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May 9, 2005
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Civilization Fanatics Centre
One of the major Civ2 scenario creation forums on the internet.

The Civilization 2 Scenario League at Apolyton
The other major Civ2 scenario creation forums on the internet.

The Scenario League Site
Home to the Scenario Leagues scenarios and resources.

We Play Civ
A new Civilization site with a small but active Civ2 forum.

The Cradle of Civilization
This fertile valley is home to Civilization Test of Time. Loads of great resources, a real goldmine!

Civ2 Group on Facebook
Our very own Scenario League group on Facebook.

Civilization Webring Forum
A German language Civilization Forum.

Civ2 - Multiplayer at the Civilization Forum
One of the last bastions of CivII multiplayer. My own personal recommendation!

Catfish's Cave
Resources for Civilization 2: Test of Time as well as his epic War of the Rings scenario.

Tecumseh's village
Home to our very own Tec(h)umseh's ToT scenarios as well as several classic scenarios by other designers converted to ToT.

Mercator's Civilization 2 Site
Need a Utility for Civ2? Look no further than Mr Vermeiren's treasure trove!

The Spanish Civilization Site
Available in Spanish and English. Home to a fine collection of scenarios.

Carl's Scenarios for Civilization II
Five of Carl Fritz's own scenarios (all very good) and three very useful utilities (Civ Tweak, Civ City and Civ Hot).

Civilization Gaming Network

Prometeus' Classic Civilization Home Page

Sacrificial Blood 2.1: Rise of the High Native Empires
A Civilization II Multiplayer Gold Modpack created by Shay Yates Roberts.

The Swedish Civilization II Site

BeBro's Civ2000 Site

C-evo Empire Building Game

Free Civ
I will edit these posts to keep them up to date and add content. Would it be possible for the moderator here to make the post a stick and if possible edit the post title so that it is all in capital letters. For some reason despite typing it in capitals it seems to convert it into lower case.

I will keep this post as a spare in case we have any other ideas.
Some of @McMonkey 's links are dead now as the sites are gone however fortunately in most cases there's a working backup of each website at web archive and even in some cases the downloads are backed up too which is good. I don't know what site was deleted by Magic_Gorter but I'm guessing it might have been the erm.. 'F Gov' mod site I keep coming across so I'll leave that out. If I accidentally relist some other Civ2 site considered culturally inappropriate by the community let me know and I'll get it out of here!

While doing my scenario search & rescue project and Civ video series prep work I've located quite a few old Civ2 scenario repositories! Using similar research and hunting techniques I've used over the years when tributing long lost libraries of fan games/mods for my retro gaming website Blake's Sanctum and also in real world work I do, I've used link lists on surviving sites to collect old addresses to paste into webarchive, each time I found a backup of a long lost site I'd then visit it's own links section to find even more long lost site links to paste into the archive search. This branching out takes days or even weeks but leads to huge results! The larger sites (in particular any Apolyton hosted ones) seem to have good backups with working downloads still, presumably due to someone manually backing them up to webarchive. Whereas the smaller sites often don't have working downloads due to the bot crawler only backing up small stuff. However the smaller sites are still useful as they often contain useful info, strategy guides and custom Civ2 graphic files that were more likely to get backed up than the scenarios due to their smaller file size. This was actually quite fun to make as visiting these sites is like stepping into a time machine to the late 90s! :)

Below are all the repositories/sources I've managed to find in my rescue efforts, please let me know if there's any other good dead or alive Civ2 scenario site/sources missing! Obviously there's quite a bit of crossover and duplication between them but many tend to have something the others don't.

Compilations & collections:

Large website repositories:

Small website repositories (often a modders homepage):

Forums containing scenario files & links:

Other Civilization 2 websites (no scenarios):

RIP Lost Civilization 2 websites (no working backup found):

Like I said above, if you know of a great Civ2 related page missing from here let me know! :)

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@Blake00 there is also an archived copy of the Walnut Creek disk of scenarios which has 44 scenarios on it:

Cheers mate, have stuck it in the list! :) Which reminds me, I still have a PC Gamer UK magazine Demo disc I got in 1997 which had a huge collection of scenarios and maps on it. I'll have to upload them to CFC in the near future!

I've also been contacted privately by several people who have done their own big Civ2 scenario and website links collecting over the years and have given me their lists, plus I'm not even near finished with my own searches yet so there's still a lot more to come to the above list! :)

Well that took way longer than I would have liked lol, but I'm FINISHED!!! I have exhausted all search options and link lists I can find. As you can see the final list of Civ2 sites above is utterly MASSIVE! Especially after I expanded it's scope to include non-scenario Civ2 fan sites as well which has resulted in over 400 links! Now that I've done everything I can, this list will only increase if others make submissions (just tag me & I'll add your link) of websites & CD repositories. Oh and let me know if you find duplicates as it's quite possible with something this big.

While cataloging Civ2 websites was never something I planned I'm glad I did it as browsing hundreds of 1990s websites was like travelling back in time to a cool era where everything was new & exciting, and best of all I've found a number of rare long lost scenarios relating to my search categories of interest and there's plenty more downloads scattered across these sites I didn't grab that others would no doubt find interesting. Civ2 collectors can now roll through the sites in this list clicking on every scenario/mod download they can see and build a huge collection if they wish. The hardest part in scenario collecting is finding all the old dead sites so I've taken care of that part for you! :)

I'm gonna put copies on Poly, WPC,, Russian CFC and maybe some other forums too to ensure it's properly preserved and all communities can access the repositories.

Sadly many of the sites above no longer have working downloads due to the webarchive crawlers only grabbing small files, and some of these dead downloads were rather heart breaking discoveries of amazing looking fantasy and scifi mods that never made it to the big sites and appear lost forever sadly. However every now and then you'll find a working link to something rare and awesome.

Speaking of the rare scenarios/mods I've found, they look super cool and I look forward to posting them to CFC soon. Expect to see a whole lot of my name in the Civ2 downloads area haha as this is going to take a few weeks to sort out.

Speaking of which, as promised I've located my old PC Gamer UK Civ2 scenario & map collection CD and have uploaded it's content here to CFC (& added it to the list above). Heaps of old gems in there!

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Blake00, your list about the lost Civ 2 sites is a fantastic work ! :thumbsup:
Thanks guys. :)

Have made some updates to the list including separating out the compilation CDs and download section zip backups from the regular websites into their own new section at the top of the list. In this new section I put all the CD scenario & map collections we found (including a new one uploaded to ModDB by a guy called foo_jam2002 that has some interesting scenarios I haven't seen before in it), along with the recently acquired huge Apolyton and CFC Atomic Civ2 download backup zips that I posted about elsewhere, and finally the new browsable backup collections I'm in the process of building on ModDB and Web Archive Library.

So I spoke with foo_jam2002 and it turns out that file I linked to above was only a small piece of the entire Civ2 collection he pulled off a Greek PC Master Magazine CD, and that he actually rtook most of the scenarios and put them into 10 zipped files over in the addon section of the Civ2 ModDB page. 11 different zip files in 2 different places is a bit messy for people to find so I've downloaded them all and combined them into one recompressed 7zip file (there's literally hundreds of scenarios & mods in this collection so it's a great find!) and reuploaded it to the big Civ2 Webarchive collection I've been building. I also managed to locate the original PC Master Magazine CD & mag covers from a Greek magazine preservation site called and uploaded them too! All a bit pedantic I know but there's just something about preserving rare items as well as photos of them in an online library that makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside. :lol::lol: You'll find it all here:

foo_jam2002 also mentioned that the full iso of the dvd is on and I managed to locate it as I wanted to check to see if there was anything else Civ2 related he didn't include in his moddb downloads but unfortunately the iso appears to be corrupt so we'll just have to go with what we've got for now! I've updated the link up in the main list to go to the new combined file.

Also the above situation made me think about how I'd taken the PC Gamer UK CD Civ2 files and split them across multiple files in the CFC scenario and map download sections making me not much better at creating confusion lol, so I've recombined them into one collection and stuck them up on too. I also dug out my copy of the magazine itself and took some pictures of that too. I link in the list above now links to that instead.

And finally I also decided to give the Wallnut Creek Civ2 CD iso the same 'easy access' treatment as mounting a iso is a bit awkward, plus weirdly there's like 3 copies of everything on the cd making it rather confusing to navigate. So I took a copy of all the Civ2 files removing duplicates and recompressed them all in 7zip and uploaded it into the Civ2 collection too.

I'll slap some copies of these new 7zip files on the CFC server too but will post about that somewhere else more appropriate soon.

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