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Civ V redefines diplomacy

Discussion in 'Civ5 - General Discussions' started by ArataWata11, Jan 21, 2011.

  1. ArataWata11

    ArataWata11 Chieftain

    Mar 13, 2010
    Civ V redefines diplomacy​

    One of the main feature or advantage of CiV is the diplomacy screen, we can watch and interact with the whole body depiction of civ leader the shifting facial expression and body language are quite impressive and graphically detailed. However, my awe and interest slowly waning, not only because of boredom watching civ leader with its irrational behavior but also because of lacks of various or limited diplomatic interaction. How I wish, developer added more in depth diplo communication. The limited interaction greatly affected the graphical depiction of civ leader.

    Here is my wishful thinking idea about diplomacy to make it more fun, the lists of all possible ways that can improve and adds more option for diplomatic interaction;

    Diplomatic screen:
    Increasing relation with AI:

    1. Exchange of diplomatic mission (formerly declaration of friendship)
    Reply option:

    Yes or no (effect: will not upset third party civ whom had disputes with civ you speaking with)
    We barely known each other (no changes)

    2. AI requesting gold, luxury, or resources
    Reply option:

    I added more options as follows:

    Yes sure or no (yes, greatly improve relation)(no, decrease relation)

    I’m going to use it later, but as soon as the goods you requested become available again I will send it to you (improve relation) (after few turn AI will remains you if the goods still available this time your options are either to give them or not, if you refuse this will greatly affect your relation to them.)(this option give you the opportunity to dispose the goods for gains or generously give it to AI)

    Yes but we’re in crisis too, do you have anything to exchange with (slightly improve relation) (Screen change into trade screen) Economic option
    Yes but on the condition that you distance your country from this civ? (Be careful it may backfire, ex: if AI has a friendly status with civ you referring to, causes great decrease in relation) Political option (Screen change into list of civs screen)

    3. Declaration of intent to form alliance (formerly declaration of friendship) (significantly improve relation)(Only works in friendly status) (effect: great chances of AI accepting defensive pact) (upset AI whom had a dispute with AI you speaking with)
    Voluntary giving or gifting civ (effect: may or may not increase relation, depends on your relation with AI you’re bribing. If too many red factors, it wouldn’t work)

    New features

    4. Capturing city which belong to other civ

    Option to return said city to its former owner (increase relation)
    Assigned to friendly or allied civ for peace keeping, you can take it back from them later (no effect on relation)

    Note: in cases of assignment of city to AI you must have allied status (AI may turn it down) (city incurred profit and cost belongs to you but incurred cultures belongs to AI and AI can only works on improvements and buildings however upon returning of city you have to reimburse IA expenses)

    Peace time:

    5. Former enemy may request you from time to time to return to city you captured from them or indemnify them

    6. Civ friendly or allied with your former enemy may also asks you the same request either assigning to them or returning it to its owner (every time you refuses decrease relation with them)

    7. Captured city state (you may or the IA requests captor to release or free its captured city state)

    During war, new

    8. You may ask civ to aid you/declare war against your enemy or

    9. Persuade or warn AI to stop aiding the enemy (Note: persuading may or may not stop the aid, depends on your relation with AI. Warning: may cause AI to declare war on you)

    No permanent friends or foes

    your long and bitter enemy will become in time your trusted friends.

    10. Liberating city captured from third party civ, formerly own by your bitter enemy (improve relation)

    11. Release AI cities (captured all but one enemy city then you decided to return back the cities later (improve relation)

    12. Resurrecting AI which long gone (forever friends, except declaring war on them)

    13. Freeing captured AI worker or ability to return AI workers after peace time. (increase relation)

    14. War declared between two AI, and then either you or the AI asks permission to pass in your borders within the duration of the war or at your discretion. (increase relation, in case cancel decrease relation)

    15. Warning one of two warring party and declaring war in defense of losing party (effect: great improve of relation with one you defended)

    Long tome foe now, trusted friend

    16. When relation status turn to neutral, either you or AI may asks for exchange of diplomatic mission. If succeed, then past events completely erase except one which read as:

    “we gone to war in the past”​

    This actually the 1/3 of overall negative relation earned from the AI, this eventually offset by continues improvement of relation up to Allied status.

    No permanent friend only enemy

    17. Allied or friendly status may also deteriorate overtime either by your act, or the AI or third party or you can dispose friend immidiately by declaring war but back stabbing will have severe consequence this time. No more sudden denouncing.

    And that’s pretty much all, what doya guys say? Any Additional idea is very much welcome.;););)
  2. Namaspamus

    Namaspamus Warlord

    Aug 5, 2010
    Agree with most of your ideas.

    Exchange of diplomatic missions could be: "building an embassy".

    About gifts it would be simple, when we're asked for 2000 gold, to have an option like: "1200 (or any sum or gift) is all we can do for now."

    Liberating cities who belonged to a third civ is really missing. Assigning them to a friendly civ for peacekeeping could be a problem though: if the French take one of your cities and quickly assign it to England, you now have to declare war on England to take it back (if I understand well), when you should have a chance to liberate it during the same war without DoWing anyone.

    About city-states it would be good indeed to be able to ask or demand their liberation. Also putting an ultimatum in the demand: "set them free or we're at war". Also when someone DoWs one of your allied CS or civ (or anyone) you could say: "leave them alone or we're DoWing you". There should be a diplo benefit either you defended a civ or a CS.

    "stop aiding the enemy" could also be asking a precise deal to be cancelled. Often open borders. (we can't cancel them now but we could, also we should see the deals between AIs).

    Agree about no permanent friends and foes and the ways you propose.

    Something like a "casus belli" system would be useful too: if you just want to liberate some cities you lost in a previous war or a CS, or defend a civ (but not conquering the aggressor cities) you can set it as your war objective. As long as you don't go further your declared objectives, you couldn't be called a warmonger.

    Also I'd like permanent alliances and shared victories back. Maybe in the late game a UN resolution like "total disarmament" requiring unanimity. I like my people to be safe when I leave the game.
  3. ArataWata11

    ArataWata11 Chieftain

    Mar 13, 2010
    CiV also gave more emphasize on combat tactics and the introduction of 1 UPT, these new features are indeed revolutionary and great addition but not without drawback that is, its substantially reduced the CiV building time and especially production of units thus very limited units in the field. this feature is one of things for many civ panatic really hate and causes boredom also the AI finds it difficult to replenish its lost units in time.

    I read some ideas in some thread, giving AI ability to respawn its dead unit which I find it good idea to let AI cheat more however, it will be more realistic and at the same time exciting addition to gameplay if we rather add the following:

    In war time, ability to captured enemy units while in very low health, instead of being totally destroyed. this can be done by attacking or putting unit with one slot distance from 1 health level unit and have one more move if it ends move then it will not works.

    there is, let say 25% to 30% chances enemy unit or your unit will surrender and be captured as presoner of war this unit will be out of the scene within the duration of the war.

    Through diplomacy

    It will only respawn through diplomacy during peace time, requesting your former enemy civ to release the units either generousity or ransom or in exchange of presoner or city captured and then a message pop up like:

    "your presoner of war has liberated or repatrated" or

    there also a worse scenario where captured unit will be executed by enemy as punishment for aggression.

    in this mechanics, some CiV weird issues could be avoided or minimized like the awful situation where AI civs successively declaring war upon defeated civ because it had no more units left and lot of possibility could be added like rescuing units depth inside enemy territory, then late paratrooper unit could be useful this time.

    The mechanic is simple just assigned enemy unit then placed it anywhere in the enemy territory execpt inside city, in the unit card there is a sign which read as "presoners guard" thus if you killed this unit the next turn all your captured unit will respawn near the capitol with popup message say: POW rescued. however these units were all in very low health level so cant use them immediately.
  4. ArataWata11

    ArataWata11 Chieftain

    Mar 13, 2010
    in case of executing unit, we could add corresponding prerequesites

    like honor or tradition or autocratic policy and

    penalty like greatly decrease relations and

    unit ability like "feared" or "cruel" 10% combat bonus and 0 chances of capturing enemy or 10% combat penalty of attacking low health level unit.

    Similarly, a unit which hold its presoner, could also have special ability like highest chances of capturing more enemy unit or likely to survive enemy attack or be captured instead of totally destroyed or some kind of combat boost similar to morale promotion.
  5. Camikaze

    Camikaze Administrator Administrator

    Dec 27, 2008
    In general I quite like these ideas for more diplomatic options. Increasing exactly what you can talk to other leaders abour, and how you can negotiate them, is in general a good thing. You need to be careful that it doesn't become such that they ask for something every turn. You can't make it so that it would become difficult to maintain good relations. But the general idea to expand this part of the game is a good one.
  6. Tee Kay

    Tee Kay Silly furry

    Aug 21, 2005
    I'd like to suggest a diplomatic option that enables you to attempt to reconcile two mutually hostile AI leaders. I'm thinking of the Civ4 situation where trading with an AI's worst enemy can sometimes really hit relations, and you can't do much to change an AI's stance towards another AI. I'm not sure whether this has been addressed in Civ5, but if not I'd like to see it.
  7. Camikaze

    Camikaze Administrator Administrator

    Dec 27, 2008
    I'm not entirely sure to what extent the AI takes into account your relations with its opponents. I know you get a bonus for being signing a Declaration of Friendship with someone they've signed a DoF with, and you get a penalty for signing a DoF with their enemy. But I'm not sure that other trade deals, or general relations, are taken into account. So that would need reform before you start worrying about a reconciliation process (although it'd be good to get in there eventually).

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