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CiV Design - Sucess and failure

Discussion in 'Civ5 - General Discussions' started by ahcos, Sep 25, 2010.

  1. ahcos

    ahcos King

    Mar 19, 2010
    this ain't another "ohh ciV sucks so much" thread, maybe i'll get advise through this .. well, whatever.

    what's great:

    1. military/warfare is ALOT more fun, no doubt. although, moving multiple units at the front can get a little annoying because it needs alot of micro to set them up properly (ranged behind, melee front ... especially on crowded/small maps)

    2. city states are a great addition

    3. THANK GOD THEY FINALLY UNDID THE "what you want to research next? no, you can't chose this at the end of the turn, this annoying window won't go away you sucker" :):):):):):):):). plus: the "end turn" button is LARGER. for this solely i love ciV already.

    4. embarking units - thank you, thank you so much. i've still nightmares about quatrillion transports of civ4 and how they owned my framerate. no need for garrison - great aswell.

    5. hex. great, no doubt, should've been in the game since ages imo.


    1. graphics. the roads, the rivers - seriously? awful. same with the trees. NO VICTORY VIDEO? you must be kidding me, that's a major part of the game ~ well, at least for the first time you achieve the victory, if you've played like 100 times you cancel the video anyway so i won't miss it too much.

    2. diplomacy. okay, the WHEOOOHRN indicator in cIV made the game a little bit cheap for experienced players, and overall there was alot of boring stuff in the diplo, but is it really necessary that you can only do it by try+error which leader will, for instance, sign a research treaty with you? or who has which resource to trade? and what's up with the "30 turns" idiocy? why do you have to renew a contract both sides wish to hold up every time?!
    why does the AI offer me 2 cities, all their gold and all their strategic/luxury resources when i beat up two of their units (after THEY declared because my military was "so weak" in the AIs eyes) ? okay, it was only prince difficulty, but do they want to take all the challenge out of these difficulties this way or what?
    overall the diplomacy could've been explanated a little bit better with simple tooltips, that's not asked too much.

    ... and the pure failure:

    1. building queue. wtf? am i too stupid to find the right keys on my board or is there simply no such thing like alt+shift or shift or strg for the queue? incredible impractical and on top limited to 6 items -

    2. why don't you see to whom the land belongs when hovering over it with the cursor? pure design failure in my eyes, probably just forgotten by the developers. well, you can GUESS to whom it belongs by the colors ...

    3. gifting units to a city state. dear lord, this is fiddly, if i want to gift 5 units i have to a) select the city b) click the button c) move to the unit d) MAKE SURE I DON'T MISSCLICK because then i'll have to start with a) and then repeat this 5 times.

    4. options+customization (for casuals like me who don't want to go into the XML files and stuff). really, WHAT THE HECK? i DON'T want to see every battle between the barbs and some freakin' city state, i DON'T want to watch the animations 23485734 times when i've seen them thousands of times before, i DON'T want to watch my units move like glued from the stoneage to the future. IT SUCKS.

    on a more personal note, i've installed the game in english (although i'm native german, it's common that the translation to a foreign language is pure failure in 95% of the games+movies+series) and enjoyed it in english yesterday. today, i've started the game and whoops, a update. "well, okay, they've finally fixed the ugly roads+rivers or something" i thought, but no! the only thing that the update did was to reset my game to german.
    WELL, that would've been no problem IF there was an option to switch back to english. but there isn't. it would've even been less of a problem if the game would be more or less similar to the english version in everything but laughable translations, but NO!
    now, if the french make a public declaration - i can't see WHAT they've declared. when contacting a leader, there's no text about what they're saying (less of a problem with the russians, english, french and german but who speaks the incan language? i surely don't). more or less, every text message has been deleted. now THIS sux!

    there are alot of things that probably will be fixed by upcoming patches, and anyway i like ciV alot already. still, those are the things that came to my mind while i played my first game, what about you? maybe one or another has solution for the language issue ...?
  2. BobTheTerrible

    BobTheTerrible Just Another Bob

    Jan 5, 2003
    Middle of Nowhere
    Hover the cursor and wait about 5 seconds, and then it will pop up. It's annoying that it doesn't happen immediately, though.
  3. DrPepper836

    DrPepper836 Warlord

    Oct 29, 2007
    If you go into the options, you can change that delay time to whatever you want. I have mine set to 0s, so it's always up.
  4. TrailblazingScot

    TrailblazingScot I was kittenOFchaos

    Jan 6, 2001
    Brighouse, England
    Why would you need a building queue when it takes so long to build anything?

    I'm enjoying Civ V, but I don't like that units cost so much. Hardly any need for the 1UPT limit when no-one has more than a handful of units.

    Want a tip? Two ais fight...give them a little time to annihilate each others army and then invade. They won't be able to replace their losses anytime soon...no-one can!
  5. ahcos

    ahcos King

    Mar 19, 2010
    thanks alot, now opening this thread already had some sense after all :>

    i recommend this thread aswell http://forums.civfanatics.com/showthread.php?t=383032 pretty much of the things i forgot - he/she mentioned it.

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