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Civ Stories Go Here!

Discussion in 'Community Patch Project' started by Jdoug312, Aug 16, 2016.

  1. tu_79

    tu_79 Chieftain

    Feb 11, 2016
    Malaga (Spain)
    Mod version. 18-jul-17
    Settings. Small communitas map, King, RA enabled, No events.
    Civ: Inca
    AI: Rome, Germany, Songhai, Japan, Arabia.
    Outcome: Retired on turn 300

    I made several mistakes here. For once, I had lot of space for going Progress, but fearing my Rome neighbour, I went Tradition instead. Ended up settling 9 well separated cities, though I managed to not overextend. I founded with Goddess of Love, picked Apostolic Tradition, and Cathedrals. Later used Jesuit education.
    The mistake is that I didn't have a good faith generation, and I was purchasing cathedrals, monasteries, and scientific buildings, so no faith points left for missionaries. Note for myself: Without a religious civ, use mostly passive things.

    Settling over a mountain is quite good, free science and faith. Working on a mountain is not that good. Unfortunately, mountains were scarce in my continent and only one city was over a mountain. Lots of hills and many farm clusters, with cathedrals, was my main asset.

    I wasn't lucky for converting neighbours. Rome was already a founder and I was trapped between her and the ocean. By the time Arabia (who was leading the whole game) founded me, the whole world already had some religion.
    Askia was a bully and gobbled Germany and was about to destroy Rome too when I tried to help. But I was meddling in something I wasn't prepared for. Even if I could stop Askia from taking the whole Rome, Japan decided I was weak enough to take on me. And was right.

    Suddenly my happiness dropped like 25 points, 20 fusilier rebels appeared near one of my cities, while Japan crushed my fleet and Songhai declared war again. I tried to hold on and modernise my army, but it was too late.

    So the second mistake was to concede Defense Pact to Rome when my army wasn't fit for the task. And the last mistake was to wait so long for modernising the army.

    It felt weird, having so many good farms, I didn't want any village. Without villages, Rationalism is not that tempting, but Jesuit education put me in a good place for science. My army was weak, so I went imperialism for buffing farms even more and start producing a decent army, but it came too late.
  2. Galbias

    Galbias Chieftain

    Jul 2, 2016
    Civ Used: Huns
    Total Number of Civs: 8
    Difficulty: King
    Map Type: Oval
    Map Size: Standard
    Speed: Standard
    Settings: defaults + Transparent Diplomacy, Research Agreements/no tech trading
    Mods: Infoaddict
    Version: 7/28
    Outcome: Science Victory on turn 447

    After having some difficulty in my past Emperor game I decided to try King, it was nice having things feel fairly balanced and not seeing every AI city with 1.5 times the population of my equivalent. Being the Huns, I naturally wanted to do some conquest and the Byzantines to the east were an easy target. Taking one city and their capital caused pretty much everyone to hate me, with Morocco declaring war every so often, which was mostly just a nuisance as we didn't share any land borders but he was a good TR target. The Huns are surprisingly good at peaceful infrastructure too though, they get tons of territory and Ekis give +1f 1p 1c in the Ancient era and then additional 1f 1p on Chivalry, and that's without any adjacency bonuses. I went Authority/Piety/Imperialism and spread my religion to Morocco and Denmark nearby. With Zealotry I got a global monopoly on Iron (and later, Oil), which meant even more production, other beliefs were God of War, Hero Worship, Thrift, Churches, and TTGOG.

    Germany and Persia were looking to be the strong AIs, with the former having a relatively small empire but a 5-8 technology advantage and tons of wonders, and Persia just having lots of territory and a strong army while not being behind elsewhere. I was hoping to get DoF with Persia and maybe go to war against Denmark together, but Persia declared war on me instead. They had a bigger army than mine and were constantly in a Golden Age, and the city that they were attacking (Constantinople) had an inland sea on my side that made it difficult to defend. There were a lot of losses on both sides, but God of War/Zealotry helped me reinforce and ultimately neither of us made any noticeable progress, he accepted peace after a bit and even paid me a little.

    Shortly after, Persia, Morocco, Denmark, Byzantines, and Germany all declared war on me at roughly the same time, though only the first three actually did anything. This war was much harder, even with Thrift I ended up suffering a lot of Poverty simply because there was basically nobody who I could send my trade routes to safely, I ended using all of them internally. To make things worse, a city-state sent several units on a suicide mission to pillage a bunch of stuff near my capital, which included the only road I had going out, breaking all my city connections and plunging me to around -20 happiness. A bought GA Golden Age brought me up to about -10 until I could clean up the units and get a worker to fix the improvement/road.

    After hanging on for awhile, people started accepting peace. Not only that, but in a period of 30 turns or so I got DoF with Morocco, Persia, America, and Rome, I think it's the only time I've ever gotten DoF with Rome in ~500 hours of Civ 5. I took the city I had been wanting from Denmark forever and probably could've just gone for a peaceful victory, but I wanted revenge on Germany for stealing so many wonders over the course of the game, so I embarked a death army across the ocean to take his cities. He had a highly advanced army (including a couple Panzers) and the biggest one according to demographics, but he was slightly distracted with Rome and Persia joined in too after a bit. His defensive army had a lot of Machine Guns and wasn't able to effectively deal with Attila-enhanced Landships, I pushed him back to his furthest city while my Field Guns and Artillery slowly pinged away at his capital.

    Berlin was taken, but the game wasn't over. I went Freedom and had been originally planning on a Cultural victory with something like 800 Tourism at this point to 200 from the closest competitor, but both Travel Ban and Cold War had gotten passed which rendered a Culture victory basically impossible. I switched to going for a science victory and started unlocking Rationalism, helped by the culture-focused corporation, but all of my DoF partners except Morocco switched to denouncing me (I guess Rome was a bit jealous considering he'd been trying to conquer Germany the entire game) and went Order. Nobody was really close to a diplomatic victory either (United Nations got shot down a couple times) so I just continued the slow march towards a science victory, with Persia several techs behind.

    Bit of a dull end to the game, the Huns were a lot of fun to play though. I really like how they have bonuses that change combat instead of just rewards for conquest or killing units or whatever.

    Civ Used: China
    Total Number of Civs: 10
    Difficulty: Emperor
    Map Type: Donut (desert center)
    Map Size: Large
    Speed: Standard
    Settings: defaults + Transparent Diplomacy, both Research Agreements and tech trading
    Mods: Infoaddict
    Version: 8/7
    Outcome: Science Victory on turn 343

    I think going Donut without a mountain/ocean center makes the map a bit too big, I should've added another 2 Civs. I started in the middle of the desert, with Siam to the south, Spain to the west, Carthage to the northwest, and Morocco to the east. I settled 6 cities (and managed 2 natural wonders), which was probably a little much but oh well. The desert helped protect me to an extent, though my cities nearest Spain were on the edge and she did declare war early. I was pretty much anticipating this and built Walls beforehand and was able to defend myself. Morocco seemed like he would declare war but decided to demand some Iron instead, which I was happy to provide.

    I was the second one to get a pantheon but of course the first one to go was Spirit of the Desert. Religion went poorly in general, in addition to losing Spirit of the Desert I also couldn't get Theocratic Rule, Cathedrals, or Mastery, and by the time I was starting to spread it, all of my neighbors had either founded or were already halfway converted. I did manage to basically convert Portugal who was further to the north, past some city-states, but it still wasn't enough to reform, I would need to spread with a Great Prophet, and Spain was already trying to convert Portugal with Missionary spam and a lot of passive pressure. Ultimately I decided to just enhance with a second religious building to buy everywhere and then let Spain's religion take over; this took a long time due to the Faith costs (most of my cities lost their religion passively due to pressure from all directions, being squarely in the middle of the map definitely hurt me here) but gave me some nice yields from having Synagogues and Mandirs from my religion and Cathedrals from Spain's, Pagodas would've been really nice in retrospect. I also suffered a bit of religious unhappiness that I was never able to fully get rid of.

    After awhile, the world had basically split into two major factions, with Spain, Carthage, and Portugal on one side of the map, and myself, Morocco, England, and Siam (and later Mongolia and Brazil) on the other, Venice was also in the game but he spawned between Spain and Carthage and didn't last long. This gave me a lot of partners for trading and RAs which was nice, I went Tradition/Artistry/Rationalism, working towards a Culture victory. Sharing a direct border with Carthage and an unfriendly Spain made me a bit nervous but it was surprisingly peaceful, I got Archaeology early enough that I was able to pick up a lot of Artifacts and jumped forward in Tourism. Morocco actually got Freedom 2 turns before me and I had to rush Statue of Liberty to make sure I got it. All of the other cool Civs eventually went Freedom and the lame ones on Spain's side all went Order.

    Naturally, I couldn't avoid war forever and Spain, Carthage, and Portugal all declared it on me during the same turn. Spain was the closest and biggest threat, she had been the tech leader all game and had ~2.5 times my military numbers. Initially it was like a reverse of last game, with my Logistics Machine Guns unable to deal effective damage to Spain's Tank-heavy army. Luckily, by the time this war happened I was only a few turns way from Radar and already had the tenet to unlock B17s. Sadly, you can't upgrade Bombers to them and I had some supply issues but once I had enough of them out, Spain wasn't able to push forward hard enough to seriously threaten any of my cities. I did suffer a weirdly large wave of Boredom-related unhappiness during the war, which combined with pillaged tiles and starvation to put me below -10, but it was easily fixable with some tile reassigning and luxury trades.

    After the wars ended, I took a look at my tourism situation. I was already influential or close on a couple civs, but the toughest nut to crack was actually Morocco, despite us sharing the same ideology. I was already sending most of my trade routes to him and started sending my GMs and set them to autobuy, but since I had Rationalism I could also rush through the late-game tech tree (the boosts to Science in Artistry helped too) and the science win came first. It actually took longer than it should have because I had forgotten that you can't buy Spaceship parts without a Spaceship Factory and can't build a Spaceship Factory without a Factory and I had a total of 3 Coal. I still had one in my capital thanks to Hubble but you can only buy spaceship parts every other turn in the same city. Oh well, it didn't cost me much time overall. Was only 67% influential over Morocco when I finished the game, with around 1600 Tourism.

    Spoiler :

    Germany nuked their own city twice after I captured it...then asked for it back later. That'd be a hard one to explain to your citizens.

    Religious followers/spread in one of my cities. The pressure for Catholicism is much lower than normal thanks to the war, but the changes definitely left me with more religious variety than there otherwise would've been.

    Last edited: Aug 12, 2017
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  3. tu_79

    tu_79 Chieftain

    Feb 11, 2016
    Malaga (Spain)
    VP 8/7-3.
    Inca vs. Maya, Denmark, Indonesia, Korea and Iroquois.
    Planet Simulator continents, small, king, no events, research agreements.
    Science victory on turn 400.

    I had a similar experience for Emperor, so I went back to King. This game was tough, however. I had my own small continent to settle, Korea was my closest neighbour, with Iroquois at the end of their continent. The others were separated by deep waters.

    I started by doing something crazy. Because no mountain was close to my spawning point, I looked for one and moved my settler during two turns until I found one large mountain chain. It didn't had any resources nearby, but I was planning on playing tradition.

    I slowly settled 8 cities. 3 were on mountains, 1 was on mountain and coastal, and other 3 were coastal. Goddess of nature allowed me to be the first one to found a religion (cooperation, mastery, jesuit education). A gold monopoly led me to the Jewelers corporation (+85% Great people)

    I didn't have much trouble dealing with barbs. When I noticed that I was alone, I just placed some watchmen to prevent barb spamming. Korea, on the other hand, was suffering from barb attacks and I didn't do anything to help her. I turned out quite bad for Korea, she was backwards for the rest of the game.

    I missed lots of early wonders, probably because my capital didn't have any good tiles. In middle age I suffered two attacks: Harald tried to invade me, but he never set a foot in my lands, as I was sinking everything he throwed at me; Mayas tried to convert my cities and forced me to protect them with inquisitors and make a couple of purges. I even needed to build shrines and temples in every city, to increase pressure, because I was risking some religious divisions.

    By Renaissance, secondary cities started to behave, so I set my capital to produce diplomats and pick a wonder now and then. Unluckily, I was too unfocused by the time and missed Machu Pichu. I took several cultural wonders instead and St Basil. Maya was quite ahead of everyone, and only Indonesian wars kept them in rein.

    By modern, Maya was still leading, with Iroquois just behind and me trying to catch up. There were several wars, but I managed to stay apart. I took Tradition, Aesthetics (whatever it's called now) and Industry. All my culture didn't suffice to influence anyone. Maya was leading also at the world congress, so he did everything to slow other victory conditions, even when he had some advantage at cultural victory. I doubled efforts to control city states and took as many artifacts as I could. But this wasn't leading anywhere. With everything so slowed, I decided to go for science, even if I didn't take Rationalism. I had tons of food, mastery, jewelers corporation... what could go wrong?

    Just a few turns after I decided that science was the only exit, Iroquois built the Mahattan Project, Mayas did the same a little later, and I was still 4 techs behind. My only hopes were that Iroquois went Progress and that Maya went Order, so that could balance me not taking Rationalism.

    Freedom ideology was a release for Inca power. Once I could focus 100% on specialists, the trend changed. Iroquois and Maya were still ahead, but I was spawning great people now and then (thanks to my corporation, surely). I'm sure I was ahead on policies. I could build later scientific wonders just by bulbing naturally spawn great engineers. A couple of turns after Mayas built their first spaceship part, I could bulb like 3 great scientist in a row, build the Apollo Program, spaceship factories little later, then several more scientists after the ISS. More scientists and the ability to purchase spaceship parts did the rest. I declared a joint war with Iroquois against Maya just to distract them.

    It was a long time since I had a late game so interesting. My mistakes: taking too long to use inquisitors as shields, forgetting about Machu Pichu when I was settled in the middle of a large mountain chain, delaying military academies when I was pushing for science, building cultural things when it was clear that I could not possibly influence anyone in time (I did it mostly to delay others, but it wasn't necessary), fighting unhappiness when I was over 30 (kind of scared about ideology pressure, but it didn't happen), pushing for tourism without rivers.
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  4. Jdoug312

    Jdoug312 Chieftain

    Jul 20, 2013
    Played the save game G posted the other day.

    Civ Used: Egypt
    Total Number of Civs: 10
    Difficulty: King/Emperor(?)
    Map Type: Continents
    Map Size: Standard
    Speed: Standard
    Settings: defaults
    Mods: Red modpack, quick turns
    Version: 10/28
    Outcome: Loss via space 5 turns before time win

    Spoiler :
    Egypt had already made some anti-synergy choices imo, but late game warmongering put me in control of 3 capitals with a 4th a couple of turns away, and a time victory had we lasted 5 more turns. Neck and neck until the end.

    Babylon voluntarily vassaled themselves to Sweden for the rest of the game. Babylon was grabbing spaceship parts left and right until they went bankrupt, never the same after that. Sweden then led the spaceship race until Denmark caught up.

    Atilla went and got himself vassaled to the Iroquois, who were also a strong force until I DoW'd them late game.

    Montezuma was top of the leader boards until I made a last minute push on turn 491.

    I nuked Sweden's capital and neighbor city, hoping to stall their spaceship building. Was on the way to do the same to Denmark (had 4/6 parts) when Sweden finished their last part and won. Fun game.
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