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CIV Gold Scenarios

Discussion in 'RoM Scenarios and Maps' started by os79, Dec 7, 2009.

  1. os79

    os79 Chieftain

    Mar 14, 2009
    Eastern USA Coast
    How about you scenario makers/mergers work on CIV Gold. If you do that, I will put the links to your posts including your scenarios.

    Rule #1: it only works with megacivpack, obviously. Because the scenarios ere originally for CIV Gold only, so the same can be said for scenarios here.

    Rule #2: You can add more civs since RoM runs on the DLL that allows up to 50 civs in one map :). That is only limitation CIV Gold has, it runs on 18 civs maps.

    Now go forth and make the scenarios for civpacks :D.

    (Personal note: it is not urgent, but it would be much appreciated because I have civpack working perfectly on my computer and want to have some use for them, :lol:.)

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