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Civ4 and vista compatability issues


Sep 18, 2007
when i launch civ 4 my pc says there are compatability issues with vista as its not supported what can i do?
get the latest patch, and ignore that useless dialog. just click the continue anyway part or whatever it says.
have the same problem in being unable to get civ 4 to work with vista home basic. I Installed two patches V v1.61 Patch and v1.74 Patch and game still will not work. Any help by anyone will be gratefully accepted. I got adddicted to this game on my parents windows xp machine. I only got vista, apart from hunting down an old copy of windows Xp is there any means to get civ4 to work with vista??? HELP!!!! :)
I had Warlords working in Vista last month. Tried to run it last night and I go the directx error. Installed the run time and now I just get a generic error message. tried reinstalling Civ4 and Warlords and it still doesn't work.
Any ideas?
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