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CiV Diplomacy Templates

Discussion in 'Civ5 - Modding Tutorials & Reference' started by Typhlomence, Sep 11, 2016.

  1. Typhlomence

    Typhlomence Magical Tomomo

    Mar 19, 2014
    Brisbane, Australia
    CiV Diplomacy Templates


    This is a collection of templates for defining new diplomacy text for leaders in Civilization V. New diplomacy text is something I always like to see in modded civs, so I hope by releasing templates I can make the process easier for some people.

    What's included in the templates:
    There are templates for every response for the vanilla game, as well as the responses introduced with the Community Patch/Vox Populi and Civ 4 Diplomacy features. It includes two parts for each - the SQL/XML for the entries in the Diplomacy_Responses table, and the XML for the actual lines. Each file includes comments as to how to use them, as well as a short description of what each response is actually used for.

    Also included for all the templates is an example using the generic lines, which you can use to get a further feel for what should be in each response.

    How to use:
    Copy the templates you need into your ModBuddy project. All of the templates use "LEADER_LEADERNAME" as a placeholder, so replace that with your leader's type, then you should be good to go - all you need to do is start writing your own lines. Any lines you don't want to use, you can delete, as the game will fallback to the generic lines in that case.

    Each response in the game text XML is given one entry, though you can add more by adding a numbered suffix. For example, to add another first greeting, add a second entry with the tag "TXT_KEY_LEADER_LEADERNAME_FIRSTGREETING_2".

    Please refer to the included readme for more details.

    (I know it's not too long to the release of Civ VI, but I know people are still going to be modding CiV so this might come in useful!)

    Spoiler File list :

    Vanilla folder -> Responses for the base BNW game
    • Template_LeaderDiplomacy.sql -> Entries for the diplomacy responses table
    • Template_LeaderDiplomacy.xml -> Same as above in XML
    • Template_LeaderDiplomacyText.xml -> The actual text for the diplomacy lines
    • Template_LeaderDiplomacy_Extended.sql -> Entries for the diplomacy responses table (extended version)
    • Template_LeaderDiplomacy_Extended.xml -> Same as above in XML (extended version)
    • Template_LeaderDiplomacyText_Extended.xml -> The actual text for the diplomacy lines (extended version)

    Community Patch folder -> Responses introduced in the Community Patch/Vox Populi
    • Template_LeaderDiplomacyCP.sql -> Entries for the diplomacy responses table
    • Template_LeaderDiplomacyCP.xml -> Same as above in XML
    • Template_LeaderDiplomacyTextCP.xml -> The actual text for the diplomacy lines
    • CP_AlternateDenounce.xml -> Alternate version of the new denoucements that includes the reason in the "They have publically denounced us" note

    C4DF folder -> Responses introduced in Civ 4 Diplomacy Features
    • Template_LeaderDiplomacyC4DF.sql -> Entries for the diplomacy responses table
    • Template_LeaderDiplomacyC4DF.xml -> Same as above in XML
    • Template_LeaderDiplomacyTextC4DF.xml -> The actual text for the diplomacy lines

    Examples folder -> The above templates filled in with the default generic responses
    • Example_DiplomacyText.xml -> Vanilla BNW
    • Example_DiplomacyText_Extended.xml -> Vanilla BNW (extended version)
    • Example_DiplomacyTextCP.xml -> Community Patch/Vox Populi
    • Example_DiplomacyTextC4DF.xml -> Civ 4 Diplomacy Features
  2. Craig_Sutter

    Craig_Sutter Deity

    Aug 13, 2002
    Calgary, Canada
    Thanks for this. My scenario has unmodded responses... this will improve immersion.

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