Civ VI Funny/Strange Screenshots

Russia is leading culture victory on turn 233 but doesn't have early empire:
CivilizationVI 2016-10-22 13-20-17-16.jpg

Positive diplo modifiers with Teddy, but he's still unfriendly. Classic civ AI.
CivilizationVI 2016-10-23 00-26-11-05.jpg
Funny, but not in a good way :/

The turn after I got the "Your troops are too close to my borders, what is your intention?" message. Nothing was moved. Two of the four units supposedly too close have been there nearly the entire game.

Oh, but he is more than free to dance crossbows around all he wants :/


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Positive diplo modifiers with Teddy, but he's still unfriendly. Classic civ AI.

That's not how it works. Those are modifiers PER TURN. So it will take time to heal up accumulated negative modifiers.
I agree that diplomacy needs work (for example in my game England was friendly to me and went to war with Japan. I declared a formal war with Japan some turns later. As a result England denounced me and declared a surprise war on me because they hated my warmongering. Seriously???), but the modifiers work as intended AFAIK.
His wide smile is so ridiculous and out of place when combined with his grimdark quote that I couldn't help but laugh at the absurdity of this screenshot :D
You are Judas... and I like that!

It's his frozen shot when you have "animated leaders" turned off (which is needed on older devices). And I agree it looks super bad.
I wonder if this belongs in the bug report section... on account the word order must be totally messed up. Surely this can't be true? :D

1. There could be two Greeces and one (Pericles) has conquered the other (Gorgo).
2. Greece could have lost Sparta and have conquered it back later.
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