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    In Civ1 there is that bug in the game that allows a knight to beat a Riflemen, a trireme to beat a transport, or a Legion to beat a musceteer. Civ2 is more consequent. The strengt of the unit decides the beat-point. Civ 3 is a little like Civ1 in that matter, but an archer can hardly beat a pikeman.

    Someone said it was a "matematical formula" to it. What about that?
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    Civ 1 used a probability and all-or-nothing result, based on relative numrical strength. A warrior could in fact sink a Battleship. Not likely, but a definite possibility.

    In Civ 2, units have four basic factors figured into the calculation of a combat result: attack strength, defense strength, hit points, and firepower.

    Attack strength is the likelihood of inflicting damage when attacking an opponent. Units with 0 attack strength cannot initiate combat.

    Defense strength is the ability of a unit to defend. Higher strength means more likelihood that damage will be inflicted on an attacking unit.

    Hit points indicate how much damage a unit can withstand before it is destroyed. The true number of hit points is the hp value x10. A 2hp unit thus has 20 hit points.

    Firepower indicates how much damage a unit can inflict in a round of combat. A successful round reduces the opponent total hit points by the value of the unit firepower.

    An approximation of the real formula is:

    Odds = (S + (S - W)) * Shp * Sfp / (W * Whp * Wfp)

    S = Stronger unit's modified attack or defense value
    W = Weaker unit's modified attack or defense value
    Shp = Stronger unit's hit points
    Sfp = Stronger unit's firepower
    Whp = Weaker unit's hit points
    Wfp = Weaker unit's firepower

    Added Note:
    You can force Civ2 to use the Civ1 combat resolution when creating a game. Just check the box of Simplified Combat. But be prepared for battleships to die from attacking warriors on occasion.

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