, after attacking.
    Henry and Inca also are building cavs.
    The American troops go ever deeper. I would be a bit surprised to see them go for England and not be
    sending boats that way.

    530AD Hanni sends cavs out to the end of their movement to attack and then, if they win they are
    stranded and exposed to counterattacks. No roads in the front. Won't wait for Inca units to come in range
    so they can attack and retreat safely. Of course no combined arms, no muskets, no cats/cannon.
    Henry is letting US have so many units in his land at once that, should they find their original target
    has ended its war, they may choose to attack Portugal.

    550AD Thebes builds Copernicus.
    US is attacked by Inca, so I guess we know where they are headed. Hanni continues to not get good
    rolls and few promotions.
    560AD Oh my, Inca has a cav army. It has two cavs and a knight. Going to be rough for Hanni.
    580AD Looks like Hanni got England into the fight as I saw an Inca cavs do a ZoC shot on them.
    600AD Ouch, Henry has shipped a lot of units well into Hannibal's land and it looks like they are
    going for Inca. I guess it could be England. I doubt the Queen will last long enough for Henry to arrive.

    Only Egypt seems to be immune to war fever. Cleo's mood by Junior Walker comes to mind for some reason.
    Poor Hanni. Here is how things go for him. A Incan cav attacks a musket in a city. Cav kills musket and
    lost no HP. Three cavs attack an Inca musket in the grass and all die.

    Coventry is captured by Inca.

    610AD Newcastle is captured.
    America seems to have turned back. Never even got to Hanni's land.
    Henry is sending a lot of units and killed Inca units that were in Hanni's land and removed the siege
    at Vitcos for now.

    They let the army get away on very low on HP. Being in town could be its death, in the field they will
    leave it alone, unless redlined.

    620AD Canterbury captured. Warwick captured. England is OCC.
    Atico still a graveyard for attackers as Henry tosses two cavs away there.
    630AD No one has Music Theory or Theory of Gravity.
    USA learned Printing Press, but not Engineering. They have nothing pass ED.
    England has Feudalism only.
    Physic is know to Egypt, Portugal and Carthage.
    Magnetism is know to only Henry and Hanni. They are the tech leaders.

    The amount of land that Inca have will push them higher, if this war does not do
    a lot of damage to them. Never know about the AI, they may fight on or stop.
    640AD Rough turn for Inca. Lost a number of units and Huamanga was captured by Henry.
    Hanni killed two musket at Atico. Not enough attackers.
    Hastings captured and the Queen is dead.
    Shakes completed in Braga (Portugal).
    660AD Huamanga was recaptured it only had three near dead cavs. Everything is piecemeal,
    no real stacks not even pairs for the most part.
    670AD Henry sends all his units home? Inca army hits one unit and goes into a town.
    Carthage is the first to Ind Age. They best learn about rifles asap and stay off the two
    lame gov techs. Beeline to RP, they won't, AI can't help itself.
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    670AD Hanni captured Atico, but did not put any units in it.
    680AD it was recaptured. Ding Dong AI, has workers making a road to the no longer their
    town. Soon to be longer no their workers. They have workers at Vitcos, which is very shaky.
    Nice turn, 0-6 and lost several workers, gj.

    690AD Egypt and Portugal make it to the Ind Age.
    700AD Hanni got some rolls for a change. Killed 3-0 and recaptured Atico again.
    Army hit Rusicade and died. A huge win for Carthage. They held at Atico as only one cav attacked.
    They best get some defenders in it or the cycle may run again.

    710AD play it again sam. Atico retaken. It was well defended as usual. One cav with 2hp and one
    with 1hp. Can't imagine why it did not hold.

    Hanni has 11 frigates, does not bombard units next to Atico. The lone frigates, do nothing, just patrol.
    Inca do not really send out ships right now. Hanni has a few frigate with caravels. Two of these combos
    actually have a cav, just one cav mind you.

    This war is do or die for Carthage as Portugal is on their other side. If Henry goes after America it
    will roll over them and it gets even larger.

    Byblos completes Magellan. Hanni lost more workers.

    720AD Henry attacked USA and won every attack. No one else has entered the IA. No IA techs known currently.
    730AD Sam (Uncle Sam) lost about 10 units, with no win on defense. Lost some more on offense, but did kill 3
    redlined units.

    Cleo is on the move. Walked past US units and towns. Ignored a near dead Portugal cav. Maybe Hanni?
    Cleo snapped up the last 3 wonders. She is smaller than Henry, Hanni and the Inca. Doing pretty well, but
    war may alter that. Cost resources to be at war, you need to gain land or it is an anchor.

    Nationalism now known to Henry and Hannibal. Are they wise enough to grab Steam, I doubt it.
    New gov is calling, must learn it, sucker.
    List the current troop counts:

    Carthage 43 musket 3 rifles 4 cav 9 cannon ~50 units, sad movies.
    Egypt 2 warrior 2 spear 2 pike 1 LB 44 musket 1 cav 2 cannon 13 mdi 9 crusaders (74)
    Portugal 5 spear 12 pike 3 LB 76 musket 3 knights 18 cav some cats (captured no count) 3 cannon 24 mdi 1 AC (142) no worse for the wear from the battle.
    Inca 4 pike 49 musket 5 knight 19 cav 6 cat (77) they got damaged in their wars
    USA 3 archer 2 spear 2 sword 1 horse 38 pike 6 knight 1 cat 10 mdi (62) got problems and woe, probably not for long
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    Feb 9, 2004
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    750AD Cleo jumps in against Inca with a mighty MDI, that was dropped by Atico and was soon dead.
    USA has some knights on the front now.
    760AD Henry sunk an Egyptian ship? Is Cleo at war with Inca and Portugal or did she make peace with

    Henry grabs Buffalo and stuffed 2 muskets, 2 pikes and an mdi in it. Bravo not a couple of half dead
    cavs, like Hannibal.

    Only USA is not in IA now.
    Carthage is finally using frigates to bombard.

    770AD Henry is still at war with Inca as he just killed a knight in its homeland.
    780AD Still do not know what Egypt and Henry are doing. Units of both pass by each other and take
    no action. Maybe the ship combat was a privateer as they do not seem to be fighting.

    Buffalo now has 19 units in it.
    USA is down to 34 troops, from 62.
    Henry has 139, no real change. Well they had 76 muskets, now have 62 rifles and 15 muskets.
    Swapped muskets for rifles, more pain for US.

    790AD Hey Hanni did win three cav fights in a row and got to return to town, rare.
    Henry and Hanni both learned Commie. Would not want to wait for that and have rails
    and certainly do not want infantry any sooner. The others civs may do the same, but it will be cheaper
    for them. I hope they do not go on to Fascim right now, sigh.

    The good news for them is Inca has not learned any techs in the IA so far. Cleo did get Nat.
    I see Henry is in revolt, so swapping to Commie I would guess. So is Hanni, not Religious, so
    not sure how many turns of anarchy. At least 2, while at war with a stronger nation. No worries.

    Six cavs next to Vitcos and you lost two of your three rifles, what me worry? Nah.
    800AD Hanni got some cavs to clean up most of the cavs and the rest went back to heal, lucky.

    Keeps sending workers near the front. Knights kill several Carthage cavs, so dumb to have 3 move units
    where 2 move units can attack them in the field.

    Henry is not doing as well as he should. He just now got Houston. He has a larger army and better units and struggles to get two towns.
    He then marches 20+ units past or through the town and does not put any in to defend. Just the two damaged cavs, nice. I doubt Sam can attack
    anyway. Henry does have 33 units just outside Houston.
    Say goodbye to SF. 17 + a cat in a single stack next to it.

    Cleo has moved all the way through Henry's land in both directions and now is nearly through to Hanni's
    for the second time. Will they turn back again, stay tuned?

    Henry dropped 4 units on Juli's island. Too bad they are 2 mdi, a pike and a musket. Three cavs and a
    musket would be better.
    810AD Henry razed an American town, missed the name. No idea why they razed it.
    Cleo is grabbing the wonders, now has Smith's.

    Most of Hanni's native workers are close to the border, just wants to be rid of them I guess.
    820AD How bad is Hannibal? Well he takes Atico again. Had a rifle next to the town, but sends it on to attack something. Compounds it by stuffing
    4 ships in town, so they can die when he loses the town again.

    Cleo get Bach's in Heliopolis. Wow one cav from Egypt is in Hanni's land, must be time to turnaround.
    Inca grabs some workers, say it isn't so.
    Bad news for Inca, they lost their salt. Now building knights. No more muskets, but they should have rifles soon.

    Miami is the last US town on Henry's side of Egypt. America has 8 towns left.
    As usual Henry does not have a settler to fill the hole left by the razing. Cleo will be glad to have the
    I checked and Inca and Hanni are not bothering to start wonders. Henry only has Newton underway. He is two
    turns ahead of Cleo on it.
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    Feb 9, 2004
    Oviedo, Fl
    Carthage is doing the better job of using frigates.
    850AD Miami captured. Henry sends troops to the rear? USA has no forward towns now.
    Cleo learns Communism.
    Sid recommends we research Bronze Working. No can do, no physical empire on the map for player1.
    860AD Fighting is in Inca lands now, instead of Carthage.
    Henry sends units towards US, but some take a long way around.
    850AD Lisbon completes Newton's.

    Egypt kills a few Inca units. Surprised she stayed at war all this time, even though Egypt had no combat going on till now.
    Henry and Hanni learn Fascism, much better than say Steam, doh. Would not be shocked to see them
    go for Medicine to get to Sanitation. Rails, who needs them?
    Inca still has not learned any IA techs. Cleo now has Communism.

    880AD Hanni sent a drafted rifle out to attack. It was lucky as it was on a mountain and
    defended vs a knight and got promoted to regular.
    USA dropped a settler combo on the spot created by Henry's razing the last town there. This will probably
    turn into pair of slaves, before it can build a town. Inca and Henry are the only ones that do no have
    a settler. Inca makes sense, they are struggling. This could be the second town location Henry has
    donated. I guess he has too many towns for his liking.

    890AD Yup, slaves it is. Atlanta captured.
    Inca are struggling, but not much has been gained by Hanni. Only one town has been held. They are not
    even threatening a town currently. In spite of having rifles and cavs, while the Inca do not. Not to
    mention Cleo is fighting with Inca, though not very effectively. Some slow movers are getting near the front.

    Hanni is still losing more fights than he is winning. The knights often are able to get under cover or
    in town, while all of Carthage units are exposed, after combat.
    Oh, I forgot that Henry is also still at war with Inca, doing pretty much nothing. Drops off a unit or two
    on the island and lets them die.

    900AD Heroic mdi for Egypt killed 2 knights on defense. He was dropped off by boat.
    NY was captured. USA is down to 5 towns.
    The stalemate continues, but maybe Egypt can push the war against Inca. You must reduce your enemies
    holdings. Right now Inca can replace losses and so can Carthage. Carthage has all unit builds in all towns,
    while being a tech leader. Inca is not keeping up on tech, so eventually next gen units will turn the tide.

    Hannibal needs to go after one town and not keep helter skeltering.
    910AD Cleo fills the hole, nice going Henry. Cleo has maybe 20 ground pounders on Inca borders, so that
    will cause big problems.

    920AD Philly was captured.
    Cleo, Hanni and Henry all learn Steam Power. They have no rail gangs, they have workers scattered all around.
    NY may be at risk as Inca lands 3 cavs, must have been sailing for some time. Henry moves after, so he will just recapture, if it is not razed.
    4 towns left in USA.

    930AD Seattle captured. The Inca units head next to Washington. Are they at war? Does not matter as anything they capture will be taken.
    Boston is also captured, so 2 towns left.
    The problem with goto for units. Some ships drop cavs next to Chitown. They could have went into Boston and
    unloaded then those troops could have attacked Chicago the same turn.

    940AD Inca attacks Chitown and DC and got a leader, their second. It is off to travel the whole map to get home.
    Henry walks past it over and over and never took it down. He did take down Chicago, US is OCC. Henry left
    1 HP Inca cav alone. He did not attack an Inca caravel, though he has 12+ ships right there.

    Cleo had a cav take down the leader. I now see another Inca cav next to NY, several cavs next to it, that
    just ignored it.

    Almost forgot to note that Hanni captured Huamanaga, maybe they can hold it this time.
    What, Inca are making cavs. Only Cleo and Henry have salt afaik. None popped up in Inca lands.
    So who is trading them? Is Henry now at peace and that is why he did not attack the Inca units?
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  10. vmxa

    vmxa Deity Supporter

    Feb 9, 2004
    Oviedo, Fl
    950AD Hanni leaves Huamanga with a half dead cav to protect it.
    DC is captured and USA is gone.
    I think I counted 36 towns for Henry.
    Egypt 12 towns.
    Hannibal 17, but one is very shaky.
    Inca 19.
    All except Inca have Nat, Commie and Fascism. Inca has not learned a new tech in some time.
    The techs are only going to get more expensive.

    Henry has as many towns as the combined total of Hannibal and Inca. He threw away two other towns.
    Looks like everyone has coal and rubber. Oil for all, except that Cleo and Hanni have it right
    next to Henry, so they could be cutoff or captured.

    Hanni would make a good target for Henry or Cleo as he has oil and rubber on a border town with
    960AD Inca has Nat, so rifles. Dummies want hospitals so Henry and Hanni learn Medicine.
    Rough turn for Inca.
    Machu Picchu captured by Hanni.
    Nasca captured by Cleo.
    Inca did very well on their offense, but will pay on the next turn as they have several cavs
    1 or 2 HP next to their foe. Doubt they have much cash for upgrades to cavs or rifles.

    970AD Inca building cavs in every town except one and it is doing a rifle.
    Fighting went poorly for Hanni, but that is normal. In the end Cleo and Hanni killed
    a lot of cavs. They are putting enough pressure to prevent even entering their land.

    980AD Cleo has Medicine. She has a few tiles with a rail. Henry has next to nothing so far with rails.
    Hanni has more rails, but not many towns have even a single tile railed.

    1000AD Cleo lost a chunk of the units in Inca land. They were mostly crusaders, but even had a warrior.
    Carthage learned Electricity, hum will they go Sci Method? Nah.
    Carthage Fascism 60 rifle 9 cav 9 cannon 20 frigates
    Portugal Rep 3 spear 10 pike 1 LB 11 musket 87 rifle 48 cav 4 cannon 23 frigate 7 mdi
    Inca Mon 7 pike 11 musket 2 knight 29 rifle 10 cav 5 cannon
    Egypt Demo 1 pike 3 musket 46 rifle 9 cav 10 frigate 2 mdi 7 crusader

    Guess Hannibal was worried about WW. Going to be hard to stay out front on research.
    At least until he can grow his pop back.

    1010AD only a handful of Egyptian expeditionary forces are still alive. Hanni will probably
    be on his own soon. Best get that rail network completed.

    Wow, Henry and Hanni both know Industrialization. Henry has Electricity as well. Soon will be
    losing tiles to pollution. Doing all they can to avoid RP. Don't know what happened to Cleo.
    She was even on tech, not too long ago.

    Hannibal has a few cities linked by rail, in spite of having few workers. Well 200% from Fascism.
    Really lame tactic AI has is too win a fight with cavs and then move it away. They do not wait to
    finish the attack on the town. When they capture the town those unit are off and stranded.
    Instead of being in the new town to defend and quell.

    1020AD That trick cost them a bunch of frigates. They got away with it last time as Inca did not have cavs.
    Now they do and they can reach the city. It had one 2hp cav and a lot of frigates. There was no reason
    to port the ships as Inca has no navy.

    Corihuayrachina captured and then lost.
    Cleo learns Electricity. She has been remove from the front, but does have a trickle of cavs
    coming one at a time. That should be effective, right?

    Hanni has workers on a mountain, need that more than connecting to towns, while at war.
    Well the rifle of Henry's I saw in Hanni land, I thought was just going to another town.
    Now Henry attack Hannibal's frigate, my my my.
    1040AD I do not see any action, maybe it was a privateer and I just did not notice? Should
    discover next turn.
    1050AD I saw the ship and it is a privateer. So no war with Henry at this time.

    Hanni rng is still less than stellar, even rifles on a hill fair poorly when attacked by cavs.
    Cleo seems to be 50/50 mostly win on attack, mostly lose on defense.
    At least Hannibal has no WW, so let the war go on.

    Henry and Hanni learn Corporation. Money to pay for the war. How about units that can help win the war?
    AI does not really try to connect by rail. The connections are by accident, pursuing some other
    improvements. Leptis Magna needs the horse tile railed and it would be connected to the capital. They are working some
    irrigated grass tile that leads nowhere.

    Utica and Hippo have 3 coastal tile without a road. These towns are next to the capital. In fact he should plant a town on the forest by the Uranium.
    Hanni is so unlucky. Cleo got attacked 6 times and went 3-3. Hani got attackled 3 times going 0-3 and did
    only 1 HP of damage.

    1070AD Cleo is only down Corp now. Hanni still ignoring towns that could be connected by railing one tile.
    Works on a tile that has no tile adjacent with a rail. Dropping a mine on a hill, where the extra shield will
    do nothing. It is 56 shields for a cav. It has 19 net shields. If the mine gives a net shield, 20 still means 3 turns.
    1080AD RP known to Hanni and Henry. Last I looked Hanni did not have a road on his rubber tile. I looked, it
    is not connected. He does show rubber in the capital. Trading for it from Henry I guess, no one else has RP.
    Henry does have two hooked up. Feed the big dog, not the best plan.
    Hanni did not upgrade any units.
    Debug does not show the barracks symbol, you have to look in the town.
    1090AD All rifles in town are now infantry. All cannons are artillery. I love infantry.
    1100AD Corihuayrachina captured by Cleo.
    Inca learn Fascism.
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  11. vmxa

    vmxa Deity Supporter

    Feb 9, 2004
    Oviedo, Fl
    120AD Hanni making a frigate, he has 16. It is a pan map, 16 should do the job. They can't upgrade, so
    will be worthless soon. Finally a smart move, bypass Cuzco for now.
    1130AD Hanni captures Tiwanaku. Tries to give it back, sending the rest of the units on and leaving 2 damage cavs. Only one attacker, so the last cav held the fort.

    Lots of pillaging now. Things are bad enough for Inca now that they could not attack Tiwanaku.
    1140AD Henry and Hanni learn Refining. Rubber connected. Oil under Nora. Near Huamanga, only
    needs a culture bump. Tiwanaku needs a harbor or Cuzco to be captured/razed.
    Hanni is working on the tile to connect the last town, all the way to Huamanga. Machu Picchu is a bit expose till Cuzco is controlled.

    1150AD Hanni should drop a town on the first hill past Huamanga. Get more tiles under your control.
    Get roads and move units to the front faster.
    1160AD Hanni lost all battles on offense, with 1 retreat. 1 cav and 1 rifle won on defense and 5 died.
    Rough turn. One notable battle a drafted rifle won, no damage to it, lol.
    Cleo may have done worse, not in lost units, close though, but they lost Corihuayrchina.
    1170AD Can't wait to see what Hanni does. Does Hanni send his 2 cavs in at Cori. It has 3 units. That would just give the town to Cleo. The stack has an escorting infantry, so they may move as one, thanks goto. 2 more infantry are right behind them.
    1180AD Hanni sent in the two cavs and they actually won, not common for Carthage. Then Inca kill the cavs that were next to the town, 1 ours 1 Cleo's. So Egypt did not attack. Hanni has the 1 inf next to the town and a stack with 3 cavs and 2 inf 2 tiles out. Based on this turn, Hanni will send the cavs.
    The town has now 1 cav full and 1 redlined. It will not be healed as a) no rax, b) Hanni moves first. Inca
    has 2 more cav on the other side that could attack, if Hanni captures and no idea how many from elsewhere. The other two infantry cannot get into town in 1 turn. So if it goes down like this, will Hanni hold the town. If he does, will he actually send in those inf or send them pillaging?

    1190AD No figuring the AI hijinks. Hanni moved all of those units away, back to their land??? Cleo also moved her units back?
    1200AD Hanni tried to get rid of more workers and stuck them on the front. Inca had no units in the near towns and could not quite reach them. Maybe next time. Very little action, only Cleo and Inca killed a few cavs each.

    Maybe Inca made peace with Carthage? So no worries on workers and could move units back, yeah that's the ticket. That would be very good for Inca.

    Why Hanni does not plant a town between the three eastern town, crazy.
    I missed Henry and Hanni getting Sci Meth and they have Sanitation, so let the pollution flow.
    Hosp/fact/coal trifecta of stained tiles in C3C. Cleo is now 5 techs back. Inca too many to count.

    Very little changed in unit counts for Inca or Egypt. Portugal 51 cav 95 inf 4 arty 7 mdi 50+ boats.
    Hanni is about where he was 12 cav 65 inf 9 arty.
    Hanni is building Suffrage in capital. He should switch to ToE. He does not need Suffrage. Well it does not matter, he is not getting either. Henry is ahead on both. Two free tech at this point not a bad thing.
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  12. vmxa

    vmxa Deity Supporter

    Feb 9, 2004
    Oviedo, Fl
    1210AD Inca has another leader, their third. AFAIK no one else has made a leader. One army was ultimately destroyed. The second leader was killed on the field.
    1220AD Cleo has a huge problem now. Henry is attacking the units passing through his land. This should cause her to peace out with the Inca.

    Avaris and Abydos were captured and the rich get richer. Cleo will not be in the tech race any longer.
    The timing was so bad as Egypt has units going through Henry's land towards Inca and they are so
    vulnerable. They did manage to get a few kills, before they died.

    Cleo does have RP, but not upgrading yet.
    Henry learned steel, pulling away a bit. ToE will boost the lead. Size matters. Cleo is last in turn, so
    that is another disadvantage. Henry can do a lot of damage, before she can react.
    Cleo is still at war with the Inca, she needs to end it asap.

    1230AD Hanni learns Steel.
    Inca 6 pikes 4 muskets 36 rifles 7 cavs 5 cannon 1 galleon (just to show no navy)
    Inca is not a power house and is well behind in tech. Will face tanks and bombers
    in the next war or soon after. No idea what happened to the leader, maybe a rush?
    I did not see any units nearby that could have attacked it and it was covered.

    Portugal 12 units (spear/pike/LB/Musket) 3 rifles 52 cavs 122 infantry 4 artry 54 boats 7 mdi
    (196) combatants.
    Hannibal 2 rifles 13 cavs 70 infantry 9 arty 26 ships
    Cleo 1 pike 1 musket 38 rifles 2 infantry 5 guerilla 17 ships
    Possibly had her cannon/arty captured. Inca and Egypt are weak and fighting each other. Neither can hold any land they may captured, not for long.

    1240AD Hanni may have missed his chance to take the two towns of Egypt that are in is borders. Henry is already assaulting them. A dozen or so battles. Mostly went poorly for Cleo. If she did not flat out lose, often the cav retreated. Only 1 infantry fought on her side and it was a draftee. It still killed one and nearly the second. If it was a regular or vet, easy wins.

    Looks like she built as many as she lost.
    1 pike 1 musket 32 rifles 10 cav 8 infantry 5 guerilla 17 ships
    She did not fight Inca.
    Henry 52 to 43 cavs. 7 mdi to 3 now has 6 ironclads.
    I do not understand Henry's numbers. Cleo won 6 or 7 times, around 4 times a unit retreated from her rifle. Had to have lost 10-12 times. I missed Cleo's cav count on 1230AD.
    Only Henry's cav and mdi counts changed and he added ironclads. So how did his counts go down that much? 13 units, maybe he disbands some to short rush ironclads. Does the AI know how to do that?
    The problem is I do not know how many units are coming out each turn and there are too many town to try to track it.

    1250AD distracting by the ole lady, missed the losses, but they had many fights close to even I think.
    Even is not good, when you are smaller. You need a decent kill ratio or you get buried.
    Inca knows Commie, I don't recall them having it, but I may be confused and double posted it.
    Cleo knows Sanitation.
    Hanni know Ironclads.
    Cleo down 5 techs.
    Inca down 11 techs.
    Hanni knows the ones Henry knows at this point.

    Cleo is only showing Infantry in three towns. Keeps making her rifles take hits,
    instead of upgrading. In civ4 the AI would dial down its research to raise the gold
    for upgrades. One of the things I though they did right.

    Henry 11 older units 34 cavs 3 rifles 125 infantry 4 arty 54 boats
    Cleo 1 pike 27 rifles 12 cavs 13 infantry 5 guerilla 17 boats
    Cleo gain the exact number of infantry as the number of rifles she lost, so going with an upgrade.
    I saw at least 2 guerilla die, so she replaced them. Some cavs died so she build more than she lost.
    Builds currently 1 guerilla 5 infantry 5 cavs. This is core only and they will not complete next turn.
    2 infantry and 1 cav scheduled to finish. The two distant town are never going to finish, 58 and 18 turns.
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  13. vmxa

    vmxa Deity Supporter

    Feb 9, 2004
    Oviedo, Fl
    1255AD Oporto completes ToE.
    Henri goes 9-3 on offense.
    Cleo goes 5-1 on offense. So 10-8 Henry. Cleo's 6th attack had redlined the cav, but lost.
    It would have been 9-9. Still even is better for Henry. than it is for Cleo.

    Henry revolts, apparently as all towns are in anarchy. Henry did attack Nasca a town
    that use to be Inca's.
    Cleo 14 rifles 13 cavs 28 infantry 4 guerilla 17 boats
    I saw the pike die, so it was not upgraded.
    So the 1 pike is now 0
    27 rifles are now 14
    12 cavs are now 13
    13 infantry are now 28
    5 guerilla is now 4
    1 new cav, so 13 would make sense, but the last battle was a cav defeat, so??
    12 +1 minus at least 1, should be 12? Rushed one of the builds?
    guerilla's are correct.
    No infantry died and 2 new ones should have finished.
    13 + 2 = 15, we now have 28. That matches the number of rifles that are
    missing from the prior count. We know Cleo lost 10 units.

    We have only accounted for 2. Where did the other 8 come from?
    They were mostly rifles, maybe all were as the fights were at cities.
    Is it possible that the AI swapped builts and rushed 8 units?
    That would better account for things. Then the 8 losses were rifles and
    infantry were rushed.

    If she had that money and had upgraded, before the fight, the losses would have
    been much lower and some infantry would have promoted.

    I felt the reason Inca has created 3 leaders and the others none is that
    watching them fight, they rarely get a combatant to safety after a win.
    Inca did a better job of saving units and hence had elites.

    That is not a game design issue, it is circumstances. It happened that more
    combat took place in their land and they had more roads. This let them send damaged units back to town
    more often. Hanni did not send units back, because it was too far to go and they would have been over taken anyway.
    Probably I am over thinking it and I am clueless.

    1260AD 4-0-1 on defense 3-6 on offense. Cleo 3-10-1 Henry 10-3-1 (one retreat).
    Managed to even have an infantry die to a cav, while in town.
    Henry has Espionage and Combustion. I guess we know what they did with the ToE.
    He also knows Flight, ok. Will he head for tanks or Hoovers?
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  14. vmxa

    vmxa Deity Supporter

    Feb 9, 2004
    Oviedo, Fl
    1265AD Cleo 3-1 Henry 6-2 Inca 2-1-1 so Cleo 6-9-1.
    Henry captures Nasca.
    1270AD Cleo 4-1 Henry 2-3 so Cleo 7-3.
    1275AD Cleo 4-1 Henry 3-0 so Cleo 4-4.
    This is mainly due to them attacking stragglers in the open, some already damage
    from winning last turn. Inca not been able to reach Cleo so far.

    1280AD Cleo 3-4 2 ships won. Henry 4-5 1 infantry retreated 5 cavs, before dying. Cleo 8-8.
    1285AD Cleo 2-7 attacking infantry in town, with cavs. She has a number of 1hp cav heading home,
    probably won't make it. She even used one to attack, nice.

    Henry razed a city and the slope is getting slippery. He is not making bombers.
    Cleo is making settlers 2 of her 9 towns. She has lost her old Inca towns. I think
    I failed to note one of them being taking back by Inca.

    Cleo 1 rifle 14 cavs 40 infantry 3 guerilla 16 boats (lost one this turn).
    Henry 1 spear 3 pike 2 musket 2 rifles 23 cavs 144 infantry 4 arty 30 boats.
    You need combined arms or armies to make progress vs 144 infantry, if you lack bombers and tanks or greater
    numbers. Cleo has none of these things.

    1290AD Henry learns Mass Production. Tanks will be incoming shortly.
    Cleo 6-4-4 bunch of retreats. 1 ship sunk. Cleo is the one attacking with frigates, not too well either.
    1 rifle 16 cav 15 boats 39 infantry 3 guerilla not much changed. Down 1 infantry, 1 boat, up 2 cavs.

    1295AD Uni Suffrage in Lisbon.
    Cleo 5-4 Henry 4-4 Inca 1-0 (guerilla landed in Inca land) Cleo captured Atlanta. Cleo 9-9 many retreats.
    Inca learn Medicine.
    1300AD Hanni learned Combustion.
    Cleo 7-0 Henry 1-0 so Cleo 7-1 including a boat and 2 guerilla at Cadiz.
    Hannibal revolts.

    1305AD War! Hanni attacks Inca 14-4. Most were on their way to Egypt.
    Henry 5-2 Cleo 5-1 so Cleo 7-6.
    Inca knows Sanitation.
    iirc Ironclads upgrade to Destroyers. Smash the old wooden ships.
    1310AD Hanni 4-2 Cleo 1-1 Inca 3-2 Henry 5-13 nice work Cleo. so Cleo 14-6 so Hanni 6-5
    Cleo found the doomed city of Lisht, in the spot of her recently razed town.
    Cleo lost Giza, only had 2 infantry and they killed 5 and retreat a number of cavs.
    Everyone is in Fascism.

    Not sure if I ever mention Egypt capturing Atlanta. I wrote it down, but quick scan failed to see it.
    Henry did not attack, just moved a lot of units.
    Hanni 9-1 yikes Inca 1-0 snore Henry slept Cleo 1-4 should have slept instead attacking Giza.
    They should have expanded their borders to stop the cavs from do a hit and run. They could hit, but
    would exposed to certain death.

    Cleo 1 rifle 18 cav 41 infantry 15 boats
    Inca 2 pike 2 musket 45 rifle 10 cav 5 cannon 6 boats
    Henry getting huge
    Hanni 1 rifle 15 cav 70 infantry 9 arty 20 frigates 2 galleon 3 transports
    Why the AI likes to drop a couple of units in the back line, I do not know.
    When it is an undefended or nearly so, ok (maybe). They drop them off in well defended
    towns to die. Here Hanni is sending a single transport, when is right next to the Inca.
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  15. vmxa

    vmxa Deity Supporter

    Feb 9, 2004
    Oviedo, Fl
    1320AD Henry waste time and learns Amphibious War. No reason to have tanks or to get Hoover.
    Henry 1-2 tanks would not be useful I guess. Inca 3-0 Cleo 5-4 she is glad Henry does not have tanks.
    Hanni the perennial bad luck guy 2-6. Almost was 7, but a single Inca rifle was only able to kill
    5 cavs and redline one. Good idea to not break out those arty, save them for the next war.
    So Cleo 7-5. So Hanni 2-9 and teaching how to win a war.

    1325AD Henry 8-9 Inca 5-0 Cleo 1-2 Hanni 5-0 (2 boats) so Cleo 10-10 so Hanni 5-5
    1330AD Henry 3-2 Inca 5-2 Cleo 4-2 Hanni - so Cleo 6-5 learn not to attack infantry on a hill with cavs,
    even if 1hp.
    1335AD Henry learns about tanks finally. Usually about even combats, going to change for the worse for Cleo.
    1340AD Hanni lost a city to a volcano. Pollution is showing up in many places.
    Henry drives a tank into a hapless cav.
    Henry 6-2 Hanni 5-1 Inca 6-0 Cleo 4-3 it is good to be on offense this turn. So Cleo 6-9 Hanni 5-7

    1345AD Hanni knows spying.
    Henry 4-1 Hanni 7-0 Inca 2-1 Cleo 2-2 (lost a boat) So Cleo 3-6 Hanni 8-2 should have captured a town.
    Got it down to damaged last man and sent 2 infantry on past the town. Staggering units an AI staple.
    I should have made this with as little water as possible. Better, if no water to stop the useless
    movement of ships. Maybe gen a map and fill the rest with tundra and make it impassable or volcanoes
    that are impassable and cannot erupt.

    1350AD Hanni sporting a couple of flashy destroyers.
    Hannibal captures Corihuayrachina, again. He moves first so should get a few wounded infantry inside.
    Henry captures Atlanta, no tanks used. Killed a leader inside it.
    Henry 6-6 Hanni 5-0 Inca 3-1 Cleo 4-2 so Cleo 10-8 so Hanni 6-3.
    Hannibal has been at war for so long and has no shown a leader. 3 of the 4 leaders spawned died and never did anything.

    1355AD Not sure, if this is already reported, but Egypt knows Industrialization.
    Henry has not shown any bombers. None are underway, he is making Marines. Well there is one island and you
    can land on it. You could bomb down the defenders and walk in. Marines are not as good as tanks and all
    the towns are accessible on land, save the one.

    Hanni did not bring in his wounded, attacked and let them die. Would not want to heal them or strengthen your
    newly captured town.
    Henry 8-4 Hanni 2-0 Inca 3-1 Cleo 1-2 so Cleo 5-10 tanks a lot so Hanni 3-3
    1360AD Lisht razed.
    Henry 2-2 Hanni 3-0 Inca 1-3 Cleo 2-3 so Cleo 4-5 so Hanni 6-1
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  16. vmxa

    vmxa Deity Supporter

    Feb 9, 2004
    Oviedo, Fl
    Getting to the end finally.

    1365AD Henry learns Atomic Theory.
    Henry 4-1 Hanni 1-0 Inca 3-0 Cleo 1-4 (4 inf attacked a single tank in the open grass finally killing it)
    Cleo went 2-8 Hanni 1-3
    Cleo 2 cavs, 38 infantry 14 boats.
    I do not know where Cleo had horses, cannot find it. In any cased, she no longer has them.

    1370AD Henry razed a city.
    Looks like Hanni is also at war with Egypt. Cleo is sending boats to drop troops. It is as though,
    she actually have them to spare.
    Henry 6-3 Hanni 6-1 Inca 6-3 Cleo nada So Hanni 9-4
    1375AD Heiroconpolis ?? got razed. Henry does want any Egyptian citizens in his empire it seems.
    Henry 6-1 Hanni 3-0 Inca 3-1 Cleo 4-0 so Cleo 5-6 Hanni 4-3 had left a trasport uncovered, no harm.
    1380AD Alexandria captured, guess he is just picky about what Egyptians he likes.
    Henry 8-2 Hanni 2-0 Inca 3-1 The two are spinning their wheels Cleo 2-0 couple of hangers.
    So Cleo 4-8 Hanni 3-3. Takes special skill to do not better than someone you have superior units
    and production. Hanni has the talent and the poor rng. Things like Vet cav on hill full HP dies
    to 3hp cav, doing no damage. Sending units out way past any support. Send a caravan all the way
    around from one side to the other and drop them in your yard. Not just using your rails and getting there
    instantly. How many turns without them? How much trouble would he have been in had Inca had salt?

    Cleo 1 cav (no horses and no friends) 35 infantry 14 boats.
    Hanni has a few destroyers, he uses them to bombard towns. Be horrible to sink a few ships, I mean DD
    just wreck frigates.

    Forgot to mention Henry got a leader and now has an army. A tank army, now he needs to stick in 2 more tanks
    and happy days for Portugal. He has 4 bombers, but has yet to use them. Bombers are hell on boats.
    It is hard to believe how slow the AI is to take down a weaker foe.

    1385AD Shaking my head. Hanni lost two stacks of workers way out in no mans land. Then lost Cori, with
    no wins on any battles. Infantry go down to cavs in town, while 4 or 5 infantry stand around next to
    town. Was there a bribe, just ignorance. He has plenty of troops, but will not put a couple extra units in a town that has changed hands often. Henry can get away with that, he is king.
    Henry 7-2 Hanni 2-1 Inca 4-0 Cleo 3-2 so Cleo 5-9 get use to it Hanni 2-5.
    Oh, almost forgot. Henry is at war with Inca, maybe never stopped. Anyway he has tanks in Inca lands.

    Henry retook the Carthage workers, so Hanni not getting them back. Hanni won't need them as he is not going to gain
    much more land.

    Henry captured Heliopolis. Who has that Asp?

    1390AD Henry moves on to the Modern Age. Mechs anyone? He builds Castelo. Cleo is hanging on at end of the
    peninsula, with 5 towns.

    Hanni some how retakes Cori. He has 15 infantry, but only puts two in town and none to cover workers. He may get away with as Henry has a presence next to Cuzco. So Inca may want to send it resource to defend.
    Henry 5-1 Hanni 7-2 Inca 1-1 vs Hanni 1-1 vs Henry Cleo 2-1 so Cleo 3-6 Hanni 8-3 Inca 2-2 Henry 6-2
    1395AD Hanni has 1 inf next to Cuzco and it kills rifle. Henry kill last unit with a tank and captures it.
    Henri 5-1 Hanni 1-0 Inca 2-2 Cleo 0-4 just the offense record too many wars.

    1400AD Hanni has workers out past his borders again, but Henry is keeping Inca from attacking anything.
    Hanni cut the horses two turns back, so not seeing cavs now.
    Henry 10-0 mostly vs Inca.
    1405AD Hanni grabs Ollantaytambo.
    Henry grabs Ica.
    Henry 6-1 Inca 0-6 Hanni 2-2 The nose is tightening.
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  17. vmxa

    vmxa Deity Supporter

    Feb 9, 2004
    Oviedo, Fl
    1410AD Vilcas captured by Henry.
    Henry 8-1 Cleo 2-1 no action for Hanni and no offense for Inca.
    Not seen the army in action. It still only has one unit.
    Henry 15 marines, why 1 pike 1 musket 8 cavs 172 infantry 40 tanks 4 arty 40 ships 7 bombers 1 army
    Not the best use of resources, but he is in control. 13 transports when rails are on most tiles.

    1415AD Andahuaylas captured by Henry. Hanni gave a big assist by sending a cav next the city.
    Then Inca attacked 3 times and died, so the only 2 units Henry had in range could take the city.

    Henry 6-0 Inca 0-11 Hanni 5-0.
    1420AD Henry captures Arequipa.
    1425AD Henry learns about Rockets. He also captures Nottingham London and Canterbury.
    Hanni captures the worthless isle of Juli. He is sinking boats with DD's now.
    1430AD Henry razed Warwick. Captured York. 4 towns for Inca.

    Hanni must have turned off research, nothing learned in a long time.
    1435AD Henry razed one town, captures Newcastle and Coventry. Inca OCC.

    Hanni founds Sulcis way up by Helio.
    1440AD Hanni put 2 infantry in Sulcis they won many battles, but too many attackers.
    They had a leader go down with town. Some how with dozens of units in the area, Henry
    does not end Inca.

    Cleo builds Buto.
    1445AD Hanni end Inca's game. Hanni learns Flight.
    1460AD Cleo drops down a town. Henry may be at peace.

    1470AD Hoover for Henry, ofc. Towns are being formed by all, no fighting.

    1490AD Henry and Cleo on again and he takes down some colonies and two towns.
    1505AD Thebes falls. 4 left.
    1510AD Byblos falls. 3.
    1515AD El-Amarna falls 2.
    1520AD Asyut falls, OCC.

    1525AD Cleo is gone. I finally saw the army. It was pillaging tiles that will be theirs the next turn.
    Going to end here as Henry cannot be beat by Hanni and it is painful to watch the ships moving.
    Henry had learned Fission.
    Hanni had picked up Amphib, Mass Prod and Tanks.
    I don't really know, if they will fight or just peaceful till the end.
    Maybe Henry will get nuke happy and do a Ghandi.

    I would say 100x100 needs as little water as possible. Max aggression. Deity or maybe Sid. Need to cut down on ships and to get to wars sooner.
    Maybe make a special BIQ that has gives lethal bombardment to frigates and later ships.
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  18. Spoonwood

    Spoonwood Grand Philosopher

    Apr 30, 2008
    I once did this, but on a standard map with Sid level AIs. They fought each other most of the time. It didn't end until the modern era. I don't think they ended up using nukes, but did use modern armor. Domination victory for The Celts or Rome if I recall correctly.
  19. vmxa

    vmxa Deity Supporter

    Feb 9, 2004
    Oviedo, Fl
    I did not think to pick the level and just got what I last played, DG. I would have probably pick Deity to get to better units sooner. Sid would be fine as well. I would have expected nukes, if they got to that tech. Getting the
    Manhattan build could be an issue for the AI. On Sid they choke themselves with units and research goes in the tank. Then they may just start the wonder in a size one tundra town. I will give it likely give it a shot down the road.
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  20. vmxa

    vmxa Deity Supporter

    Feb 9, 2004
    Oviedo, Fl
    Well I fired it up to see how long Hannibal would last.

    1630AD Lisbon finished Manhatten.
    1740AD Henry attacks. He has Modern Armor, Hanni does not.
    Lots of fighting, a number of MA die attacking infantry. Mostly due to the AI
    attacking while damaged.

    Hanni did shoot down the few bombers that I saw. A funny thing was Henry was dropping paratroopers
    almost every turn in his own land, leading up to the war. I do not have the pre-turn troop
    levels, but here are the current ones.
    Two towns were captured.

    13 marines 1 pike 2 cavs 85 infantry 57 tanks 147 mechs 56 MA 15 arty

    1 marine 79 infantry 29 tanks 13 arty 13 cruise 3 tactical 3 nuc subs 4 carriers 16 destroyers 2 BB
    13 bombers 10 jets 3 cruisers 25 tow 5 mobile sams.
    Henry does Internet and Seti.
    Hanni captures a town.

    1 marine 68 infantry 22 tanks 13 arty 8 cruise 3 tactical 3 nuc subs 3 carriers 17 destroyers 2 BB
    13 bombers 9 jets 3 cruisers 22 tow 4 mobile sams.
    One carrier was lost in town.

    13 marines 0 pike 2 cavs 80 infantry 50 tanks 149 mechs 59 MA 15 arty 3 tac nukes 4 icbm 26 bombers
    2 helo (yup choppers) 1 army 132 tow 1 mob sam 9 nuc subs 58 DD 5 sub 7 carriers 4 ironclad 18 trans
    Yeah I failed to list them all last turn.

    At least 1 metro was raised by Henry. I do not have town counts as CAII is not able to show anything, since player1 has no town and now is dead. The game ended with player1 defeated, so I did the play one more thing.
    Hannibal did grab another town, but it was retaken. Henry goes second. No nukes launched so far.
    This is as the 1750 turn ends.

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