civ3edit.exe newbie questions


Dec 19, 2001
I'd like to edit the properties (like, the %chance that resources disappear) of a game that I have already started.

Do I use the civ3Edit.exe to do this? So far, all it seems to open are ".bic" files-what are these?

bic files are the rules files. They can also contain custom maps.
The one in the main directory called Civ3mod.bic is the one
that the game loads by default. so be aware that if you mess it up
you had better have a backup or you will have to reinstall it from CD.
if you want to make a mod copy the main bic file into the scenarios directory and
name it something different then modify it to yoru tastes.

Once you open it in the editor there is a little drop down menu.
Or you can go Roles/edit rules on the toolbar.
select reasorces from that and there you are.
to load your mod start up Civ3 and select Load Scenario
now the next game you start will use those custom rules.
(you dont have to reload the scenario every time you want ot play the game
the saves remember what rules they were using.)
(Of course if you WANT your changes to take effect in every game you play
just modify the basic Civ3mod.bic)

btw this is in the wrong section of the forum.
you should have asked it in the Creation/Customization section.
Yeah, I know this is not 100% the right forum for this, but it is a "Tip", no? Besides, when I posted in the Customisation forum, my post was viewed 50 times, but never answered.....Thanks.

So, if I have already started a game, then I can't make any mods to it?

And, any changes I make to the base Civ3mod.bic will appear in all future new games?
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