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Jul 22, 2007
I am finishing slowly my Israel playthrough, so I am thinking what nation try out next. Thus I came up with idea, why not we recommend each other which nations are interesting to try out? There have been already plenty versions, so I am sure some of you tried out multiple times some nation and maybe you don't want to come back to it with next version, but you considered it to be fun/interesting one to try out.

I will start out with question - which civ do would you recommend to try out for wide play? I will probably go with India next as I want to try out religion play again and they have huge core with a number of luxury resources so it should work well to this type of gameplay. After it though I have no idea. Tall play seems very powerful in my Israel playthrough so far, maybe you can recommend some civ that should feel powerful with wide play but does not? Anyway, this are just questions to start things off, feel free to just list what kinds of civs for what kind of playstyle or what you would like some other players to try out etc.
I’ve been playing USA, I recommend it because it is pretty easy to play, but is a race against time before the game ends or another player wins.
Wide games are not common in Civ 5 and less so in this mod because of the emphasis on roleplay victories, stability penalties for large civs, and the increased per-city tech penalty in the mod compared to unmodded.

But yeah,
  • look at the RP victories that challenge you to expand, like Phoenicia, Rome, or Spain. Of those I've only done Phoenicia.
  • In theory Persia, but I don't think the mod is set up for a Persian empire to be sustainable so it would probably have to be a short game with your own RP goal.
  • Or Arabia because I think they have a big stability map and an RP victory that doesn't require a lot of tech.
  • I did a domination victory as Greece because I wanted to check if domination was even enabled (it was), but that was more of a novelty game: I played on the easiest difficulty and finished before Rome spawned.
  • Around last March I tried Mongolia, but at the time I found it impossible to run an economy that didn't crash.
  • Someone described playing Egypt as a religion spam game - they said it was too easy - but you could add your own challenge to see how much of Africa you can cover. (I've always wanted to try that.)
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