CIV 2 or CIV 5, the superior scenario / partial-mod building platform?

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Nov 21, 2003
I am interested to see what modders who have experience with both CIV2 and CIV5 editing have to say on this topic. Is one really better to edit than the other? Is one easier or that much more customizable? What are the pros and cons of doing a scenario or partial mod for a scenario on each? Which has better tool support? Which has the better reputation in the community as the go-to for scenario building?

Out of familiarity and HOURS INVESTED I'm of course partial to CIV 2 in all its incarnations, not to mention in-built game mechanics both favored and favored-to-adjust from my PoV. However LUA I will say is a supple, fine language that a mouth-breathing macro/batch coder like me can jump into just like that...

So what say you, which is the way to go? For an involved, many-scripted-events scenario thing, y'know... is CIV 5 BNW ready for this? Should I stick with my homegame and its many tools and age-old documentation (and still new and developing!) CIV 2?

Let's 'scuss - thanks!
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