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Civ VI - Beta Gauntlet II


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While the general Hall of Fame is an ongoing competition, we like to run time-definite competitions between updates that we call Gauntlets. Standard Hall of Fame rules (*) still apply, but any games meeting the settings will be counted towards the Gauntlet.

*There is no Civ VI HOF Mod as of yet, so please play these games in the spirit of the >> Civ V HOF rules <<. Please review these before playing.

  • Victory Condition: Space (though all victory conditions must be enabled)
  • Difficulty: King
  • Starting Era: Ancient
  • Map Size: Standard
  • Map Type: Inland Sea
  • Speed: Normal
  • Leader: Gandhi
  • Opponents: Any, (default number of opponents only, no duplicate leaders)
  • Resources: Standard
  • Start Position: Standard
  • Limit Turns: By Game Speed
  • Must Not Be Checked: No Barbarians
  • Version: (ie Patch 1)
  • Date: 2nd December 2016 to 2nd January 2017

The earliest finish date wins, with score as a tiebreaker.

While each map can only be played once, players are more than welcome to generate new maps and submit multiple games (although only the fastest finish will be counted). Also, as everyone is playing their own distinct maps, there is no need for spoiler limitation within the thread. In fact, we encourage detailed posting of strategy and gameplay.

Banned Tactics:
  • Making multiple gpt trades with the same AI (ie endless gold bug)
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We probably want to require the "No Duplicate Leaders" option.
Gandhi! Haven't played him yet. Anyone have thoughts or tips on taking advantage of his uniques? New map type for me as well.

As for space, production is clearly key. I'll try beelining apprenticeship (well, probably a few detours), get IZs up asap. Not sure how many spaceports is optimal.

Not sure about wars, probably best to get a nearby capital or two early, but I'm not particularly skilled or experienced with Civ 6 war yet.

Anyway, looks like fun!
Is it allowed to try different settings for World Age, Temperature and Rainfall? I've never used any but the standard options, but the one time I tried Inland Sea I noticed there was a lot of tundra. It could help a lot if it's possible to minimize the white area with those settings.

For a fast space victory you need a lot of cities with campuses and industrial zones. Currently my impression is that research labs aren't worth it. Get at least 15 cities quickly through aggressive expansion, preferably more, then campus with libraries+uni and fully packed industrial zones (build order depends), and move on to spamming campus research grants. Expect to be building research grants everywhere for at least 30 turns to get the info era great scientists, so for a fast victory date you want the power grid up and all cities ready to start on those around t150-t160. Teching is a heavy beeline towards factories and power plants, then Rocketry and start on spaceport immediately. With Carl Sagan and Korolev one spaceport is probably enough. However, I'm still trying to work out if there would be some better strategy with multiple spaceports that could work without Sagan. On the other hand, Gandhi's bonus faith abilities might help with buying some great people.

Pantheon choice would be Divine Spark or God of the Open Sky. Can't decide... The city states you love to see in the game are Stockholm, Geneva, Hong Kong and Toronto. More scientific city states is always better for the bonus science to all your campuses.

I've played quite a lot of science victories already, don't know if I have the energy for one more. But if I do play this, I'll try with a minimum amount of trade routes. I think the 4 needed for Medieval Faires inspiration should be enough, if I even get that many. Then I'll build more builders instead of commercial hubs. A builder chopping and harvesting will get a new city up to speed much faster than trade routes ever would. Less early commercial hubs should mean faster factories and power plants. I'm not sure if this is the best way to go, but I want to try it since in my last science victory it felt like I invested too much in early trade routes.
I'm planning a tall capital with lots of districts and commercial hubs and harbors everywhere and internal trade routes from all non-capital cities to the capital for large food and hammers per turn. After commercial hubs and harbors, I was planning to build industrial zones and finally campuses. I'm still learning the game though. I not really expecting to play a competitive game yet.

I guess I should try placing campuses in some cities first though in light of what elitetroops just posted above.
It's not completely clear that you want to rush power plants, since they're not on the rocketry beeline. The spaceport is a big bottleneck since you can't rush it with great people (do the +100% production people help with spaceport?), so you may be better off getting an earlier start.

Regarding purple research, my impression is that Enlightenment is a key target. Anything else particularly significant?
Purple research = culture researching the civics tree

I'm still not sure what is the best way to approach culture. Enlightenment is an important key target, but so is Democracy for +30% district project yield. Colosseum is probably a good investment, it also gives a lot of culture. I doubt it's worth it to build Theater Squares.

I haven't found the Spaceport to be much of a bottleneck. In a one spaceport approach getting Carl Sagan is the bottleneck. If you go Rocketry before Electricity, you'd start building your spaceport without power plants. It also slows down the development of all other cities. But still, Rocketry first is an interesting idea... I'm still stuck in the same strategy I used in my very first game of Civ 6, maybe it's good to re-evaluate every now and then. Have to have a look at the tech tree and think. :)
My first couple (deity) space games didn't get nearly so far in the civic tree, so my plans have completely ignored later civics and theater district things. But I'd mainly played peaceful games; maybe you have more culture available if you're bigger?
In my last game I went God of the Open Sky and built Colosseum, which was enough for Enlightenment by 1AD, without any theater squares and only a couple of monuments built. But it wasn't that big, since I didn't have that many unis up yet at that date. I did find it useful to be able to pick up all those industrial civics that give 2 envoys each though. On the other hand, in GotM 01 my culture was a lot slower, despite free monuments, and I was much later to all key civics, and that worked fine as well. How to best approach culture is still very much a puzzle to me. In any case you should get Democracy with the moon landing, if not sooner.
The Space Race civic provides the Integrated Space Cell policy that provides +15% Production toward Space Race projects, if a city has either a Military Academy or a Seaport. So Enlightenment may not be the last important civic to get for a Science Victory.
Looking forward to giving this a couple of goes. I've played 1 game on this map script and it seems to have much more land to settle than normal and lots of mountain ranges which should be great for Campi.
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