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Civ Scenrio Design info links are all broken

Discussion in 'Civ2 - Scenario Creation' started by Konig15, Dec 23, 2019.

  1. Konig15

    Konig15 Warlord

    Nov 4, 2007
    I've been trying to get information, mostly on the original game for the purposes of scenario design, and all the links are GONE, Civ Fanatics keeps saying there's nothing there when I click on the links, both in the info threads, which are from 2011 and the Reference part of the Civ 2 downloads section. Looking in particular:

    1. Everything on this page: https://www.civfanatics.com/civ2/downloads/reference/
    1. Way to hack game so that pollution is a thing but global warming will never, ever fire.
    2. Goody huts and which units it can spawn, which technologies, and what are the ratios and can they be modified without hex modding (other than changing values in the Game.txt file)
    3 Destruction of terrain improvements on nuclear attack/meltdown.
    4. A way, if possible to re-implement the airbase 'bug' in TOT, or at least certain scenarios thereof.
    5. Mechanical difference between freight and caravan
    6. Is it possible to create a zero movement cost tile?
    7. Can you put the grassland/plain effect of getting +1 trade with a road to any other terrains, like forests and hills?

    And then for TOTPP:
    1. What is the maximum number of advances for TOTPP, and is this different than TOT vanilla?
    2. Is there a way to implement spy functions in other Diplo units like putting engineering abilities in other settlers? Or freight capabilities other trade units?
    3. Is it possible to make it so units play by different rules in different maps?
    4. What are the limits on unit move points, and road multipliers and what if anything happens when you set shield costs to over 180? Game keeps warning of odd behavior, but I don't know what that is.
    5. Is there a readme on designing new terrain? Can they have Terrian 2 features, the grasslands shield or the road trade bonus? Or could they even be a second kind of ocean terrain?
    6. Is there an advanced guide to using the barbarians as an actual eight faction, given TOTPP's ability to change how many offensive units the Barbarians tey and make? especially important for me, is being able to toggle on or off the ransom screen and direct barbarian units to go places I need them too

    ANd thanks for any help.
  2. JPetroski

    JPetroski Deity

    Jan 24, 2011
    Google "scenario League wiki" - there is a large hints section there for scenario design. I'd link it myself but I'm on my phone.

    Also, @tootall_2012 provided a link to you for a thread I started seeking an excel sheet for scenario design that had many references. Did you see that? If not, just scroll a few pages through the Scenario League forum to find my thread.

    As to your specific questions, perhaps I can help more soon but not while on a phone
  3. Konig15

    Konig15 Warlord

    Nov 4, 2007
    The belated response is yes I saw it at one point, and cannot find it now. There was a link to the TOT manual, which was less helpful than I hoped.
    I'm having trouble finding sources that might answer relatively simple questions.

    The whole trade section in TOT was so vague as to be useless, and I still don't understand the difference between a caravan and a fright unit. Freight is supposed to be better, but my question is how and how much? Is it possible to tweak the goody hut percentages? I'd LOVE to play a game where I and the AI were swimming in free settler units. I'd like to know how and to what degree the AI benefits from trade, and if there's a way to make the AI do a LOT more of it, and if it's worth it? And I know I keep bringing this up but: if it's possible to reimplement the airbase "bug" for flavor purposes and to give this bug to the various incarnations of the transporter for the purposes of flavor.

    Another thing that would REALY help, would be the ability to open up the map editor at the same time as the game. And when designing a scenario to be able to make the map editor upload THOSE graphics. Like in one of the Doctor who scenarios, the bunks in the Unit base are made by linking four river tiles together, and if that's the case, not being able to see the graphics you'll end up within the final product, that is, see the bed being formed as you put don the river tiles, would be a nightmare.

    That's before the guide on using barbarians, such and so forth. And then there's TOTPP and how much of this is revised given the extensive nature of the patch. I posted a lot of these questions on the TOTPP thread, but no one's responded.
  4. Knighttime

    Knighttime Warlord

    Sep 20, 2002
    Here is that link, in case you're still interested: https://forums.civfanatics.com/threads/scenario-creation-excel-sheet.621038/

    I believe Freight provides a 50% bonus compared to Caravan, in the upfront gold payout. It doesn't make any difference which type of unit establishes the route, in terms of the ongoing arrows provided each turn. Of course Freight also can move 2 tiles instead of 1.

    Not as far as I know, other than the fact that the Invention tech means free advances can no longer be gained from goody huts (see Test of Time Advance Slot Properties).

    This is easy enough to do with events, either in the macro language or TOTPP+Lua.

    The map editor, assuming it's located in your game's main installation folder, uses the Terrain1.gif and Terrain2.gif files in that same location. You can make the map look the same in the editor as in a scenario if you update those files. But note that they're .gif files, not .bmp, and as a result are subject to the limitations of the 256-color palette. My understanding is that basically the map editor is stuck at the level of MGE and didn't get upgraded to support true-color bitmaps like most other parts of ToT.
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