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Discussion in 'CivRev - Stories & Tales' started by marciv, Dec 20, 2011.

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    I just thought that I would mention the fact that I am enjoying Rev on the DS Lite. I picked up my Grandson's DS and bought a copy of Rev off e-Bay. It transpires that my copy was for the US. Although this plays on the EU version of the DS Lite it won't play on the DS Lite XL which is REGION based.
    For the information of all Civ fanatics, Rev does play on the new 3DS although I cannot say if the new consul is region based like the XL.
    Anyhow, just as I was getting into Rev on the DS, Grandson comes along and wants his toy back. I didn't want to make the Head-lines "Grandfather fights grandson over DS" so I have purchased my own. Having great fun on it and consider it money well spent! :)

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