Civ IV Special Edition on Windows 10? Possible?


Aug 26, 2020
I have a Windows 10 laptop, and Civ IV Special Edition installed from the disks. I applied patch 1.61 and I have the properties of the shortcut set for "Windows 7 compatibility" and "Run as Administrator".

When I start the program, nothing happens. The game will not load, and it does not appear in the Task Manager.

Is it even possible to get Special Edition working in Windows 10?
The problem is Windows 10 does not allow the copy protection method used on the discs. So, although you can install from disc, you cannot run from it, since the program tries to check the disc using the non-existent copy protection protocol. If the Special Edition includes the Beyond The Sword (BST) expansion, then you can install it and patch that to version 3.19. Since 3.19 does not require the copy protection check, you will be able to run it using the method that you tried for the basic game.
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