Civ Competitors/Civ Push-overs, your exp.

Fanny Brice

Feb 3, 2002
Washington, DC
Here's an informal poll for you:

In your civ games, which AI civilizations have consistently been tough competitors and which have consistently been ground to dust?

(I usually play with 8 to 12 civs on larger maps).


Egyptians -- stong culturally and usually in for a tough fight

Babylonians -- strong scientifically and culturally

Zulu -- always ready for an early fight against me or other civs. Grow big by conquest. Usually beaten in late game because no one will trade with them and they neglect their science.

Romans -- win the early wars and expand at other civ's expense.

Germans -- always declare war on me -- no matter where they are on the map. If left alone, they are tough. (Have seen them crushed in early game more than once).

French -- Joan may be foxy but she is also a warmonger.

Russians -- strong military and culture (science).


Iroquois -- a trail of tears

Americans -- "we hardly knew ya."

Persians -- *poof* and they are gone

England -- never seem to amount too much. Good growth in early game, but they languish in late game.

Indians -- never seem to amount to much

Well, if Persia is palyed by a human they are one of the toughest because of the immortals.

Same for the Iroquois with the riders...
The Persians usually do quite well in my games, and the Iroquois are usually an above average civ.

Japanese: If they cannot nearly conquer the world in the middle ages, they never amount to anything.

Greeks: Usually do reasonably well, and manage to build a couple wonders.

Egyptians: Its the industrial age in my current game and i tried to take a coal city from them and had to retreat to heal my units, so i lost my huge offensive :o

French: For some reason on pangea they always start on their own mini-continent, and while the other AI's war, they have tons of culture (more than even the babs, and ALMOST as much as me ;) )


Indians: They never have much of a military, so they get overrun by the other AI's pretty fast (and i join in for the spoils of the war and expand my territory)
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