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Civ IV - Now or later?

Civ4 - Now or later?

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Dominus Romae

Sep 29, 2005
With Civ IV coming soon, I am asking myself: in two years, this new version of Civ will be considered simply as the "Civ IV vanilla" version. This means bugs, the "antiquated" adjective, a need for Gotm mods and other extra stuff only to have a good gameplay. This is annoying, and the ridiculous price discourages us from buying it now. Only anxious people will buy Civ4 in the release date. I won't. I will wait for basic things, such as patches and expansions, before I can even look at the Civ IV CD. Or else there will be no gameplay for me.

This poll is simply for us to know how many of us will wait and how many of us will buy Civ4 now or already pre-ordered it.
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