Civ IV BtS Max Pop Reached (2^31)


Oct 26, 2005
I'm guessing this is somewhere else on this thread, but I believe I reached the max population possible in Civ IV BtS. The Demographics screen capped out at 2,147,483,647 (2.1 billion). This was a HUGE map game on Monarch. My largest city was 45. No mods...just stock BtS.

I had reduced the enemies down to a single city and had Sid's Sushi and Mining Corps. I was getting +32 food from Sid and +35 from Mining.

At any rate -- just curious if anyone else has gotten here. This happens to be 2^31, so I guess I shouldn't be surprised that it capped at the max 32 bit number. I guess I can stop playing now. LOL
Civ IV is now broken forever :lol:

Be interesting to see if @WastinTime or @Kaitzilla have some thoughts, since they've put up some whoppin' scores on huge maps.
Ha! I decided I wanted to see how high I could get it. It's kind of a micro-managing nightmare, but it was fun. I got to 1 Billion sometime in the 2000's, and I think went from 1 Billion to 2 Billion in about 10-15 turns. By then, I had cleared the map of all but one 'enemy' city on an island, so I controlled the whole map. So was just dishing out Sid's to all the newly captured cities. By then, I had countless 30+ cities, which were growing fast (still) with the +32 food from Sid's.

Anyway - it will be interesting to see if anyone else got to this point. :)
Was this with domination turned off so you could 'safely' fill the entire map. Fantastic achievement in any case. Congrats. \o/
Yes, correct. Domination was turned off to allow me to fill the map. Victory modes turned on were Conquest, Space and Time. I was going to keep going until the final turn, but once I saw the population max out, I just wiped out the last enemy city. I still had about 20 turns left, so I probably could have gotten to 3 billion at the rate I was growing at the end. I can see a lot of people thinking this would a tortuous waste of time, but I was just curious. Ok, it was a little tortuous. :)

But, I played this over many weeks, so it wasn't too bad. By the end, most cities were set to 'Auto manage workers / max food' and set to either 'Wealth' or 'Research'. So turns went a lot faster once there was only one enemy civ city left. Was getting a Future Tech every turn and was at FT 56 by the end, so there was nothing preventing the growth of cities (plenty of happy and health).

Just counted:
Total Cities = 225
Cities with pop >= 40: 5
Cities with pop 30-39: 97
Cities with pop 20-29: 63

Anyway.... Thanks. :) Kind of relieved it's over. Haha...
Huh, so population limit is same number as number of worker turns on screen one can get by accident sometimes. Good to know, thank you.
I just checked, and we did pass that limit. 446 cities at 815AD was Kait's final. I don't know when max was reached. However, high score kept going up, so I don't see 2^31 as any kind of limit. Just the limit that is displayed on the Demo screen.
(and that was 446 cities within the Domination limit) I wonder how much max population could really be.
Ok cool. That 2^31 limit must just be the limitation of the Demographics display as you say. in the world do you get to 446 cities by 815AD!? That's unreal! in the world do you get to 446 cities by 815AD!? That's unreal!
Yeah, it was a competition over a month (maybe 2). Due to the 'short' time, I went with a faster 610AD finish, but only had 385 cities. (10 million+ score)
Kait's score was 11+ million.
Gotta do it on Huge, Marathon speed with a Big&Small, tiny islands map. (or maybe a tiny island Arch. map)
What leader/Civ? It'd be interesting to see a scoreboard of everyone who's gone for it and the stats.
Makes sense, I recently went back through Kylearan's old blog and he did a challenge from Realms Beyond based on pop growth with the Incas.
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