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Civ VI - Hall of Fame Beta Gauntlet I

Discussion in 'News Updates' started by Ozbenno, Oct 29, 2016.

  1. Ozbenno

    Ozbenno Fly Fly Away Moderator Hall of Fame Staff

    Apr 5, 2006
    Sydney, Australia
    The Civ VI Hall of Fame has started up the first Beta (ie unofficial) Gauntlet, while the official Civ VI Hall of Fame is being readied for business.

    The idea is to get some discussion going as to strategy, introduce new players to the Hall of Fame and welcome back old friends from V and earlier.

    The winner is the person who submits the fastest finishing game with the following settings:

    • Victory Condition: Cultural (though all victory conditions must be enabled)
    • Difficulty: Prince
    • Starting Era: Ancient
    • Map Size: Small
    • Map Type: Continents
    • Speed: Normal
    • Leader: Phillip II
    • Opponents: Any, 5 opponents only (default option)
    • Resources: Standard
    • Start Position: Standard
    • Limit Turns: By Game Speed
    • Must Not Be Checked: No Barbarians
    • Date: 30th October to 29th November 2016
    Check out the thread for submitting entries right here.

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