Civ V performance comparisons review...


Nov 7, 2003
Earth, for now

For those of you who might be considering an upgrade of some sorts to play Civ V you might want to read this article (3 pages with graphs) as it covers upgrading your CPU, GPU and Memory, as well as various game settings which can influence how well the game might run...

Whilst future patches might well improve the performance of the game, in particular the larger maps and later era, it at least serves as a guide for those who are unsure on how it plays as it is under various hardware configurations.
Article is a (Figuratively speaking, it is *somewhat relative*) pile of crap.

Doesn't mention how tests were done, how they measured performance, and so forth. At least it does list the whole system spec. Article needs rewritten.

Suprised however that a Core i3 can outperform a phenom II x6 with a faster fsb and larger cache. Doesn't seem to make any sense.
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